Caribbean Flavors From the Denver Highlands: BONG APPÉTIT with Simply Pure

Caribbean Flavors From the Denver Highlands: BONG APPÉTIT with Simply Pure

so is this a quarter of a joint half a joint this is no joint is a puff this I get what is it to either a whole joint or no joint Oh what kind of measurement that is [Music] Denver is not the first place I think of when it comes to Caribbean food but I’m about to meet a local couple here who are gonna change my mind about that we’re gonna check out their restaurant here in the Denver Highlands we’re gonna look at their grow and their dispensary where they’ve got their own line of edibles Plus tonight they’re gonna make me a multi-course Caribbean cannabis infused dinner it’s gonna be incredible let’s get cooking Bon Appetit thank you so much so can you tell me a little bit about Jezebel’s so we’ve been here for about three years we do Southern Flair with the Mile High attitude and you guys incorporate some Caribbean flavors into the food here is that right oh yeah I’m not you’re making chef I’ve lived in Jamaica and learned all my flavors that you make it so I have a little bit of that sort of hidden in a lot about and where do we get started well we’re gonna be eating this great lunch so when we go this let’s do it that looks incredible so one that I noticed you have a really cool little pot pin I take it you guys are cannabis enthusiasts we are most definitely cannabis enthusiasts cannabis entrepreneurs and cannabis professionals we had been doing this now since 2009 when we were the first African Americans licensed in the state of Colorado to own a dispensary and a manufacturer of infused products sadly as of today 2015 we are still the only African Americans licensed in Colorado to own a dispensary but also you know an interesting part of us getting in the businesses is what we’re doing here is the food aspect of it I’ve worked with people’s suffering people with cancer MS etc simply curing cannabis has really given us an opportunity of not just educate but to help a lot of people believe in that and by the way the food is absolutely amazing so what’s after brunch I would love to take you down and show you our new dispensary simply pure which is just a block away then we’ll go check out one of our girl facilities and then this evening my cannabis chef husband is going to treat us all to an amazing cannabis infused meal so very cool so we’ve got a packed weed full day oh all right look at to it let’s do it welcome to the simply pure dispensary this is our store manager Nick pol Abdullah and our facilities and compliance managers Brian or what I’ve do it nice to meet you man it looks like you guys have some really dope flowers here it’s a really nice wax and a ton of edibles wanna can you tell me a little bit about your edibles line sure simply pure is not only just a dispensary we are also a manufacturer of infused products because Scott believes so much in food and letting like food be thy medicine we wanted to create a line of edibles that wasn’t just sugar based we just want to give you more options to be able to keep THC and CBD in your body all day that’s what I try to maintain I personally prefer just smoking flowers like that’s my favorite way but I definitely employ two or three different methods in any given day so I’ll show you some of your regular way then let’s go over here and have these guys show you some of the amazing flower that we do here in addition to some really good looking flowers that you’ve got some nice looking waxes here can we take those out absolutely currently we carry viola extracts and crafts both are really really good companies and we’re gonna get a chance to go over and meet the gentleman that actually makes this over at viola labs but it’s pretty amazing how clean you know yeah this is it little bit looking and these are the same folks making your live resins to us absolutely yeah I mean they’ve got one of the biggest followings right now in Colorado it’s just some of the most beautiful stuff I’ve seen Wow super turfy super like sharp smelling so wanna can we see where your flowers come from absolutely let’s take a ride over to the grow and we’ll be able to see some of the shadow being made and seeing some of the buds in their natural state great and thank you guys so much for showing me your products they look fantastic [Music] Hey gonna meet you welcome to viola extra thank you so much so this is where you guys grow all that great weed and make the concentrates as well right yes we do we grow some of the finest cannabis in the world and process it into some of the finest extracts in the world so we pride ourselves on so you want to follow me I can give you a tour of our facility yeah let’s see how you make wax this is one of our bedrooms here we have some Girl Scout cookies my favorite that lemon G other favorite that papaya I’ve tried all these dreams except for papaya and I think we’re not to see what it’s like in a beautiful pie is phenomenal it’s an indica but it’s fruity so you get kind of the heaviness with the fruitiness you guys see these babies oh man look at that variety of buds in here yes this is a final phase before we extract everything so this is some of our lemon tea we have your favorite the papaya these plants are just about done we’ll see what they produce in about a week one and I just want to take you into our kitchen so you can see the next step in the evolution and actually see some finished product yeah [Music] Abdulla this is Professor pip and that me too I’m sorry Zwolle in house extractions and he’s gonna give you a little bit more information about our process whoa this is our two varieties here whoa so what strains are these right here we got the Diablo Skywalker and this papaya so this is that it’s extremely pungent the actual papaya plant finalized and ready for packaging and you can tell we do a great job of capturing the aroma if you got to dab it to get the taste of it it tastes exactly like that plant smells that’s why it’s one of my favorite professor what is the difference between these two concentrates you’ve got here this one on the left was made with dried buds and it’s shattered and this one is the live resin and it was made with frozen fresh buds with it being concentrated we definitely promote responsible consumption it is a lot of potency in a small amount so what you might get from a joint we might get from you know a little bit more than the end of our thumb so we think you’re consuming less it tends to be a little bit better for you on the lungs I would say and so I take it the next stop after this is the dabbing room we got like a little consuming lounge there Colorado State law unfortunately doesn’t allow for consumption or insight however I do believe we have a place we can go where you can enjoy summer professor Pitts work very cool professor thank you for your time thank you very cool [Music] Wow that tastes so good bed I mean it’s just like so much papaya flavor you don’t even expect it well that’s another benefit of the live resin you’re not pulling a lot of the wax and a lot of the plant material because of the temperatures were we’re processing everything in so that’s why the potency levels are so high what you’re really getting to is the terpenes and the THC in the plant so you really get to taste the flavor wow that is so tasty hey how’s it going man good man how was the growing into space week very cool what have you been up to in the kitchen all day well actually all the what you see over there all the flowering bud we’re gonna be turning that into a gourmet meal so let me bring you over here and show what we got I’m gonna go get ready for this evening and get everything set up and ready to go great going on this way so what strain is this this is the papaya strain and the beauty of the papaya strain is well it goes very well with the sweet Jamaican curry and our muscles deceive me well let’s get started in just walking well so this is gonna be the highlight of the meal we’re going to be making the base for our cubby mussels so we’re gonna start with this you got the coconut milk over there if you could take some of that coconut milk and this little gana coconut no has a lot of fat so we’re going to basically be infusing this coconut milk with weed and that’s the papaya weed has a nice flavor to it so we’re gonna put one this at about 200 now we’re going to take our cannabis which has been decom in the oven for about let’s say about now and a half at about 200 so we’re gonna pour that directly into the coconut milk and what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna let this simmer at about 250 we don’t want it to boil at all so we’re gonna let it simmer in there and what that’s going to do the coconut milk is actually going to draw the THC and everything from the cannabis into that milk so what I’d like to do while this is simmering if you could grab a little about butter over there give me about one teaspoon of butter yeah drop that baby in there this is gonna take about 45 minutes so what I’ve done in the interim is BAM yes get a little papaya joint here because I always believe this always gotta test your product you spent some time in Jamaica and that’s where you picked up some of your culinary skills right yeah man without the Jamaican culture and them teaching me how to cook I wouldn’t never had my first rescue and all my second all my third on my first so I’m always thankful to the country of Jamaica you know I just can’t wait till we can get that Jamaican plant up here in Colorado we ready strain our coconut milk here with our papaya cannabis you want to pour it slowly so all the love man and like I said the trick with this is really trying to get as much of the flavor and some of the little bit of the product as you can from it what I like to do Astrid I take a little spoon here as you can see I’m sort of looking using it like a press before we even take this to the next level is you know hand take it taste that and tell me what you think really sweet but the butter balances it out a little bit makes it kind of like slightly salty and the canvas flavor is there but once again it’s only there on the back hand you really only get sort of an aroma of it I can imagine that’s gonna be great nice greasy weedy bass for a curry you got and that’s what we’re getting ready to do we’re gonna put a clean pot back on our induction cooker here we’re gonna put it on medium which is about 250 275 let’s pour the coconut milk inside our pot over here so what we’re gonna do today is we’re gonna make enough for two servings so we’re gonna put and roughly this is about eight ounces of coconut milk once you see it bubbling boiling you want to get that temperature down we want to sort of cook it at about 225 now we don’t want to burn off all that love we’ve worked so hard to create so now that we have our coconut milk going we’re gonna add a little bit of curry this is a strong Jamaican curry which I always think is best I’m gonna add probably by the quarter teaspoon of curry to my base so what I need you to do is you’re gonna be my stir there keep that stirring gonna put a pinch of salt in okay but an eighth of a teaspoon of garlic we’re gonna drop it in there so the next thing we want to do here is we’re gonna add a little bit of our chicken bullion okay so we’re gonna add a little bit of chicken broth they’re gonna turn up to about 275 become one let it simmer gonna put a splash this is just regular of olive oil just a splash of coconut water what we’re gonna do now is this is the next level of infusion and this is actually my version of coconut butter so we’re gonna take one teaspoon about love butter like Carly it’s a big teaspoon yeah give it a little stir maybe slow then we’re gonna bring this down really down to low okay so I think we’re all set with that base hit we’re gonna add this now to a new pan what you can use no I like the new pan because we’re gonna be introducing the muscles in there and I like they introduce gonna turn it up just about 275 about 1/2 a cup of the peppers and we’re gonna add about the same with our fire-roasted tomatoes as I put these in and ones just to roll them around okay introduce our model introduce that’s Harry [Music] you start to see the muscles opening already and that’s what you want to see because what’s happening now with all that love is going through it’s all following through the flavors gonna come out of the muscles now and that nice seafood flavor from the muscles going to really be in hand with everything else put in yeah those muscles are obviously thirsting for that sauce so I think we’re ready to serve oh we can get it in our just heat up the pasta and then we can put them in the bowl we’ll greet our guests and then we can rock and roll from there let’s go around the table see what we have but we’re gonna start off tonight with your salads now if you do dare you can look in the middle here we have my infused strawberry vinaigrette take a little bit of that sprinkle it on your salad and guess what now your salad is infused we’re gonna jump over into the bisque this is a crab lobster the smoked bisque this is not infused at all over here on the table we have my coconut but I can sort of dab a little bit more I would caution everyone else but you can take a little bit of that oil just give yourself a few little drops so if you choose to that’s two ways you’re gonna infuse the meal and then what we’re gonna actually end the evening with is the Jamaican curry mussels that is infused actually with Dan the man’s papaya strength so I built all of this around you know my man’s plantain so arms we’re gonna enjoy tonight I’m really impressed by the way you run up labor the papaya it’s phenomenal everything is delicious so dessert yeah what’s for dessert confused we’ll just wait and see this is a weed infused banana right here exactly that I can get down [Music] guys thank you so much for showing me yet another incredible time here to Denver Wanda Scott your restaurant is so good the food was amazing you guys are working with some really really good weed then your wizard man until the next time I’m back here in Denver [Music]

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  12. I like how all the enthusiasts there had an attitude and body language of "fuck this, I just wanna lounge on the sofa" damn son

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  18. On #HealingBudz, People looking for amazing Canna-Cuisine in legal states can search for restaurants in their local area, read reviews and see beautiful images of this amazing new food genre. Learn more about this new community app at and stay tuned to our Facebook Page to learn how you can help support our mission and become a shareholder at the same time.

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