Casey Neistat ROAST Parody (DISS TRACK)

Casey Neistat ROAST Parody (DISS TRACK)

Casey Neistat. I’m parodying Casey Neistat Home sweet home, Vy. So before we left for Minnesota, I put the
word out that I’m making a Casey Neistat style vlog and I’m hoping some companies sent us
some free goodies. I hope so. I want some too Whoa! I guess when you’re Casey Neistat you get
a lot of free stuff in mail don’t you? Yeah, I guess so! Alright guys, I brought the mail in here. Let’s see what we got! Amazon Echo, that’s cool! Another hoverboard there. And uh another one. I guess you can never have too many of those,
right? Looks like someone sent me another piano but
I already got one of these. oh guys! Box full of cash guys. Oh, there’s a note. Dear Casey, thank you for all your support. Hillary. Hillary! You got to put your last name so I know who
to thank! Here is a really big one guys! I wonder what’s in here! Whoa! I was not expecting a pool table in there! And now it’s time to head over to Hi 5 Productions. I’m gonna get some feedback from Matthias
on my Casey Neistat parody. He always has good ideas. Welcome back to LA. Sitting on the freeway going 5 miles per hour. Chad is here! You guys are in adjacent offices but you’re
talking to one another via computer. We’re just testing out my new camera so that’s
why we’re doing it. Gotcha gotcha. You’re vlogging now? I’m doing a Casey Neistat… What, 46 million views isn’t enough for you? Ha ha ha What up guys! What’s up Chad. What’s up Casey! Ha ha ha! You called it! I’m glad you said that because I’m working
on a Casey Neistat parody. Oh nice shades! Very nice! We’re all wearing shades. Not this guy! So you’re doing a parody of Casey Neistat? Are you sure you don’t want to roast him? Dude, you always want me to roast people,
man! Last time I listened to you I got 12,000 dislikes. I think you should roast him. Ahhh, nope, no more dude. No more roasting for me. Team Edge space. Pretty much every young boys dream. Every toy you can think of. Hillary Clinton. I’m standing next to Hillary Clinton. OK guys, look what I just found. Yeah guys this is probably gonna be the best
parody I ever made because Casey is really the best vlogger. I think he’ll continue to be the best vlogger
for a really long time. Cause that guy…he’s not a quitter. Alright guys, well let’s head back to Hi 5
Studios here, get some more work done on writing this parody. Alright right. Now before I start writing the parody here,
let’s get a little inspiration by watching Casey’s latest vlog. I’m ending the vlog? No no, that’s clickbait, man. There’s no way he would end. Casey’s not a quitter. Let’s just go ahead and click right in to
this here. It’s not clickbait. I really am ending the vlog. Shut up… You can’t quit dude. I was just going to do a parody of of you. What the…. Matthias! Matthias! Casey Neistat quit his vlog! Of course he did. Who do you think convinced him to quit? You…you did this? Chad…not a lot happens on YouTube without
my say so. Why would you do this dude? You know I’ve been working on the parody and
now it’s ruined! Chad, let me ask you something. If you hold a marshmallow over a fire, is
that marshmallow ruined? Well…no, I mean, it’s taste better actually…but… Exactly, cause Casey Neistat is like a marshmallow How is he like a….oooooh because Casey Neistat
needs to be roasted! Alright man, now go home and make some smores! There’s no more room! What are you doing? I thought you weren’t going to roast people
any more. I thought you were only gonna do parodies. Well sometimes people just quit and completely
change directions! Casey, what will kids watch now after school? (after school) All the other vlogs are not as cool (not as cool) Did the vlog get old, is that why you quit? (why’d you quit?) Or did you get sick and tired of getting so
rich? (getting too rich) You know the people at YouTube are going crazy saying who now will we put on our homepage
daily Casey’s Vlog is like my date to prom You get on top and that’s when you decide
to stop You’re the epitome of advertising friendly That’s why YouTube’s on their knees going
Lewinski on Casey’s vlog And that’s the end of Casey’s vlog No for real though I gotta give props to Casey
because when you have something as crazy successful as his vlog and you quit in order to follow
your passion, it takes a lot of guts. Kudos to you Casey. If you guys like this video please give it
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