Celebrity Chefs Who Completely Lost It On Camera

It may be confusing how some food service
professionals became rock stars just by knowing what goes in a Hollandaise sauce, but the
fact remains that celebrity chefs aren’t going away anytime soon. These culinary pros generally seem to keep
their cool in stressful cooking situations, but sometimes, well, the lid on the pressure
cooker blows. Strap in for some of the craziest celebrity
chef outbursts. Gordon Ramsay As the undisputed champion of culinary conniptions,
let’s start with Gordon Ramsay, the star chef and hot-tempered Brit who has become a reality
TV sensation with his shows Kitchen Nightmares, Hell’s Kitchen, and Masterchef. We could make lists for days about Ramsay’s
explosions, but in one particularly cringe-worthy episode of Kitchen Nightmares, Ramsay eviscerates
the entire menu of Joe Nagy’s Mill Street Bistro in Norwalk, Ohio. Nagy didn’t back down, which resulted in quite
a confrontation before Ramsey stormed out of the bistro. “When you have the arrogance to stand in front
of me and charge your locals $35 f—ing dollars for entrees that are inedible, have a look
at yourself!” Robert Irvine On his show, Restaurant: Impossible, Chef
Robert Irvine generally takes a gentler approach than Ramsey when confronting restaurant owners,
but one owner sent him over the edge. “I don’t think I get this good a food at other
places…” “HAHAHAHAH!” And when the offended restaurant owner, Tommy,
says… “I’ll whip his ass!” …Irvine, who was already annoyed by Tommy’s
inability to recognize that his squash casserole was sub-par, comes storming back into the
kitchen. “Yeah, you wanna hit me right?” “Yeah, I do!” “You do? It’d be the biggest mistake of your life!” Guy Fieri This confrontation didn’t take place in a
kitchen, or even in a restaurant. But it did involve Diners, Drive-ins, and
Dives host Guy Fieri, so it counts. In October 2013, Fieri was caught by TMZ kicking
and shoving his long-time hairdresser out of an SUV at San Francisco International Airport. “You’re a f—in dickhead!” “F— you!” “F— you!” “F— you!” A rep for Fieri shrugged the whole incident
off to TMZ, saying, “A bunch of guys were messing around. Things got a little out of hand, but they’re
all good now.” Other sources said Fieri and his crew had
been drinking, and that the whole thing was just, quote, “dudes being dudes.” Apparently, most dudes just want to travel
around and brawl with their hair dressers. Joe Bastianich Restaurateur Joe Bastianich may not be as
much of a household name, but to Masterchef audiences, his steely attitude and infamous
trash can certainly are. In a particularly memorable scene, Bastianich
goes in hard on contestant Howard after he presents a pasta dish to Bastianich’s mother,
who was a guest judge for the episode. Needless to say, Mom wasn’t feeling the pasta. Neither was Joe, who apparently took the opportunity
to air several other grievances he had with Howard. “The only thing worse than a cook who can’t
boil is a narcissist in full denial. Thank you for nothing.” In a subsequent blog for People, Joe hadn’t
cooled off even slightly. He said Howard’s dish “reeked of arrogance,”
adding, “At this point in the competition [Howard]
has exhausted my patience.” “To misconstrue so badly a beloved Italian
classic for a chef considered to be the matriarch of Italian food in America was totally unnecessary.” Scott Conant Chopped judge Scott Conant’s infamous red
onion tizzy wasn’t so much of an outburst as it was an uncomfortable seething of ice
cold anger aimed at an aspiring young chef who simply could not let go of the tangy vegetable. At first, Conant politely warned contestant
Joshua, “I have a real aversion to raw onion. Don’t go too far.” But Joshua decided to add raw red onions to
an arugula salad anyway, and Conant told him, “I don’t understand why the onions are there
after we told you, especially myself I don’t like raw onions, and you used them in the
first course already.” “Yet they’re here. And I taste them. And it kinda makes me angry.” “If you’re not going to listen to me, I’ll
just stop talking.” Anyone want to take a guess as to whether
or not Joshua eventually got chopped? Spoiler: he did. Buddy Valastro You can admit it. There’s always a moment while watching Cake
Boss when you kind of want them to drop one of those gigantic mountains of sugar-madness
on the floor. Well, this episode goes one step further. “No problem.” “Danny… !” “Danny!” When the Cake Boss himself, Buddy Valastro,
gets called in, he’s….less than thrilled. “What did youse do?” “It was f—ing Danny’s fault!” “This is for TODAY!” Time for the entire crew to immediately start
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