Cask Brewing Manual Can Seamer V3 HD

Cask Brewing Manual Can Seamer V3 HD

Cask Brewing Systems began working with the
craft brewing industry in the early 1980s and has been building affordable canning solutions
for over a decade. Our fourth generation streamlined manual canning
system has a compact design and requires low capital. It enables even the smallest micro brewer
to take advantage of the most popular beer package in the world, the aluminum can. The filling starts automatically when the
operator places the empty can on the filling platform. The can filling cycle beings by purging all
of the air from the can with carbon dioxide. This keeps the packaging air content down
to very acceptable commercial levels, which is critical to the shelf life of the product. The two head can filler also incorporates
an automatic shut off censor that stops the flow when the can is full. A lid is then placed on the full can and transferred
to the seamer, which uses the same double seam process as the largest
commercial canning systems. Even an inexperienced operator can easily
seam about 8 can per minute or more, and produce up to 20 cases per hour. This system is upgradable to 35 cases per
hour with an automation package available soon. Post can rinsing removes any alcohol in the
foam that’s on the beer can after seaming, which prevents pitting on the can. Change over between 12 and 16 oz can formats
can be done in less than 15 minutes, making it the quickest change over in the industry. In one simple step, the cans are bound into
an attractive six pack. No additional cartons are required for this
convenient retail package. It is easier to fill and seam an aluminum
can than it is to fill and cap a beer bottle. And unlike bottles, the cans are pre-printed,
so there is no additional labeling required. A regular 220 volt 15 amp power outlet is
all that is required, and with a small footprint of approximately 5 feet, the portable canning
table gives you the flexibility to move the system around your packaging area. The can is the beer drinkers’ choice of
container almost 80 percent of the time because they’re easier to handle, store, and recycle than
glass bottles. Cans are the only container that provide 100
percent protection from the exposure to light, and their durability makes them the only acceptable
beverage container for airlines, boats, beaches and sports venues. And at about 12 cents per can, they also happen
to be lowest cost retail package for beer. These are just some of the reasons why over
140 craft brewers from around the world are taking advantage of Cask’s canning systems
(and you CAN too!). With local parts and servicing, maintenance
costs are a small fraction of what you’d pay on imported equipment. Help is a phone call away, and our technicians
are available at a moment’s notice. We’ve enjoyed working with craft brewers
for the last 25 years and look forward to continuing to provide innovative canning solutions to
our clients in the future. For more information go to

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  1. where I can find a manual for this machine? because I can not find the manual on the internet to change the settings of this machine, I only find the characteristics of this, but that does not help me, I need to know how to change between the different types of cans

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