Catch And Cook Clam Digging Day 2 of 8 Maine Wilderness Living Challenge /Catch And Cook Survival

Catch And Cook Clam Digging Day 2 of 8 Maine Wilderness Living Challenge /Catch And Cook Survival

– That one is a full palm size there. Nice. It is good to be home. Ah. I’m Zachary Fowler. – And I’m the Wooded Beardsman. – And this is the Wilderness
Living Challenge, Maine. Yeah, woo! The point of the challenge is to gain or maintain our body weight while eating nothing but wild foods for seven days. Last time we did it in Canada. This time, he’s come down to join me in the coastal state of Maine. This season of the
Wilderness Living Challenge has been brought to you in part by Bath Subaru in Woolwich, Maine, LP Aventure for making the
Adventure Mobile a reality, Hidden Woodsmen Backpacks,
the best backpacks made on Earth out of the best materials, IUNIO survival shovel, Gerber knives and multi-tools
made right here in the U.S., Outdoor Vitals, the maker
of my favorite jacket, sleeping bag, and this really cool pillow, and Hoo-rag, have hoo-rag make you a custom company hoo-rag today. (chuckles) Links in the description below. Mornin’. – Mornin’. – [Zachary] How you feeling? – All right, surprisingly. Check this out. – [Zachary] What you got? – Breakfast. – [Zachary] Whoa. Eggs for breakfast, no way. – [Beardsman] No-no, eggs
and sperm for breakfast. – [Zachary] Eggs and milt. Is that how you say it, milt? Milt, sounds better than saying sperm. Wow, well, I guess you’ve been busy, you’ve cleaned out all of the fish, and got all the fish eggs, that
looks really good actually. I’m looking forward to
more of my fish head soup for breakfast too with
fish head dumplings. This is day two Wilderness
Living Challenge. We’ll be heading out to the shelter today, Malcolm’s coming. I think we’re gonna get some clams, and tomorrow, we’ll be
hauling those lobster traps, so hopefully we got some
wonderful food there, we trading these alewives up. I am feeling a headache
and just like, ugh. – [Beardsman] You sound like– – [Zachary] But, yeah, I’ve
been struggling with a cold since the day you showed up, but maybe fish head soup’s
got what a growing boy needs. (percussive music) Plop, plop, fizz, fizz,
what a wonderful life it is. ♪ Alka-Seltzer plop plop fizz fizz ♪ ♪ Oh what a relief it is ♪ ♪ Plop plop fizz fizz
oh what a relief it is ♪ – [Malcolm] Hey, Zach. – [Zachary] There he is. – [Malcolm] Made it. – Well, it’s just Malcolm. I thought Kevin was comin’ with him, but apparently he’s sick, that’s a bummer. Check out Kevin’s channel. He hung out with us last year when we did our frog gigging thing,
and he does fun videos. He’s been practicing pretty
hard at the editing thing, it’s actually very entertaining. – He got the flu. – You’re just in time for
breakfast, fish head soup. – I’ll have it, yeah. – [Beardsman] Blackout
Coffee, you gotta try some. – [Zachary] There you go, that’s
the good stuff right there. So we got our fish head
soup from yesterday, and we’re gonna pour off
the broth and use that for to put the eggs and stuff in. That’s like snot. ♪ Best part of wakin’ up is fish head ♪ Wait, I lost it, I had it before. – Fish head soup. ♪ Fish head egg soup in your cup. ♪ Breakfast is served. – It looks like brains
actually, doesn’t it? – [Malcolm] It’s like a zombie movie. – [Beardsman] Yeah, right? – [Malcolm] Silence of the Lambs. – Hello, Clarice. – We said it looks like brains, the egg. – It’s good. – Is it good, is it really, actually good? – I’m dead serious, it’s
like a clam chowder. – Malcolm came in already– – Like a very clammy chowder. – Very clammy? – No, it’s good. – He said the house smells
great, it smells like fish, so you must really like fish. – I do, I’m a seafood lover. I’m from New England,
we eat a lot of seafood. – Well, there you go, that’s why. – I live on the coast. – I’m gonna try egg first, see. – Hand me that Woodobo, it
just needs a little bit. – This is caviar, it’s fine dining. – There is some part of
it that’s really good, but some part of it too
that’s a little bit… – It’s very fishy, put it that way. – There we go. With just a touch of fresh Woodobo. – Yeah, the Woodobo helps 100%. Yeah, ’cause I didn’t taste it naked. – You know what, in stuff like this, it tastes better the hungrier you get. – Are you hungry? – I’m not even hungry and I’m enjoying it. – He’s a beast. I’d just like, I show
up, I’m good, I like it. – I think if you served
this in a restaurant you could probably get away with it being some kind of a delicacy. – Nice texture, and perfectly cooked. – Hashtag bushcraft,
all those, follow that. – We’re gonna finish this up, then we’re gonna hit the
road, we’re gonna pack it up, head out to the shelter, and set up our camp and stuff before we go out and do some clamming. Would you look at that. – Big pile of orange packs. – There we go, for those of
you that purchased the packs on Kickstarter, there they are. They just need to go off to
the embroider to be signatured. Now this is the pack that I had in the 30 day survival challenge minus, it doesn’t have the pouches on the side. It’s the same volume
inside, but it has webbing, MOLLE-webbing so you can
add your own extra pouches to the outside, like a medical bag, or make your own little fishing pouch or have whatever you
want strapped on there, your favorite knife, beautiful straps. I love it. The fire pouches. Almost twice as many packs as we thought he was gonna be able to make,
so those will be available for sale on the website as well,
for all of your slingshots, survival gear, and awesome
Hidden Woodsmen exclusive, signature Fowler Orange backpacks. – That’s awesome, thank
you very much, Malcolm. – It’s the same exact pack, it’s just in the Ranger Green instead of the orange. – So if you’re not an orange lover, it’s cool, go over there,
Malcolm is the sponsor for this seven day
Wilderness Living Challenge, and you can get all the other
packs that he makes there, all the other gear that he makes there in other colors besides the
Fowler Orange signature models. – [Malcolm] This is a Fowler exclusive. Only found on his website. So here’s a new pack for your adventures. I made these myself, these are all military-grade, all made in America. – Sweet, ‘preciate it. – [Malcolm] For the journey. – [Beardsman] Yeah. – These are tinder bags,
usually keep tinder in here. – [Beardsman] That’s
pretty cool, look at that, it’s got a bag in there,
that zips up, that’s awesome. You put your valuables in there, right? Like keys, wallet, tags,
licenses, all that good stuff. – [Malcolm] This fits a Nalgene
bottle, these fit Nalgenes. – [Beardsman] Turkeys won’t see me. – [Malcolm] (laughs) You’ll be hidin’. – Exactly, deer won’t see me either. – [Malcolm] You’ll be hidden, the hidden bearded woodsman. – Unlike me with my orange pack, and my car you can’t
lose in a parking lot, it’s like I might have
to rethink my strategy if I’m gonna do more hunting. (laughter) – Right on. – The pouch is one of a kind, just made this pouch for you. – [Zachary] All right. – But what’s inside of
it, no more cowboy coffee. – [Zachary] Oh, nice! – We got a 1970’s percolator. – [Zachary] No way. That’s a classic there. – [Malcolm] Espresso in the
woods, it’s a five cup too. – [Zachary] I like the roll
top, like that, that’s cool. – [Malcolm] And the last
thing is a very special shirt. This is a invisible shirt. – [Zachary] Oh, geez. Yeah, hold it up so we
can see how you disappear. Oh, wow, that works really good. – Telling you, man. – [Zachary] Yeah, that’s awesome. Thank you, man. (driving music) Oh, that’s full. (driving music) That was a slow gettin’ goin’, but we got everybody and
all parties on board, everything is packed,
we’re headed up to the land to set up for the rest of the challenge be livin’ out there at my shelter, and then we’ll head off and
get some food harvesting going. Breakfast was good, I’m feeling
sustained, how ’bout you? – Feel pretty good, I feel hungry though. I will admit I’m hungry. I got my rations for the day, that’s the fruit leather I made. Yeah, I’m ready for the
next meal to be honest, so hopefully there’s more to come. – All right, we are here
at my old homestead, and where my shelter is. (upbeat music) Home, sweet home! – I have the power! (laughter) – Good to be home. What do you think guys, can
I get it again first try? Been a long time, I’m a little rusty. Ah. Woo. It is good to be home. Ah. I haven’t had a chance
to play out here much. I’ve bene out here two or three times with my girlfriend and the
kids and stuff like that, but to spend the next days out here, yes. It’s gonna be fun. I’m gonna build some new
stuff around the camp, like I did with the
Texas series and stuff. I don’t know why I never did
it in the past, you know? I was busy doing the
waterwheel and other things, but the camp really
needs some sprucing up. Time to do some housecleaning
and we need a table. Looks really dry. A piece of garbage from last
time I was here I missed, but other than that, yeah! Slingshot didn’t weather
so well. (chuckles) Looks like that rain
jacket I left in here, a mouse has been making a nest in my, oh, he’s been collecting
fire tinder for me, look at that, how nice. Bed looks good, nice and dry, not moldy. And I don’t see any mouse nests or mice or chipmunk burrows underneath. Nice! That’s awesome! I’ll be able to sleep there comfortably without having something digging, rutting around underneath of me. Only question is, the bugs. But if I get a little
bug fire going in here, a little fire, I’ll be nice
and warm and cozy, yes. Ah, good to be home ♪ It’s such a good feeling
to know you’re alive ♪ ♪ It’s such a happy feeling
you’re growing inside ♪ ♪ And when you wake up ready to say ♪ ♪ I think I’ll make a snappy new day ♪ (upbeat music) – No reason you can’t be
comfy and out in the woods. (upbeat music) (Zachary laughs) (upbeat music) That’s much better, that’s nice. The whole reason I left those originally is I wanted a small door
so less heat could escape, and I would hang my rain gear in it just like I did in my shelter out in Patagonia when I was there. ‘Cause this is part of my
reenactment series 87 days. You can see the playlist
on the YouTube channel for when I built this and all that. It’s about two years old now. A lot of people criticize
the roof ’cause it’s plastic, but the whole point is I
can have light in here, I can see what I’m doing, and I’m not limiting myself to materials. I could thatch the roof
just like I did the walls, and make it, but it would
be super dark in here, and it just wouldn’t be as fun. I like it the way it is, I like it nice and bright and sunny. Light comes in, enough
of the trees block it during the summertime, it’s not like a sauna in here, and it’s really comfy. To keep that round shape though initially I needed the door smaller and more of this closed
up, so it held it together and now that it’s dried into this position we can have a bigger door, yee-haw. And I got a pile of
firewood now. (chuckles) Useful, useful, useful. (laughs) It’s just silly,
that’s a losing battle. There we go, shelter is all
cleaned up, spick and span. Ready for a fire in the
fireplace, beautiful. I removed as much of the tinder
in the corners as possible, considering the whole thing is a re-hut and made out of tinder,
you’ve got to be careful. I can only have small fires in here, which is all you really need anyways, but it’s more than that. I’ve lined my fire pit with stone. And the reason for that
is, if you look right here, see this topsoil here, that’s like peat. That will burn and those roots will burn. Digging that out, digging
that top layer out, and getting down to the brown or the clay or the gravely
part that won’t burn and then this little whole
fire pit is lined stone, stone, stone, all stone,
and then it was also dug out so there’s a little peat
around the farther edges, so I still have to be careful, but for the most part it’s very secure. I’ve been in here for 12,
13 days, different times, fires overnight, and put it to sleep, and went away around the area, smoldering it out so
it would either go out or it’s still there 12 hours
later when I open it up and slept through it and
woke up in the morning safe and sound on multiple occasions, but we have to get some more food. So I think housecleaning time is over, it’ll be nice to be able to
come back to a clean house ’cause we’re gonna go out
and get ourselves dirty digging clams I think. Let’s see what the other guys are up to and how their shelters are going. You done? – It doesn’t take long to put a tent up. – There he is over
there, there’s his tent. He was done before I
even set my camera up. Honestly I think he was actually done before I got the shovel to
stick into the tree. (laughs) – I think so. – [Zachary] Malcolm, has like I mentioned earlier, the war bonnet hammock. He’s the one that turned me on to war bonnet hammocking, and hammocks. I think that is the way to go. Tents, and sleeping on the ground, I’ll never sleep like that again. It’s just so comfortable. The covering, huge covering so you can be out underneath of it,
and be outdoors still. And you’re zipped in
and you’re fully secure when you’re inside your hammock so the bugs can’t get to you. And it’s just something about it. You just sleep so well in them. Let’s head out. All right, we are here. Chris found us a different location. We had Thomaston picked
out for our clamming, but town office closes at two. – It’ll be cool though, we’re gonna be digging off of Sears Island, which there’s a little bit of history there, some old Civil War ships went down. – Will we see any Civil War
ships sticking out of the mud? – We’ll look for cannonballs. – We’ll look for cannonballs in the mud? – Keep our eyes out for cannonballs. – Yeah, so we’re up here at Sears Port, gettin’ our clamming license. All right, we got our clammin’ license, three-day clammin’ license. This is one of the hardest
things about the challenge is everything you do when
you wanna harvest food, you need a license for
outside of wild forage. You know, fiddleheads, you don’t need a license to pick
fiddleheads or mushrooms, but there’s not a lot
of calories in those, so the clams, the lobsters,
that was a huge test, and all that went into that. Taking that test took me a couple of days with my dyslexia studying it, and it was an online
test, I had to study it and take the test at the same time. And then there’s the hunting license, so if we wanna get some small game, we got the possibility
of gopher, porcupine, and red squirrel, I think
there was one more thing. But anyway, all of this requires licenses. If we were just primitive survival, the world has gone nuclear and
there’s just some of us left we would just be out there doing all kinds of different things, harvesting all kinds of food right now. I mean last night there
was deer in the yard, I could go out there, and
if it was legal during an apocalypse situation, we’d have a deer. Got the map? – [Apprentice] So obviously this is the bridge thing that they
built to get to Sears Island, and then we’re gonna be off the backside. That’s about it, all the
yellow areas, good to go, and then low tide to 4:30. – All right, look for small
holes indicating clams. Dig large holes in front and then dig down into the area into the hole,
so you expose the clams without hurting them, clams
must be over two inches before one peck, I’ll
have to look that up, I think that’s like half a bucket, I’ll put it right here on the screen. And dig only in open areas,
you may harvest one peck a day. And find any milky ribbon worms,
remove them from the flat, watch out for glass, no
commercial digging, let’s go. (car beeps) All right, let’s do this, Chris and Chris, the Chrisettes, they
already headed down there. I see ’em diggin away at something, hopefully they found something. (tense music) Be a nice little place to go
in a sunny day in summertime, scoot inside of there, lay on
a beach towel and look out, look out at all of God’s
beautiful creation. Awesome. Just awesome. Just awesome. Oh, there they are, yep, I see ’em now. Look at that, that’s what
we’re looking for right there. Not much to look for. Last time I dug clams,
it was in Thomaston, and there’s little muddy holes, and they’re like, blub, blu-blu-blub. Wow, thank you so much for helping us. – Great, dig there, I think. Just use your hand. – They just sink when they do
that and then you lose ’em? Oh, there we go. All right. – Oh, there’s one right
there, he’s right there. – [Apprentice] Little guy though. – [Helper] All right guys good luck. – Thank you very much
again, appreciate it. Hey, I got a big one, I got a
big one finally, look at that. That one is a full palm size there. Nice. There’s one. So one crack out of six. That’s not bad, getting better at this. Yeah.
– Oh, wow. – Woo! That’s a trophy. I’m gonna mount this
one on my wall. (laughs) That’s a meal all in itself, holy cow, we are gonna be eating well tonight, yes! It’s hard to say. – That’s another trophy one. – [Zachary] Yeah, that’s definitely. – It was this far from squirting me, man or maybe the other way, I don’t know. – Huge.
– That’s a big one, though. – [Zachary] It’s a big one. So, Chris is playing around
with the shovels I brought. How do you think you say it? – I don’t know, I would say Iunio, I would just say Chinese, I
would just say it’s Iunio. I-n-yo, I-une-yo, I-U-N-I-O, you guys say it however you want. I-une-yo, I-in-yo, you
can’t say it properly, it’s a Chinese word, right, Iunio. It works well, I’m impressed with it. It’s digging clams out. – [Zachary] I think I
was calling it I-own-ya. – I-own-a, I-U, I-U– – I know, that’s not how you
spell Iunio or whatever at all, but in my head that’s
what I always called it. Chris has been digging with that one. I’ve been digging with my usual. And other Chris, my apprentice here, he’s got the, that one’s not universal. That one’s just a regular survival shovel, just a regular survival shovel with fire starter, comes apart in smaller pieces, and pickaxe. That one, you can add more attachments and turn it into a full on walking stick. This is a little something
I filmed up in my office before I left, it’s gonna be part of my 100 year old shovel
verses survival shovel video I’ll do after I get
back from my next trip. So this is their multi-pack. It’s got the ax head, the pickax head, and the shovel head in here
plus interchangeable parts with all of the survival
gear inside of them like fire starter, ice pick, all kinds of crazy stuff in there,
and you can use that to build almost whatever you can imagine, and all the parts are interchangeable with the other ones that they sell that go with this series,
so you can buy bigger connector bits, and build
pretty much anything you can imagine, and there’s
room for more kit inside of it to modify it for yourself. (laughs) That might be a
little bit long for a shovel, but now it’s a shovel walking staff. With all of the bells and whistles. There’s a ferro rod, knife,
all the stuff in there. Anyways, back to digging. We got clams to dig if
we wanna eat tonight. – Excavation technique. See if I can harvest more
than one at the same time. There’s one. – So he digs across, looking for a squirt, and then goes after it. I dig a trench and then work my way forward into a pile of holes. Oop, that one was just a random. But mainly, the biggest part of the trick is to get the soil to come down into a hole that you already have so that when you dig you’re not crushing, putting pressure on them,
’cause they will bust. So if you can dig a hole next to ’em and then flip the dirt into that hole without a lot of pressure, you can expose a nice clam without cracking them. Not too shabby, oop, that one’s squirting. Now you take ’em over and clean ’em off. That one did manage to
get a little crack in it, not too bad, oop, there’s still one more. There we go, we’re starting to fill up. There’s a tiny bucket at the bottom so it’s not quite a full bucket just yet. – [Beardsman] Try the Iunio,
let me know how you like it. – So, I’ve been using my shovel that I’ve always been using, and I’ve got the two Iunio shovels
here, and there’s just so much more leverage
with this longer handle. Let me try this one. Wow, even that one too. I don’t know. I think that longer handle makes, what a difference just in that, I don’t know, five inches makes. And this one that comes
with this longer handle, I don’t know what this one is, two and a half feet, something like that. It’s so strong for leverage-wise. It weighs more, but man… That’s our haul, ’bout
2/3s a bucket I’d say. – [Apprentice] Pretty good amount. – [Zachary] Look at ’em all. Man, there’s a lot of
fist sized ones there. – [Apprentice] Yeah, those
are good sized clams. – [Zachary] That’s a fist,
you know, that’s good. All right, we’ll be eating well. – I got it.
– No, wait a second. Hey, don’t make me look wimpy, I got it, the young guy grabs it. Psh, young people, I got it. What, you think I’m that
old I can’t carry a bucket? Let’s get out of here,
let’s go eat some clams. – Will this get strapped on the back? – [Zachary] Yep, strap
it right on the back. Didn’t your mother teach
you guys to wash your dishes before you bring ’em back. (laughs) It’s all dirty. That’s all right, that’s what they’re for. Ah, look at my hands,
look at how red they are. They’re super red because from
the dirt all over your hands on the shovel, probably
should’ve had gloves on. It feels so tender. My poor hands. Now may actually be the perfect time to go pull some sort of a heist since I’ve sanded my fingerprints
off completely. (laughs) How’s your hands feel? – I think I pay more attention
to having my hands clean. Like not touching, you know? – You clean ’em more often. – It’s like sand paper, right? It’s really brutal on your hands. – Yeah, yeah, I’m feeling it. – All right, not too bad. – What doesn’t kill ya,
makes ya stronger, right? – Get some callouses on your hands. – Yeah, get some man hands. Get some man hands up in here. – Get some clammin’ hands. – Clammer’s hands. – (chuckles) Clammer’s hands. – There we go. All the girls, they like the
rough hands, the deep voice. – A clamming man and a lobster man. – And you smell like fish,
that’s the smell of money I hear. The smell of money. – [Apprentice] I love it, yeah. Fishing’s awesome. I got my little, not much, but my little pack that my brother got. – [Beardsman] We’re gonna see if we can actually eat these fish. That’ll be nice. – [Zachary] Malcolm was
busy while we were gone. He got about 10 fish in and realized how darn miserable it is to try to scale these guys, and then you ate one? – Yeah, I ponassed ’em, and I just picked ’em. There’s some meat on there,
there’s a lot of bones though. I just sucked on the meat. Right where the spline is,
you pull the spine out, there’s a lot of meat around the spine. – [Zachary] Yeah, and then there’s all those little bones right? – Yeah, it’s a lot of work
just for very little meat. – [Zachary] All right,
time to test out my new, super duty Olight headlamp. I should be able to see all the way until tomorrow with this headlamp. It’s super, super powerful. And for those of you that are like, oh, why is it black and white, this is so annoying, this is night vision. So you can see it clearly. Let’s watch for instance. Now that’s what it looks like if I put my head lamp on, not too bad, I know. But if we’re doing that to each other and shining the cameras on each other and sharing this whole
experience with you guys it makes it extremely miserable for us. And honestly the majority of
this is about me having fun out in the woods and bringing
you guys along for the ride, so I don’t wanna shine my camera light in Chris’s eyes, and I
certainly don’t want him shining one in my eyes while we’re trying to be out here having fun. So you get the black and
white in the evening shots. But we’ll put the camera on to color and show you the meal before we eat it. Let’s get working on those clams. What, what is this? Who brunt up my spear? That’s my frog gig from
our special moments last year when we went
frog gigging. (chuckles) – Gotta call Grim up, need a new one. – [Zachary] Well now I got
my own custom Grim card, so I guess I don’t really need this one. (laughs) What’d you realize when you got to the other end of it
that you’re burning– – [Malcolm] I see it
poking out of the fire, I’m like who the heck threw
the frog gig in there? – Ah, whoops. Chris is cooking his little
cakes on a fire on a stone. Let’s get the clams going. Nice pile of clams, look at all that. I think all together, we
really only got a peck. Leave some for breakfast. Oh, there we go, they’re open. I’ll take one for the
team and taste test it. Let’s see. Oh my goodness. Oh, that’s so good. That is… – [Apprentice] That’s so good, so good. – They’re so good, Chris. See what we got. Here we go. Chris and Chris are over there, scaling some more fish, so
we can get ’em all on smoke otherwise they’re gonna go
bad, the rest of the alewife. Do it kinda like a traditional main bake. We got an old newspaper here. Throw a pile of clams on top and dig in. Just when I sat to be more comfortable here, it starts to rain. – [Malcolm] Go inside the shelter. – Right, I could, but I got my nice jacket
on here, I’m all good. Whether it rain. Ah, man, are these good. Mm. Mm. They’re not sandy, and
they have so much flavor. – [Malcolm] See you inside the shelter. – All right, I’m gonna
go inside the shelter. It’s starting to rain a bunch. Malcolm’s heading inside my shelter. Take shelter in the shelter. Let’s go in there and finish dinner. Lord, thank you for these clams, and these great wilds of Maine, and playing in outdoors,
in Jesus name, amen. The actual cooked down meat is only the size of half of the shell. I haven’t even put any Woodobo on this. I’m just going straight up
just boiled in the saltwater. Mm. – [Apprentice] I was gonna say, are you feeling anything yet? – [Zachary] If you swallow whole, you’re not gonna get as
much out of it though. Your body’ll– – [Apprentice] If you
would’ve had some fiddleheads with that, man, you
would’ve been full already. – Yeah, we didn’t have enough time to collect any fiddleheads though. Even, like last time,
you guys have to go back if you haven’t seen it yet,
Wilderness Living Challenge Season Four where we were in Canada. Me and the Wooded Beardsman here, we went and got a bear, and
it’s in the playlist below. You can see both of our stories there of our seven day Wilderness
Living Challenge there. – It’s a spoiler for anybody,
they might wanna watch it. – Okay, I’m gonna edit. – Just bleep it. – That was bleeped, so you
don’t know how well it went. Whatever, I’m not even gonna put this in the video ’cause it’s stupid. Everybody’s a bushcrafting genius when they’re on the end of a keyboard. In real life, everybody
fesses right up to it, and they’re like that’s pretty cool, I would love to do that, but I don’t think I could make it for more than 10 hours. – That’s social media for you. – I feel like I should
put an addendum to that. The majority of you
guys that make comments are awesome, I love your
comments and you know that I do because I do my best
to try to answer back. If you actually ask actual questions I’ll say more than just thanks for watching and stuff like that. And thank you guys for watching, and thank you for the nice comments. – On that, when I did the raccoon video I put tags for Guardian
of the Galaxy, (laughs) and that video took off so
hard, man, it was ridiculous. – You think it was because of the tags? – Oh, 100%, 100%, YouTube
got me in trouble for that. – (yawns) Finally in bed. It’s midnight, got the
fire going next to me. Fish up there, smoking away. I put the last of the alewives on. Looks to be about 20 of ’em. Chris and Chris had scaled them. So those will smoke. We still have ’bout half
of the clams that we dug. And we all ate, all four of us ate clams and we’re pretty full. I feel like I could’ve eaten more, but I was full enough
that I felt like stopping and I was getting sick of the
grit more than anything else. So I feel like I’m not
going to bed hungry at all. Just right. Definitely not gonna win the challenge. I did not stuff myself, you know? I burnt, I don’t even
know how many calories digging all those, and all
the other stuff we did today. So having the fish eggs and
fish milt soup for breakfast, two bowls of that, and
then all those clams, I felt really good all day long. I was pretty hungry by the time we got to the clams at 10 o’clock. For me it’s just about the
spirit of the adventure more than anything else. I know I’m gonna lose weight doing this. I don’t have any interest
in overstuffing myself on hard to eat fish and things like that. I just did it to see if I can
learn how to cook these things in a better fashion, catch these
things in a better fashion, that’s what’s important
to me is being productive, catching and cooking, and living and feeling healthy while doing it, and having a great adventure. So a pretty successful day two. Tomorrow we haul our lobster traps, and get up to more adventure. Hopefully we got some lobsters in there, and some crabs, and we’ll
be eating well once again. So I’m gonna go to bed. I’ll see you guys all next time. Day three, thanks for watching. Fowler out. (laughter) I just fell in the hole. Remember golfers, fill in the divots when you leave the
course, it’s just polite.

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