100 thoughts on “Catch And Cook Gopher Day 4 Of 30 Day Survival Challenge Canadian Rockies”

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  2. you're a neophyte, i laughed the hardest when you pulled out the bible. stoop making videos. shut up. here's hoping you get eaten by a bear. stop poisoning my way of life.

  3. Yep Watching every Episode. Very jealous right about no. Except for knowing the work load involved in the sharing with the world part. Good stuff.


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  5. I am watching every episode too but where is episode 5. Also, when is the new Alone show coming out – I watched all the series like twice already.

  6. it would be ideal to put some newspaper balls in your boots then placing those boots on a Y stick under the hammock.. even in this time of early winter.. there is tons of insects wanting to stay cozy warm during night.. and you won't want something getting in your boots..when you wear e'm in the morning. a telescopic blowpipe would be nice.. for point and blow on the fire.. no u won't be blowing a trumpet with that thing.
    Both of you ..stay safe.. stay warm.. GOD BLESS.

  7. So funny! I never thought of the whack-a-mole being gophers!!!
    Also super love what you g.f. did for you with the daily encouragement. That was awesome!
    I am definitely watching every episode!

  8. I'll be sure to watch every episode and maybe you should try Palo Azul Tea it might be hard for you to find but you can find it at some stores here in Texas

  9. Hey Zach,

    So, I was wondering, where or how do you go about finding spots for this kind of a trip? I wanna put together a survival trip for a couple days to a week and I looked on the national park websites and they allow dispersed camping but I'm not entirely sure what they allow for hunting small game and stuff like that. Thanks in advanced.

  10. I stay watching you and the wooded beardsman don't know why I luv just watching nature shows can't leave deer meet for dinner out I know I look at yall three everyday

  11. Oh yeah! 30 day survival challenge with sponsored soap! That happens all the time especially when you’re out in the woods and you’re clean. Haven’t you seen Daryl from the Walking Day use any type of soap? I guess your methods aren’t going to be effective when it comes to dooms day challenge.

  12. Oh man it's so freakin' beautiful out there. I wish I could go and live in a place like that. The plants are so lush and the wild life is right at your front door not 30 minutes away. I'm so jealous!!!

  13. another great Video Zachary. thank you for sharing these adventures with us. i most certainly will be watching all 30 episodes

  14. I ain't missing an episode. Good to see your girlfriend has sentiment for you and the Lord. Put a sling on your rifle, might make it easier to carry, dispatch those goffer cleanly.

  15. Loving watching the whole series…but for all the gophers in the Rockies…please stop using the off key music!!!

  16. few questions. how is the water good enough to drink or cook? also wouldnt throwing the carcuses of ground squirrels into the water there using be a bad thing???

  17. Lewis from Lewis and clark carried a french Pump air rifle on his trip to the pacific , it was so expensive to make no armies used them even tho it was multi shot and powerful

  18. Love your channel! The 30 day survival challenge in Texas was awesome! Im more of a mountains fan so this is top notch!!! Im watching every episode!

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