100 thoughts on “Caribbean Flavors From the Denver Highlands: BONG APPÉTIT with Simply Pure”

  1. I find all these weed-based munchies a bit tiring. The people in the video just seem a bit too obsessed with the weed side of it

  2. I really like this series. I wonder how much the City of Denver has benefitted from the legalization of Weed and its product. Very interesting!

  3. i hate weedheads. i work with weed heads at my restaraunt: they are lazy and are always late for work. They have bad hygiene and wear the same shit everyday without cleaning their clothes. just nasty. I always ask if they are weedheads in my interviews now and i know when they lie to me. If you are a weedhead u will NOT be employed by me.

  4. Wish I could enjoy the new legalization in WA state. Not only does my job not permit, something must have changed chemically in my later 20's. I only had about a 5 year window of enjoying anything THC related. After that it started not having the desired reaction for me. Didn't matter if it was sativa or indica, it all had a very adverse reaction. No idea what happened, I don't feel like I'm missing out on too much. I'm still glad though that it's finally a legal option for people, especially ones who medically needed it. Grew up with a 100% disabled navy vet as a dad, who was prescribed a crap load of pain killers by doctors who weren't properly tracking the overlapping medications. His life could have been made a lot better for nearly 30 years if the federal government didn't threaten to fire any doctors at the VA who signed a medical card.

  5. If we had to preserve a stoner for future generations to enjoy, it'd have to be the host of this show. I wonder how much Weed he's smoked prolly like a tonne

  6. The company people are being professional about ecplainging everything and this guy just saying "lets smoke weed, right?"

  7. Amazing!!! Along with them and charlo Greene, they are the only black people I see in the marijuana industry. Need more of them! Loved the show.

  8. I didn't expect her to be that gorg! And this whole episode is so inspiring. We takin over in all industries. Everything they had on display from the restaurant to the dispensaries looked just as professional and appealing as the white owned "weed businesses". There's no way we shouldn't be able to dominate in this field.

  9. Not sure why, but I find the host (Abdullah) a tiny bit annoying. I think it's his voice. Pretty cool episode though

  10. Wish they'd set up a franchise in the UK, i would invest for sure. Untapped business potential with laws soon to change.

  11. I like how all the enthusiasts there had an attitude and body language of "fuck this, I just wanna lounge on the sofa" damn son

  12. I like how all the enthusiasts there had an attitude and body language of "fuck this, I just wanna lounge on the sofa" damn son

  13. I'm opening the first Cocaine Dispensary called "Caine Healing Center". Different a strains from Colombia, Peru etc. Look out for it people.

  14. 7:28 Really dabs are better for your lungs? That's like saying "I get really hung over the day after I pound 18 beers so I'm gonna pound a fifth of whiskey instead that'll be way healthier"

  15. How is homeboy still able to function so coherently? Christ, I'd be fast asleep right after that wax..

  16. yo that wife dudes got is cool as fuck man and i bet when she was younger she was probably bad as fuck. shes still bad tho. and shes a fucking boss. man i fuck with her, homeboy is a lucky dude if he had to settle down he chose right.

  17. This is why I hate living in Vail/Denver. I'm so sick and tired of this pompous "mile high" attitude. My family is 5+ generation natives, and I'm ready to get the fuck out of Colorado because of this very stuck-up mentality. I can't even finish watching this episode.

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  19. Jamaican flavors not Caribbean…. you want to have autentic Caribbean you have to have a menu with all the food you can only get in the caribbean… 3 years Jamaican Chef doesnt make you expert on Caribbean food …. ps Jamaica is not the only island in the Caribbean we have much more every island with their own food and identity.. but we all love Cannabis such a beautiful plant

  20. Now those buds are a bit better in size and these ppl know to be careful with there plants … yes Nona's are outdoor but still gotta be nicer to your plants …

  21. hold up hold up hold up
    7:09 he say fresh frozen buds

    but i was watching kitchen nightmares and gordon ramsee said that frozen isnt fresh so idk what to think about it


  22. Afro Wall Street right there and simply just one person making it. Think about it about folks, a great success chance and where is it going for the Afro community. He's right SAD INDEED!

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