100 thoughts on “Catch n’ Cook Big NASTY Moray EEL!”

  1. I no I’m about 5 mounts late commenting but I’ve been a sub for a while and I swear u really got me into catch clean cooks I’m 14 and I tried it and i love it thx for great content 👍🏼

  2. Eel taste delicious when cooked right. Lol man you gotta get some seafood hot on the grill and not be afraid to cook it until it changes texture.

  3. Could you do a video or a series of videos explaining line choice I.e. color , test, best way to install new line maybe touch on some reels for the average everyday blue collar fisherman ? Maybe some favorite tie on knots , strongest weakest , cover a variety of fish not just one single kind . I’m a new sub just subbed 4 days ago and have binged lots of episodes love catch and cook , would love more cook offs between you and Micah (also just subbed to his channel ) I hope you see this comment and take some of these ideas into consideration for all of us viewers!!

  4. I used to catch and morays in Tripoli. They were best eating around three feet long.
    Got thrm with spear gun. Theycan tie themselves in a knot, pull their head thru & be of the spear!

  5. 4:23

    Just needs some editing, and that photo would be GREAT!

    Loooks soooo cool to see the eel peek his head out at the bait and open his mouth

  6. I’ve to admit this, mooray eels are one of my favorite saltwater fishes, I caught lots of them when I was child , and, now that I am 16, I got a better skill in unhooking them and searching them

  7. Wow , that looks like so much fun. Never been out to Hawaii . Maybe one day. Keep up the videos brother . They get better and better . I know it’s been awhile but would love a necklace. Do You make them or get them when u go to the island ? . Would love one even if I had to buy one . Lol. Hope your week is goin well.

  8. moray eel song at catalina: if its shiny and greeny and looks kinda meanie, its a moray, (eel!)
    you stick your hand in a crack and you dont get it back its a moray..(eel!)

  9. I love this dude, no homo. I would love to go fishing with you. I love fishing and to be fishing for a career is a dream for me.

  10. Eel can taste amazing if you know how to prepare it. It’s actually my favorite seafood. Eel sushi is bomb.
    Maybe try smoking it sometime!

  11. Great video man. Reminds me of trying to catch a massive green moray eel in the Caribbean when we were 12. Kept losing line and bending our hooks! Such a great fish!

  12. Hey @Acevideos Try frying the eal after boiling like you did with your 4th octopus video. I realize this posted in Feb and It's almost October. I found with Unagi wich is Eel in Japanese, is often fried and cooked since eating raw eel is dangerous. Unagi to me is like a steak of the sea. If you have fried it what did it taste like? I live in the dessert so fishing is non existent here. Have any fishing tutorials for noobs? I found your information to be absolutely helpful. Having a blessed and amazig day!

  13. I shared and commented and I just want to say your an amazing YouTuber and I love your videos and I have learned so much from them! 😁😁

  14. I love eel! There’s an Asian way of barbecueing them! I think it’s Japanese, but I could be wrong. I love the taste in sushi.

  15. I like Unagi, but I have never tried Moray Eel….. thanks to you and your Dad, I don’t have / want to!!!! Thanks Ace!

  16. I’m from Hawaii and when u go fishing in Hawaii there’s plenty of eel and there hard to fight, and also we don’t eat eel.

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