61 thoughts on “Cauliflower Wings | 3 Easy Baked Recipes”

  1. I love this dish. So tasty when I made it last week. I want you to talk a bit louder or cut the music while you are talking haha 🙂 Great camera angles

  2. A friend had mentioned these before and then I saw a couple videos making these as well. They look like they turned out great.

  3. Finally a (somewhat) vegan recipe! I just wish the sauces could have been vegan too, but I will still share this with my vegan friends!

  4. Nice video! I've made these before but they always became mushy after coating in the sauce… I never thought of adding them back into the oven to maintain crispness

  5. looks awesome! will try this weekend, probably going to try tapioca starch and coconut flour instead of cornstarch/APf flour

  6. I just made these with only the Buffalo sauce and they were good! I was afraid my dad wouldn't like them but he was taken aback by how delicious they turned out. next time I will make the honey garlic

  7. Love this idea!!!! I shall put this on my bucketlist…. and Frank's hot sauce should definitely pay you for the plug. Thanks as always for the food inspiration!

  8. Fish sauce isn't vegetarian like the description says, just a warning to anyone that's going to make this. It's fermented salted fish extract.

  9. Delicious! Just made the honey garlic and buffalo for the family. Next time need to make more batter/sauce… Thanks Marlon!

  10. My son loves chicken and I try to be as vegan as possible. Would it work if I put chicken on his half of the tray and cauliflower on my half?

  11. get rid of that horrible music.  Move the mic closer to you. Show more of your body – short sleeve shirt, V-neck…

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  13. Hi…Found your channel and tried these yesterday…Awesome! But how long did you leave the cauliflower in the oven after applying sauces? Your final cauliflower wings looked crispy. I did another 5 minutes, but they still didn't come out crispy enough for me following the sauce add. I'm sure I'll fine tune it over time, but I suspect it's something you've already perfected. Thanks.

  14. Ugh I had replied to pretty much all comments, but when making a change to my Google Plus account it switched it over and I lost all of them! Thanks for all the support! Check out some more videos! Vegetarian Recipes: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLKt7-6KeYU8xeGAMC6KZHFT839Kpkj2El

  15. all the sauce recipies look good! I'll actually try these types of cauliflower wings. What brand of honey is that?😁😊😎

  16. 3:12 in the morning binge-watching Marlon Doll… A man that can cook that's so Hott😍 new subscriber…

  17. Wow looks as good as you say and In solo hungry my friend sent me this recipe I love Thai Eggplant Tofu would like to have it everyday for lunch and dinner It's good for breakfast too. 💘 love you thank you.

  18. Awww maaan… cant have cornstarch or flour.. I have to use spelt or garbanzo bean flour. Probably wont be the same huh?

  19. Was way too much hot sauce for me that way, wasn't the heat, it was the salt x.x I just tried it again today with less sauce, they're awesooooome

  20. Please call it what it is not what they may think it is ….theirs no such thing of cauliflower wings only just cauliflower covered in sauce

  21. DONT BE A SOY BOY! Drinking or eating copious amounts of soy products is bad for men! Lowers testosterone and sperm count. Don’t believe me look it up. It’s serious.

  22. Love your stuff but we had to stop watching because your background music is loader than your voice and really stressful. Can you send turn off the music or change it to like relaxing classical.

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