Car Fry 5

Car Fry 5

[Narrator] Like the forests it roams this bear is both majestic and mysteri- They have a keen sense of smell. Seven times more powerful than a dog’s, and they are notoriously patient in stalking their prey. [Dunk] Deer! Dead guy. Airplane! Hey Paulie, Catch! *Laughing* Hey, Catch! *giggle* Hey, bull!!! Catch!!! *laughing* Thank god there’s a fence there. Oh fuck! It’s a beaver! Wow! Oh-
[Ally] “DON’T LET THAT WOLVERINE” [Dunk] I’ll get him off!
*Inaudible* Don’t worry! I got- I got it! Got ’em! I am a hero. Get the little- there’s a little de- Oh, boy! Oh *laughs* boy! Oh, god! Oh! He- Hey! You know it’s just- Let’s just get in the car Get in. It’s- He’s knocking it over. *laughing* Oh, fff- *laughing* [NPCs] “Ahhh!” “Fuck, it hurts!” “Help me!”
“Help me!” “Kill me!”
“AAAAaaah” *Grunt of pain* “Hey, man! How are you?” [Dunk] Come on, Merle. Get in! Come on, bo- *laughing* What is keeping that helicopter up there? [Ally] “That could have been better.” [Dunk] Is this a new kind of technology? What’s going on over there? I’ma go check it out! What the fuck? Don’t worry! You’re free, now. I saved you. [Radio Voice] “Hostage has been rescued.” [Dunk] No need to thank me. Thank me by enjoying your life. Whoa! Where’d that come from? I think it fell from the sky. Be careful, I mean- Woah! Oh! [Ally] “What is that? Aaah!” *Dog barking*
*Dunkey is laughing* [Ally] “The fucker’s got me!” – “Help!”
[Dunk] Don’t worry, soldier. “Get over here!”
I’ll get you up. [Ally] “I need you.” [Dunk] I got you. *grunt* I just hope that, they don’t throw any more of those. ‘Cause I don’t know who’s doing that. I don’t know what- *laughing* [Ally] “Bear!!!” [Ally] “Bear! Fucking bear!” [Dunk] Yeah, right! Oh! Ok. It is a bear. That is a bear. Ok! Let’s go! Let’s- Shit! *laughing* Water, water! Ok! Ye-ye-ye-yeah! *Phew* Thankfully, guys. Bears cannot swim. [Narrator] The river is a mainstay in their lives. [Dunk] Shit! [Narrator] It provides a highway for this- [Dunk] Oh my god! There’s cows in the road! You idiot truck! Get out of the road! Oh, it’s too late. It’s too late. Godammit. Every single time. Every single fucking- [Narrator] Cutsie and her Cubs, must keep a sharp lookout for the- [Fisherman] Fishing brings a body peace like nothin’ else [NPC] I’m over here! [Fisherman] And don’t we ever need peace in times like these?
*Dogs and people fighting in the background* [Fisherman] Having a moment just to yourself in all this craziness…
*now fighting with guns* well, it’s good for the soul. [Narrator] Already salivating at the thought of the first fish of the season, Teddy is almost overwhelmed by the abundance of food. She hasn’t caught a fish, for more than six months. When she brings up the next fish… the standoff takes a turn in Tuffy’s favor. [Dunk] Who will win, guys? [Narrator] Jewel recognizes Teddy, and she knows that she will not hesitate to attack. She- [Dunk] Oh, shit! Okay. Bear won. [Narrator] Jewel soon has a reminder of the senior bear’s power. [Outro]
♪ “Fun Festival” from the Stardew Valley OST ♪

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  1. Far Cry 5: the prettiest, best looking EMPTY and purposeless game of all time. It's like looking through your window and looking at the people passing by. That's the same amount of goals and purposes this game incentivises.

  2. This Far Cry was so fucking weird, had lots of potential of course but what a brain-dead storyline and absolutely impossible situations involving hallucination drugs

  3. I love game reviewer like Dunkey, who are willing to point out the BS in games they review. Other people are too scared to speak out and just praise the shit to the devs to get promotion and shit.

  4. I finished FC 1, 2, 3, 4 and Primal. Far Cry 5 came out. I went to local store to buy it. I spent 80 bucks
    After two days of playing I came back to the store.
    I started cry and I asked can I give it back and My money back?
    They said NO WAY SUFFER WELL
    I went to Gamemania Store and I sold game as used for 30 bucks
    clap clap clap

  5. Every year, millions of pounds of cars are fried to satisfy American consumers appetite.

    Think smart, roast another vehicle.

  6. Haha! The frozen helicopter happened to me too! OH and Adelaide landed the helioper in the middle of a river once too.

  7. 2:34 Fun fact, cows kill more Americans every year than school shootings

    Actually fact wasn't fun it was more like a morbid fact or something

  8. I got this game for free, and wont even play it. Its terribly repetitive and easy, even on hardest difficulty. Junk game.

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