Catching and Cooking King Crab – Gordon Ramsay

Catching and Cooking King Crab – Gordon Ramsay

They’re big, they’re ugly, and they’re coming to get us. It’s the invasion, of the monster King Crab. King Crab is the largest crustacean in the world, And they’re heading for Britain. GORDON: Norway has a massive problem with these huge, giant King Crabs. They’re just breeding, and breeding, and breeding, reducing the fish stocks, and causing a huge problem. All the King Crab that come to England are frozen, so I’m now going to catch one, kill one, and see what it actually tastes like fresh from the sea. VOICEOVER: Two flights and eight hours later, I land in (INAUDIBLE). Where I met my local crab hunter, Lars Petter Oy.
(Sorry if I misspelled your name) LARS: Welcome.
GORDON: Thank you, I’m very happy to be here. I’ve never been this far up. (WHISPERS) It’s f***ing freezing here.
(LAUGHS) There’s only one way to get around in Norwegian Lapland, And it’s not by car… (ENGINE REVS) We’re heading over the mountains, and down to the frozen fjord, which is where the crabs hang out. GORDON: Woo-hoo! GORDON: Excellent. Unbelievable.
LARS: You feel like a child again. GORDON: Yeah, that was extraordinary!
LARS: This is Anton. GORDON: Anton, how are you? Good to see you. (DRILLING) 50,000 crabs live under this ice, and if we want to catch one, we’re going to have to dive down beneath it. LARS: Have you ever tried ice diving?
GORDON: I’ve never been ice diving. I’ve done lots of diving, but… LARS: It’s a special kind of diving, and you need some special skills, but– We will try it now. GORDON: Don’t make the hole too small. I want to get out easy, just in case those f***ing things are huge. GORDON: Will we stay completely dry?
LARS: Hopefully, yeah. GORDON: I’ve never dived in a dry suit before. (WHISPERS) Bloody hell, shit. Oh f***. (LAUGHS) That’s one leg. Shh, god! I don’t think there’s any water getting in there, is there? I feel like a big, f***ing condom!
LARS: At least you are very safe. GORDON: Gor! Bloody hell. That’s hard work, that. Huh? VOICEOVER: Ice diving can be extremely dangerous, as it is so easy to become disorientated in the freezing dark water. I’m shitting myself. (BLOWS ON RE-BREATHER) LARS: When you fetch a crab, you should just grab one of their legs. The claws are very strong, so they can snap your finger, or even– more– GORDON: So if I’m swimming over one, watch out for my widger. Should be cold down there, I don’t want it snapped off.
(LAUGHING) Okay… F*** me, it’s freezing! (LAUGHING) Shit! My f***ing boots. Whew! VOICEOVER: We could get hypothermia if we stay down here too long. So we’ve got to be quick, but that’s easier said than done. I can see the crabs, but I cant’ see the surface. These freakish beasts grow up to six feet wide, and have no natural predators. So it’s down to us to bring their invasion under control. GORDON: God! Ah! God Almighty! A lot harder than I thought it would be. Look at the size of the thing! And look at that! Beautiful! (KISSES) My balls feel like two big, f***ing ice cubes. VOICEOVER: Lars has shown me how to catch a giant crab. Now I’m going to show him a new way to eat it. But first, I’ve got to kill it. LARS: Then its dead. (INAUDIBLE) We cut off the legs and boil them in seawater for 15 minutes, discarding the body, which isn’t that good to eat. GORDON: Because the quality of the King Crab is so delicious, it doesn’t need much more. So I’m just going to do something very simple with creme fresh mayonnaise, and some tarragon, and some lime, okay? I’m making the sauce by mixing equal amounts of mayonnaise and creme fresh, with some lime zest, salt and pepper, roughly chopped tarragon, and freshly squeezed lime juice. Delicious. GORDON: Nice. Lovely. LARS: You can try to break the main joint here, and if you’re lucky– GORDON: You’ll keep it whole,
LARS: The meat will come out like this. GORDON: Lovely. It’s the size of a lobster tail, isn’t it? Now look at that. That, smells and looks amazing. This… is what I’ve been waiting for. GORDON: Beautiful! Mmm. That’s delicious. My god. LARS: I actually now think, I prefer it to lobster. GORDON: It’s so much softer, and sweeter. GORDON: Is there any more? Or do I have to go back down, and get another one? LARS: (LAUGHING) You have to go back down. GORDON: F***ing hell…

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  1. Imagine while they caught the crab and were eating it they looked at the hole and saw an army of those crabs coming right for them to get revenge lmao

  2. Crustaceans in the north are very good. They grow slower and more sweet.
    Had the best langoustines ever in the Faroe Islands. 😀
    Even a star cheff from Denmark said that the Faroes langoustines are the best he ever had.

  3. I have taken a buck, and a moose, but for some reason I couldn't watch Gordon kill a frikin' crab! Maybe because you're up close and personal vs looking through a scope and pulling the trigger at rest like I've done.

  4. *Before Cathing*:
    Gordon: They Are Big They Are Ugly And They Are Crabs

    After Cathing

    ME: :O

  5. They need to look into safely introducing new natural predators into the environment, animals that can live and adapt and hunt the crabs in this new habitat.

  6. Am I the only diver who thinks first drysuit dive and first ice dive should not be at the same time—especially while also hunting?

  7. i s there more? or do i have to go back down to get another one?
    other guy: yea you would have to go back down..
    ramsay: foking hell

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