Catch Water duck by hand in forest – Catch N Cook

Catch Water duck by hand in forest – Catch N Cook

no manners **coughs** Fetching some freshwater mussels to eat from the riverbed. Spotted a river duck! Grabbing branches to use for cover. Swim gently towards them moving slowly and silently. Once you are close you can judge where they are and dive under to swim to them. And grab them for dinner! The duck is killed by breaking the neck quickly to limit pain. Then you can pluck it. Light a fire and put the bird on a spit for roasting. You should cut and remove the innards first. Holding the duck in the flames first will make the skin crispy. Keep it moving to cook it evenly. The fresh water mussels are cooked at the bottom edge of the fire where it is very hot. The duck is then cooked slowly above the fire to cook the meat inside.

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  1. Matar un pato para sobrevivir está bien , pero su modo de comer muy salvaje párese unos animales, zerro higiene , menos educación ni respeto por el animal. Unos salvajes

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  3. What if these fools were actually just Beautiful Mind homeless people grabbin fucking ducks from behind your local Walmart.

  4. 1:37 the duck is like.. "..are… are they pointing at me? Should I wave back? Oh god… I hope these are nice people"

  5. Essa nova geração é muito escrota. Acham que carne é fabricada no mercado. Que ela nasce pronta dentro de uma mandeja -.-'

  6. Pille a los niños chancho pero ya no hacen uhuhuhuhuhu y ya mejoraron sus modales que cambio bien me alegro esto funcionó

  7. Asesinan animales .Que contradiccion y les construyen sus casas.Que pena parecían muy bueno para ser realidad. ES PSICOPATA hacerles su casas y después cogen un pato lo matan y se lo comen. sI QUE SON MUY PRIMTIVOS. ojala algun dia dejen de hacerlo. teniendo tanto vegetales y frutas. QUE DECEPCION.

  8. Damn these guys are smart getting the duck like that. Donald duck was tripping bout these two brothers.

  9. It is currently 2:33 AM.

    I should be asleep right now but I’m tired as shit while watching this.

  10. I thought all they did was build pools and houses and then go hiking me after but they really be livin in the caveman times damn

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