Catch and cook, survival in the tropical rainforest, ep 70

Catch and cook, survival in the tropical rainforest, ep 70

Tropical rain causes a lot of troubles but the group of animals preferring humid environments doesn’t think so A fishing rod for catching crabs Earthworm is an ideal prey for crabs Its size is a bit small A small voracious crab and a fish An adult crab Need to be careful because it has very strong claws Today we will have grilled crabs A strange fruit It’s probably that something is eating on the shelter roof Squirrels… they run very fast This fruit has an unpleasant taste It’s perfect to have grilled taros too Cooked taros have a slight smell A little bit hot but very delicious Crunchy crab Good smell and taste Crab is fatty It means that they have already prepared well for a long winter

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  1. Winter is almost here, perhaps a new shelter may be needed as the temperatures can drop to ~42 degrees F at night. Feeling nervous in a tropical forest …
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  3. You can probably find some salt ….I mean like water salt…Out there and I always use to comment you to make a warmer bed so the next time you make a new house make sure that you make a warmer bed

  4. Think it's time for you to take us to another new fresh unexplored forest where you can find lots of survival instinct 😊😊

  5. Within a few minutes the crab is resting at a 45° angle in the bottom, with only antennae, the tips of its eye stalks, and small breathing channels visible in the mud. Crabs DO NOT HIBERNATE, rather they lie dormant for the long winter (usually from November through May.)

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  7. Looks freaking awesome! Wish I was there! was wondering if you have a video about finding dry fire material, starting a fire and keeping a fire going in a wet rain forest type environment. I live in the desert lol so all that isn't much of a challenge here. But that's a skill I would like very much to learn.

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