100 thoughts on “Casually Explained: Is She Into You?”

  1. Let’s say she tells you that she likes you.

    Again from this example you can’t really tell, maybe she meant as a friend or a person

  2. 101 Dating: Say if you were sitting with a girl you’ve been dating for the past two weeks and she says “I’m so into you!” Ask yourself Is she into you?.. Once again we can’t really tell with that one. 😂😂😂😂😂

  3. Point her with a gun and tell her that if she's into you you will not shoot her. If she says yes she's probably really into you. People can't really lie convincingly under that kind of pressure

  4. Even if a girl tells me she likes me, I always try to convince myself it was a prank.

    Bc tbh that's what happens most of the time…

  5. She asks you for a date, you go out together and have a great time. You spend the night together at her apartment. After a few more dates, you go "official". After a few years, you get married. In the next three decades, you raise three wonderful children together. After 60 years, she lies on her deathbed, you hold her hand, she looks at you and says "you completed my life".

    Is she into you?

    C) Again, you cannot really tell, there is no clear indicator here, she could be mentally confused.

  6. how are you gonna say she’s not into me? but will have sex with me? where’s the logic in there? are you dumb? duhhhh? 🙄

  7. She could have married and have kids with you but the chances that she isn't into you for real, Guess the country –

  8. She texts you every night before sleeping sayin "I really want you in my bed every night of my life" (with love emojis)

    Is she into you ?

    Again, you can't really tell.

  9. So you and your wife have been married for 40 years and you have always been there for eachother. Every night you two go to bed she tells you she loves you.
    Is she into you?

    Can't tell

  10. What about when you get your hands in the wood lathe and it ends up with a double open fracture to your left hand and after several hours in the block the adrenaline and anesthesia wears off at two A.M and you suddently feels all the pain of you crushed bones and the 4 stainless steel wires that the doctors stuck into your hand to keep your fingers together so you get into your roommate's bed to get comfort and she cuddles you and caresses your chest?

  11. I need help,ANYONE
    I have a crush on a boy from a grade above me. and i dont think he even knows my name, but we talk sometimes.
    next year, he's gonna be in a completely different part of the school…
    i need help, cuz idk what to do. im DESPERATE

  12. She gets your name tattooed on her.
    Is she into you?
    ( C ) You really can't tell, maybe the tattoo artists misspelt "Live Laugh Love"

  13. Yeah so this 19 year old follows me around late on our shifts and makes flirty small-talk with that innocent-sounding voice.
    She's says she has a boyfriend, but then goes to ask if she can hang out with me at 9:30pm, after our shifts.
    I really can't tell if she's into me, I mean she's probably just bored at work when there's no customers…

  14. Guys I need help I’ve been married to this girl for like three years now and I’m not sure if she’s into me of just Canadian what should I do ??

  15. Watching this so I know if I'm into him (cause I'm dumb asf)
    Verdict: I'm really fucking dumb, just finished watching the damn video.

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