Carbonara: reazione degli chef italiani alle ricette più viste al mondo!

Carbonara: reazione degli chef italiani alle ricette più viste al mondo!

F: Good morning everyone, I’m Flavio
from the restaurant “Velavevodetto” in Rome.
L: Hi, I’m Luciano Monosilio from the restaurant “Pipero” in Rome. M: Hi, I’m Marco Martini,
from the restaurant “Marco Martini” at the
“The Corner” building. F: We’re here to take a look
at the videos about Carbonara the most popular in the world. F: Ok, guys, are you ready? Let’s go?
L: Let’s go! F: There she is! F: As usual… F: Sorry, wait. This video…
with so much onion in the Carbonara in my opinion, should be erased.
If you add the onion inside a Carbonara dish,
you’re doing something else. L: It’s another recipe. F: Cream… M: Hey, you can stop there! L: Great… M: The problem is that somebody makes it that way in Rome, as well! [Laughter] L: Bacon is somewhat acceptable,
as guanciale is difficult to find… M: Yes, it’s difficult to find… F: I don’t mean to demonize anything,
as everyone is free to do as they like but this use of cream, it is not even the worst,
nor bad, but generally one of the terms that should be
abrogated in the last years is this thing that conquers the most,
the cream, the cream trip. L: Are we going?
F: Let’s go! L: Guanciale… it’s guanciale! F/M/L: No! F: She started perfectly!
No, not the garlic! F: I hope she’ll remove the core, at least. F/L: Help, help… F: She pressed it!
M/L: Help, help! F/M/L: Right there!
[Laughter] F: Come on, parsley! L: To give it colour! She made it…
M: But she started nicely! F: She started perfectly, as she threw
the pasta right away, so it gives you a hint… L: She’s been practising! F: But that garlic clove in the hand,
and the final parsley… Darling – F: He’s aggressive, huh? L: What’s he got there, an ace of spades? L: Yeah, it’s Neapolitan cards…
[Laughter] M: What is he doing?
L: He’s making a pizza… F: Take a look at him…
L: He’s doing pasta! F: Yeah, right, he’s doing pasta. L: He’s making a cake! F: No! Sorry, guys.
L: There you go. F: If you make an egg pasta… We don’t serve
tonnarelli pasta with carbonara in this restaurant Not even if you kill yourself. No egg on egg,
or else it becomes an incredibly heavy dish it’s spaghetti or rigatoni.
L/F: Wheat pasta, always. Egg is no good. [Laughter]
L: It’s minced, this time! L: Whoa, what is he doing? L: This is some heritage foreigners have
about Italian flavor. They just think they’re making it Italian by
adding garlic. It’s not like this. L: He’s making a cream… M: And he thickens it.
L: He’s making a mess. L: No…
M: He’s making Lime [and Pepper Pasta] M: He made the Lime… M: He can attack the tiles… M: No, this is…
L: The worst, until now. F: I totally agree. M: Most of all, he’s frying
the garlic with the bacon grease… L: The minced garlic
is really out of the way. F: I’m just asking a question: why don’t you
pick up a book and look at the ingredients? Then you can articulate them as you like… M: They just have this thing…
L: Only pepper is missing…! F: And he even ate it all up! F: Butter? M: What’s missing then, rosemary? L: Only the red…
F: No, it’s one red and a whole, it’s ok. F: He’s adding butter, just like that… L/F: How can you put salt on top? M: What is that, a steak? M: Right on top of pasta,
with the little finger raised… F: For the moment being, this is going…
L: The first in the chart! M: Butter, garlic, he added it all… He respected Cholesterol… He mixed everything Butter, egg, guanciale grease,
garlic and oil! L: Abroad, they don’t understand
Italian cuisine has few ingredients! M: Roman cuisine is even
the poorest in Italy! L: Yeah, it’s really a few ingredients! F: Let’s take a look at this other phenomenon!
He has made big money… L: He’s honest.. L: He says that you can choose L: He’s going to add them all, later! L: Good boy. F: No!
L: Optional! He said optional, he’s correct… F: I should accept it, huh? L: No… the guanciale must not be chopped so much. F: This kind of guanciale, with its cover,
be it pepper or black pepper, should be cleaned, as you can never know what is on top of it. I would have
never expected it from him. L: Optional!?! So he put it in, after all! F/M/L: No! F: You can add pepper to toast it a little before using it…certainly not M: Not in the guanciale grease…
Just see how he threw the pepper. F: Pepper in the frying guanciale?
Jamie, what a disappointment. F/L: That’s deadly. At this point,
the garlic clove appears a feature… M: …anglosaxon, very anglosaxon.
F: If it’s ok for them, then it is… Not for us. M: No, this is Cacio and Pepper. F: You can see, how he moves… it’s all…
L: Ok, but he’s a real great character! F: Yeah, he’s moving like…
Here you’d say: Hands up! F: We were expecting something better. L: This must be one
of the first videos he made. Then he becomes much more… He changed a lot in the way he proposes Italian cuisine abroad. F: We watched some videos,
had some fun, commented them the topic is Carbonara,
which is a sacred dish for us, the line between life and death!

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  1. Luciano Monosilio, Flavio De Maio e Marco Martini show their Carbonara recipes here:

  2. If you add spice to a dish of course it should be fried, the heat releases the essential oils…. they aren't quite so wise as they profess.

  3. This video is very educational. It shows that Italian cooking needs only to be simple using great ingredients. Carbonara is a wheat pasta, mainly egg yolks, a drop of pasta water and the most flavourful bacon you can find with lots of pepper. No need for garlic, onion, parsley etc.

  4. The real carbonara is spaghetti or mezze maniche,guanciale,pecorino cheese and egg yolk stop,other ingredients are not allowed

  5. Roman carbonara is the worst I've ever tasted in Italy. Anyone in puglia or Tuscony is a much better authority.

  6. I checked google for "pasta carbonara recipe" and the 5-6 first results had garlic …. so it's not super correct to say "open a book" (in this case the biggest book – internet) and be mad at people for following the recepies …. I just feel we should be more tollerant.

  7. every italian clown has their own version of whatever the given recipe is. what does it matter? stuck up dipshits. just make something nice and eat it.

  8. Я, б вам такую карбанару по тюменский приготовила,добавки попросили бы…🤗

  9. Why on earth can't you guy outside Italy can't cook our dishes as they should be? Each time I see an Italian dish cooked by someone from abroad, my earth is breaking into pieces. Follow the recipes instead of saying "how it should be".

  10. you fucking italians thinnk you are so better than anyone else but from cousine alone you have one of the most fucking bland . at least let people have their creativity with their food to make it more intersting . also half of the italians are albanias so you suck 😀

  11. I'm struggling to figure out why I should care what these people think about cooking. Make your food, I'll make mine. Easy. Buh bye.

  12. This is what I’ve learned so far on how to correctly make real carbonara.

    There are 8 ingredients:

    1. Pasta
    2. Eggs
    3. Pecorino Romano
    4. Pepper
    5. Guancale
    6. Oil
    7. Water
    8. Salt

    There are 11 cooking equipment:
    1. Cooking pot for boiling pasta
    2. Pan for cooking guancale
    3. Bowl to mix eggs, pecorino romano, and pepper
    4. Fork to mix sauce
    5. Another fork for tasting
    6. Thongs to handle pasta
    7. Stove top for cooking pot
    8. Another stove top for the pan
    9. Cheese grater
    10. Knife
    11. Chopping board

    1. Boil some water
    2. Add salt to the boiling water
    3. Put pasta into salted boiling water
    4. Mix eggs (add extra yolk for more creaminess)
    5. Add grated pecorino romano to that egg mix and mix again.
    6. Add pepper to the egg mix with grated pecorino romano and mix again.
    7. Mix the egg mix with grated pecorino romano and pepper and mix again. At this point the sauce is ready.
    8. Cut the guancale into near bite-sized chunks.

    1. Cook guancale in oil until it browns and the fat renders.
    2. Shut off the stoves.
    3. Take the ready pasta and put it directly onto the pan where the guancale is cooking, without straining it. Mix it.
    4. Wait for the pasta and guancale mix to cool down just a little bit but must still be hot enough to cook the sauce without solidifying it.
    5. Put the sauce into the pasta and guancale mix. Mix it continuously until the sauce has coated the entirety of the pasta. Add a little bit of the hot pasta water while mixing.
    6. Put a bit of pepper and pecorino romano into the mixture. Carbonara is now done at this point.
    7. Put the carbonara on a plate.
    8. Garnish with more pecorino romano and pepper.

  13. Solo un chef italiano hace bien la carbonara. La tía del primer vídeo es deprimente, parece americana. El Imperio tritura las tradiciones, hacen cosas repugnantes. No dejemos que los chefs televisivos corrompan nuestras recetas, por favor.

  14. Every time I put garlic in my cabonara, an Italian somewhere cries. My only regret is I cannot taste those sweet salty tears.

  15. C'è la via di Dio.
    Per fede per credere:

    Isaia capitolo 7: versetto 14;
    Pertanto, il Signore stesso ti darà un segno; Ecco, una vergine concepirà e partorirà un figlio e chiamerà il suo nome Emmanuel.
    (Ebraico significa: Dio מָּנוּאֵל, "Dio è con noi", in carne umana, come un uomo, ma senza peccato)

    Giovanni 3:
    16 Poiché Dio ha amato il mondo che ha dato il suo Figlio unigenito, affinché chiunque crede in lui non perisca, ma abbia la vita eterna.
    17 Dio non ha mandato suo Figlio nel mondo per condannare il mondo; ma il mondo attraverso Lui può essere salvato.

    "Tutti hanno peccato e mancano della gloria di Dio". Romani capitolo 3: versetto 23

    "Il salario del peccato è la morte, ma il dono di Dio è la vita eterna in Cristo Gesù, nostro Signore". Romani capitolo 6: versetto 23

    "Io sono la via, la verità e la vita: nessuno viene al Padre se non per mezzo di me". Giovanni 14: 6

    “Cristo è morto per i nostri peccati secondo le Scritture, ed è stato sepolto, e il terzo giorno è risuscitato secondo le Scritture” 1 Cor. 15: 3-4

    "In cui abbiamo espiazione attraverso il suo sangue, il perdono dei peccati, secondo la ricchezza della sua grazia"; Efesini. 1: 7

    Romani 10:
    9 che se confessi con la tua bocca il Signore Gesù e credi nel tuo cuore che Dio lo ha risuscitato dai morti, sarai salvato.
    10 Poiché con il cuore si crede alla giustizia e con la bocca si confessa la salvezza.
    13 Poiché chiunque invocherà il nome del Signore sarà salvato.

    "Pertanto, poiché siamo stati giustificati dalla fede, abbiamo pace con Dio attraverso il nostro Signore Gesù Cristo." Romani 5: 1

    La salvezza, il perdono dei peccati è disponibile per chiunque creda in Gesù Cristo come suo Signore e Salvatore.

  16. Funny…

    interestingly the most famous italian cook book "Silver Spoon", written in Italiy from italian pros, decades ago, says garlic 😀

  17. e se va beh , era Laura in the kitchen , cioè praticamente e stava a fà mi sorella co e infradito , ma che te cerchi?

  18. There is no such thing as "Traditional Carbonara". The right way is always the wrong way no matter what recipe or version you're following.

  19. Finally a video telling it like it is, I totally agree with the chefs. It’s called culture appropriation gone mad, mostly perpetrated by UK and US chefs. They should stay away from dishes like these or come across as ignorant.


    Linko un ottimo articolo che ripercorre la storia della carbonara, giusto per soddisfare la curiosità

  21. The question is which one tastes better?????? The improved versions or the original? I’d go with good old Babby’s version.

    Got a bunch of pretentious chefs looking to complain.

  22. Fermi!!! In binging with babish dice che la ricetta originale Non vuole l'aglio ed é una cosa che aggiunge lui!!! Inoltre il video di babish é diviso in 2 parti: nella prima fa vedere la ricetta vera e nel secondo fa una variante sua…

  23. so, the Italians made an elegant dish that has a few ingredients
    and perfected it over centuries

    and the newer chefs decided to add some " flourish".
    no wonder the chefs are upset they are gilding the lily

  24. The best moments by me 😀

    5:14 – what a disappointment hahah
    8:14 – Cholesterol
    9:03 – Good boy
    9:12 – Bad boy – optional garlic protocol
    10:06 – the best of the best imho – Jamie you fucking killed the taste of a very scarce ingredient!

    You welcome 😉
    Con amore all'insegnante <3

  25. Quick impression: Who am I?
    "It's not real carbonara if you make it with garlic"
    Correct: That's an impression of a sad, sad person.

  26. Candy 2000BC by Ancient Egyptian.

    Good thing I haven't heard of any reactions from Egyptians due to varieties of candies in the world .

    Creating, Evolving and Innovating

    Cooking their own different recipes with a twist, not cooking your own traditional original recipe.

  27. La superiorità morale degli italiani per cucinare mi fa vomitare. Si credono i migliori (ma lo sono solo per la corruzione)

  28. i love the commentary but why don`t they just teach the correct way of doing it for us mortals who did not grow up in italy?

  29. L'aglio e la cipolla non vanno usati su questa ricetta, il guanciale va bene ma non piccoli pezzi, il pepe va inserito nell'uovo, comunque nell'insieme è accettabile ma senza aglio e cipolla ,

    Garlic and onion should not be used on this recipe, the cheek is fine but not small pieces, the pepper should be placed in the egg, but on the whole it is acceptable but without garlic and onion

  30. Tangina ng mga toh daming dada parehas lng pagkain yan parehas na sinusubo pati kinakain mga ugok. GARLIC IS VERY GOOD IN CARBONARA

  31. Ciao. Anche se mi piace sto video. Penso che devono crticare i video che producono la carbonara tradionale. Non le loro ricette di carbonara.

  32. Most of the time is just criticized from the Italian chef because they know many of these American are embarrassing how they cook Carbonara

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