100 thoughts on “Catch And Cook Brook Trout Day 2 of 30 Day Survival Challenge Canadian Rockies”

  1. This dude never shares his food with his buddy. I can't stand how selfish he is. He completely ruins the show. What a shame 😒.

  2. "I'm watching every episode" so this is where the chess set comes in, I had seen that in the trailer and was wondering how you came up with that idea.

  3. Second episode in my three episode binge. Can't wait for the rest to be published! (also sweet, I just saw that there are six vids in this series right now, which means I missed one of the lead-in videos!)

  4. man! your awesome and i like what youre doin and as of now im wathching every videos you make.. from philippines man..

  5. "Im watching every episode" but YouTube didn't notify me quick enough =*(. Also the one poor mans lost lure is another survivalists tackle box is a nice idea.

  6. They drained Spruce Knob lake to fix the overflow.

    I filled a decent sized tackle box in less than an hour.

    There were poles, batteries, trolling motors, anchors, you name it. Heck there were even 4 Jon boats!

  7. Nothing beats live bait for Brookies!

    And 6” is the average size for a native in Wv. I don’t keep them around here. Becoming way too scarce.

    However if it was a survival situation, they’d be in my belly.

  8. It’s a mountain lake so the population of the trout is high so there’s not enough food for the trout to grow to a bigger size

  9. I'm watching every episode of the 30 day Survival Challenge in the Canadian Rockies!
    I wish you guys had let me know you were going – I'd love to have accompanied you! Now, next spring, I'm going to have to take my own adventure in the Smokies!


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