Catch n Cook 🔥 Mud Crabs 🦀 with Barramundi Fishing EP.345

Catch n Cook 🔥 Mud Crabs 🦀 with Barramundi Fishing EP.345

Hello everyone, Andy here, in a creek in Queensland. I will try to catch my lunch today. I have some crab pots to use. I will show you what lure I am using and why. Many people ask me to do this. It is better to show you while I fish. First I will drop the crab pots in. Leave them for 3 to 4 hours. Maybe cook up a crab or a fish later. I really want to catch and cook today. I am using Barracuda for bait. Defrost the bait first. I have 2 types of crab pot. Brett from Gladstone sent me the small pot. I will space the crabpots 100 meters apart. Hopefully the crabs will find the bait. In the water. I will start with 2 reels set up. Sienna 2500 reel and Samaki Zing rod. A samaki boom bait as soft plastic. This one is the Finnor Rampage 3000 reel on an omen green rod. This lure is the 15A Bomber. Cait from South Australia sent me this lure, thank you Cait. I am using this lure as the current is very strong. I want a lot of noise to attract the fish. This is how I am working the lure. Twitch and wind, twitch and wind. Lots of time for a fish to bite the lure. Right along the mangrove here. Yes…. That is a legal Barramundi for sure. I do want to take some fish home too. Barramundi season closes very soon. Closed from 1 Nov – 1 Feb There we go caught him. That is a good sized Barra. Yes, 65cm Barramundi. Oh, yes another nice Barra. He ate that fast. I have a second keeper. I am fishing a heavy drag. Just a small branch off the side. They get stuck on these lures well. I missed many fish on the single hook plastic lure. Yes, that’s a keeper. Great. Always use pliers, these fish can be dangerous. A big fish this one. I may use that lure again. First cut off this worn line. They can wear through the line. Do it now, before I need it. Change to the Samaki Zing and Boom bait. I can fish this into the roots. It has a weedless hook. Much more enjoyable fishing. Skip it under here. Bounce off the tree and let it sink for a bit. I am fishing the plastic vertically. Cover all of the snag. Cast at the small sticks too. Yes, a nice Barra hit. Yep, got him. It’s a Bream. Good sized bream. I might keep this one too. Beautiful looking Bream. Oh, Barramundi, nice. Nice jumping fish. Nice little fish, very silver. Let the fish go right here. There are crocodiles in here. Cast against the structure. That could be a Mangrove Jack. Oh, no, it’s a Cod. Barra and then a Cod. Off you go fish. Have some lunch, tin of tuna. A hard boiled egg. And a Banana! I am hoping for a crab still. Looks like we have a crab. That looks like a big male from here. Yes, a legal sized male. How to get it out? I will drop the crab in the boat. Tap the pot and crab will walk out. Out you go. Nice mud crab They can’t bit on top, but they can underneath. He feels pretty full. A quick measurement. 16cm across, 1cm over. I will show you how to cook the crab soon. On a fire, very tasty. On ice crabs go to sleep. Oh, a good one. Right near that log. More tasty Barramundi for me. The hooks hold well. He is rubbing on the bottom. We have the fish. Another good fish. I like to keep Barra. They reproduce very fast. They can double their population in 4 years. This fish is only 3 or 4 years old. They can grow 3kg per year in good times. This Barra is 4 to 5 kilos. I will have dinner now. Find a spot to make a fire. And show you how to cook mud crab. Good spot here. I have a crab and a lighter. Not easy making fire in this wind. Third try maybe. Some little sticks. Come on fire, come on. Keep the fire going and in 10 minutes I will have coals. We want gentle coals. Fire is burning nice. The crab is ready for cooking. I wanted to catch 2 crabs. This is a basic way to cook crab. I need another crab to show you how to cook it gourmet style. Waiting for the fire to burn down. Sun is still up, I will get home before dark. Then I have to clean fish. I have heard 2o min to cook crab. 10 Minutes maximum to cook crab well. Don’t cook it for 20 minutes. That looks like nice coals. Thor the crab in upside down and claws to the fire. When it is red all over it’s done. We will eat the legs first. Then the nipper, and then body of the crab. Already going red. 3 or 4 minutes in and it’s almost done. I put some coals on the crabs stomach. Most of the meat is inside the shell. The twitching is just nerves, he is very dead. I pulled the legs off 5 minutes in. 4 minutes actually, they are done. I will eat the legs now. Looks tasty. To get into the legs. Break it in the middle. Not much in here. I will use the leg to extract the meat from the legs. No hint of smoke. The crab looks cooked. Here is a nice bit. The meat is cooke and tasty. I have forgotten my tripod. A little smoke flavour there. Lets lift the crab out. A little bit over cooked. Nice chunk of meat, very nice. I eat every little piece. Wait for the nippers to cool down. The nippers are still hot. Most of the nipper. A little over cooked. Mmmm, super sweet. So good to eat. A hint of smoke. The shell protects the crab from burning. The wind made the fire too hot. Thanks for watching. One crab is a good meal for me.

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  1. I don't like seafood but I love watching people catch fish and crabs. I like going fishing too I am the fisherman in my family

  2. Good work mate! Just wondering where you mount the camera while you're fishing. The camera seems to film from just beside your cheek. How do you get that angle and is there a special mount or harness for that?

  3. I have to say your a very respectable fishermen Ik a lot of people who would keep undersized fish if they were in a remote area. But I have to say it's amazing how much fish diversity their is in one small area down where you are.

  4. As soon as you said comment if your mouth Is watering, LOL. Mine started too. Yum. Enjoying your videos 🙂

  5. Epic video brother awesome content very entertaining 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥❤️❤️❤️🙏🙏🙏🙏!!!

  6. carry some paperbark with you Andy and you always have good tinder to light your fires mate it's what I use all the time

  7. I love the blatant disregard for superstition by bringing a banana on the boat. Here in the States they take that seriously, NO BANANAS! I dont believe in that stuff personally….glad to see you dont either lol. Great channel, keep it up!

  8. I like Australia even I' ve been never before in there just because we like fishing 🙂 thank you for your beautiful efforts.

  9. Fish are fish but fish fish are not fish they're fish fish
    Others vids are vids But your vids are crazy good vids

    Im sorry this was random

  10. my battery is at 5% and i know i should go get it charged bfore anything else..but man i just cant stop watching you eat dat crab 😅

  11. First time i seen comments like this 🙄 . Everyone I watch so far have been great nice and simple and in reach of the average Joe not like some other shows over commercialised with expensive fishing lodges and top shelf gear.They have got me off my ass and stared exploring my home waterways although heavily fished I have be able to find some forgotten or overlooked gems and over the last few weeks had some great fishing . Thanks . I don't care if you speak jiberish🙂

  12. I stopped watching u for a while idk y, but I’ve seen another vid and I’m back in love with ur vids mate

  13. If your cooking on coals or grilling over it. The only thing you really should consider is the wood your cooking with. So I suggest talking to the locals that are indigenous to the area when it comes to their tucker. No offence mate. But I wouldn't use those washed up bits and pieces you did.

  14. With crab and crayfish in Southern Africa, i rather undercook. Then crack the shell and the meat slides off. If you want, you put those pieces straight back onto the fire or coals for 30 seconds and they are done. No picking fiddly bits…

  15. Where do you usually go to have a fire on the beach? Would that be typically illegal or are you on a secluded beach where its allowed?

  16. my mouth is watering, ur videos are amazing. it would mean the world to me if u could reply to my comment xx

  17. Brother, cut off the crabs head. I'm an angler too, I found ya thru Rokkit, and I love his channel because he puts his catch out of its misery almost immediately, but I can tell ya that throwing them on the fire or in a pot of boiling water is basically torture, they aren't "asleep" when they get cold, they're just in torpor, which means it's very much awake and can feel everything. A quick cut of the head and it dies instantly instead of cooking alive for a few minutes. I know i'm gonna get keyboard warriors telling me shit like "who cares it's just a crab/fish?", and I can tell ya right off that I don't give a shit about your borderline psycho/sociopathic opinion, I was raised to respect the animals who's life I am taking to sustain my own, and that includes a swift painless death.

  18. I love the videos you put up hopefully obe day i can be ss good as you at fishing and have video's like yours 👍

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