Cascade Hop, Craft Brewing and Oregon State University

Cascade Hop, Craft Brewing and Oregon State University

OSU has had a long history of hops research dating back to the 1930’s there’s been a USDA hop breeding program here since then So there is this natural connection with OSU and hops. When the craft brewing industry first took off back in the 80s. One of the ways that they differentiated
themselves was with the types of hops they used and hit up on a particular hop that wasn’t being used at the time by the larger producers and this hop was called Cascade, was developed here at OSU. It was developed by Al Haunold at Oregon State it was the hop that was left on
the shelf it was actually a hybrid that was left on the shelf for a long time It was kinda shopped around to the big brewers and they said ahhh… too much aroma for us we are not really interested in a hop thats that aromatic. And of course that is what craft brewers are all about So when the craft industry took off and came to OSU looking for new hop varieties Al said “try Cascade” and it sort of stuck it is that intense citrusy fruity, piney quality that is really distintive of beers that are made from this part of the country. It has really been the heartblood of the craft brewing industry for a long time development of that variety of Cascade has increased brewers desires to push the envelope of what hop aroma can be. So we’re really getting more aromaford hops coming out of Oregon State University there is a big push right now the Northwest brewers get together every six months or so we were just together a few weeks ago the same guys, that were like the guys that broke ground in Portland Widmers, folks at Bridgeport and elseware are still coming to these meetings. Well, you know that was really the infancy that was the beginning here I was I had a front row seat because you know I had I had a good job, a solid job at Blitz but at the same time you know I am kind looking out of the corner of my eye you know seeing these craft breweries coming up beer with thirty IBUs in it, thats crazy at Blitz most of the beers were like fifteen to twenty BUs you know not as bitter so it was really a different, a different kind of brewing a whole different kind of thing so I got the front row seat for the time I was at Blitz I got to kind of watch the craft brew industry grow up around us and really become a force in the Northwest.

3 thoughts on “Cascade Hop, Craft Brewing and Oregon State University”

  1. This should come full circle. I know liquor laws in Oregon are complicated and campus regulations don't really allow for the consumption of beer on campus, but why not have a tap on campus in a cafe or one of the restaurants so legal age drinkers can have a half-pint or a pint with their lunch? I'm sure Food Science must have some sort of excess production or could produce a small weekly batch for that.

    Or have a OSU tap in the nearest off campus establishment. Huh, huh, huh!?


  2. Some of the brewpubs in Corvallis feature student beers on tap, many recipes that are developed in the pilot brewery. Block 15 features student brews. Two Towns Ciderhouse is run by a program grad and definitely worth a stop. And you'll find many OSU interns, staff and brewmasters at breweries around Oregon and the country.

    As for an OSU-branded brew…? All we can stay is stay tuned, drink responsibly and thank a Beaver for the science behind the flavors of your next great beverage experience.

  3. I don't think that would work in any other state than Oregon. Oregon, where bars can have video poker, Keno every 5 minutes, strippers (full nudity) and adult video arcades with locking doors, sofas or built in elevated area meant for more than one person and paper towel dispensers on the wall (they call them preview rooms). Gotta love it.

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