31 thoughts on “CBS 3’s Nicole Brewer Bids Farewelll”

  1. Saw her behave like a vile mean girl to Carol… On multiple occasions. Very unprofessional. Makes her go from attractive to ugly in no time flat. Not a fan of Nicole after seeing that.

  2. Carol Ericson was a jealous dried up dish rag!!! Nicole was a sweetheart. People that make negative comments are fat and or ugly and can't stop shoving food down there throats… Nicole stuck up for herself when the old hag keep putting her down.
    Well, Nicole's gone, Miesha's gone,,, I hope there's an earth quake , the ground opens, and CBS 3 falls into it,,, because there's no reason to watch anymore.
    Nicole and Miesha,,, what ever you do, I wish you and your families well.

  3. Your a brat nicole brewer and still are. You don't even have anything new on your Facebook since June. Guess you got the memo and crawled back into your damn hole.

  4. So where ya going?? To be a cunt to someone else? I’m thinking carol bangin daddy and Nicole and her mommy don’t like it… gotta be something personal there, you don’t joke like that to a friend, that’s way not joking

  5. This dynamic that Nicole and Carol had was a producer's dream. Honestly doubting the authenticity of their "beef". Could've been fabricated for ratings, just sayin'…

  6. I don't know how she stayed that long after being unprofessional with the weather girl. Shame on you CBS Philly shame on you.

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