100 thoughts on “Catch n’ Cook BIG, FAT Tilapia!”

  1. There are few fish as tasty as a wild caught Tilapia! The farm raised stuff we see from Asia sold here in the USA is basically poisonous garbage……I would love to get some wild caught…so jealous!

  2. I wish I liked fish lol id love to do this but for some reason I just can eat fish… or anything out of water for that matter

  3. Very common fish u could find in Philippines and the cheapest too we cook it with bones just removing the scales and guts normally fried with salt and pepper or steam with salt pepper,ginger, tomato,garlic and vinegar with little bit of water

  4. I’ve only been watching for a few minutes and I love his happy spirit. It’s actually lifting my mood right now.

  5. as a brazilian Rio dr janeiro is very very dangerous in some parts of it.

    Also as a brazilian the prices of dollars are like 5 – 4,95 reais iquals 1 dollar.

  6. i can really get behind someone who asks for blessing for the food provided by the earth or god which ever you prefer

  7. In Brazil they have huge Tilapias, it is amazing to catch them
    God bless u bro, keep going to Brazil because it is a blessed country

  8. Ace Video! – I'm from Australia, So just wondering what state, and location in the US; this and other videos were shot… I have subbed and will watch more, So will probably find out more by osmosis. Great Channel and Attitude! Live with Passion!

  9. Some beautiful fish, and that Tilapia is wonderful to eat..especially fresh out of the water. One thing though, when you fillet it, do a ( curve around that front fin..you left a lot of meat there to waste, just do a curve around it ( then follow the steps as laid out. On bigger fish like that we will usually do the rib bones while it's still connected to the skin, just to give you a bigger holding surface, but it's the same.

  10. You should have brought a giant frying pan
    I think you can catch most turtles but turtles are like frogs or crabs not a ton of meat mostly in the legs I have seen turtle stew

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