Celebrity Chefs Who Don’t Eat Their Own Cooking

Celebrity Chefs Who Don’t Eat Their Own Cooking

Most celebrity chefs can’t stand at least
one food that they have to use in their recipes. Despite hating ingredients like bananas, eggs,
and coconut, sometimes these culinary experts have to put on a smile and show off these
foods to their fans. Here are some celeb chefs who refuse to eat
what they cook. There are a few foods Martha Stewart has been
vocal about disliking, including the ever popular grilled chicken breast. She told Today that it’s not her style, saying, “I would never have a salad with grilled chicken
at my house.” You can’t exactly be a lifestyle guru without
showing your fans how to make grilled chicken salads, though, and she has more than a few
versions on her site. Chicken isn’t the only ingredient that Stewart
dislikes. According to Today, she called truffle oil
“a hideous thing.” Despite her hatred, Stewart features a roasted
mushrooms recipe with truffle oil on her weddings website, and she once made herb and truffle
oil popcorn on her show — but she didn’t even try any at the end. It’s rumored that Food Network star Giada
De Laurentiis doesn’t actually eat anything she cooks. According to Page Six, the celebrity chef
allegedly keeps her thin appearance by spitting food out into a dump bucket after filming. Her rep denies the rumor, but there are a
few ingredients she can’t stand. She told People, “No green peppers will ever be found in any
of my recipes.” That might be true, but it’s not the case
for her second most hated ingredient: coconut. “For the record, I was never a big coconut
fan. Ever. My whole life.” But she has made a few coconut recipes over
the years, including a chocolate coconut cake, a Thai-style curry made with coconut milk,
and a weird one for Halloween called coconut bones. Many airlines have partnered with first-class
chefs to step up their in-flight offerings, but one of their culinary consultants refuses
to eat the food he designed. In an interview with Refinery29, celebrity
chef Gordon Ramsay admitted, “There’s no f—ing way I eat on planes. I worked for airlines for 10 years, so I know
where this food’s been and where it goes, and how long it took before it got on board.” His claim that airplane food is questionable
actually carries weight. In an interview with Fortune, one former LSG
Sky Chefs planning manager admitted that most food is brought in frozen. Once you account for the storage and thawing
time, the food might be two or three days old before it hits your fold-down seat table. Ramsay might have consulted with Singapore
Airlines for a decade to improve the food, but that doesn’t mean he’s going to eat it. It’s been well-documented that celebrity chef
Guy Fieri hates eggs. It’s almost hard to watch the episode of Diners,
Drive-Ins and Dives where Andrew Zimmern tries to make him eat a pizza with sunny-side-up
eggs. “If that isn’t heaven, I don’t know what is…
we definitely celebrate different gods.” He’s not quite so disgusted when he shares
his recipe for Loco Moco on Guy’s Big Bite. Still, it’s doubtful this is the recipe he
actually makes at home. He plates the Loco Moco, complete with two
sunny-side-up eggs, but when he digs into the dish, you never see him break the yolks,
and he never touches a bite with egg. You’ll also find quite a few egg items on
his restaurant menus. One of the smokehouse specialties at Guy Fieri’s
Smokehouse Louisville includes a sunny-side-topped grilled bone-in ribeye, and there are a whole
lotta eggy breakfasts at Guy’s Sammitch Joint. The Pioneer Woman is her known for her open,
honest, down-to-earth demeanor. She doesn’t hold back, including when it comes
to her least favorite food — bananas. In an interview with Today, she confessed
that she won’t go near, quote, “anything involving bananas,” but that doesn’t mean she won’t
cook them for her fans. As of July 2019, there are two banana recipes
written by Drummond on The Pioneer Woman website: her mother’s banana bread and a hilarious
recipe for bananas Foster. In true Pioneer Woman style, Drummond peppers
her hatred for the fruit into every possible moment of the recipe. At one point, she advises readers to cut the
banana inside the peel so you don’t have to touch it with your hands, saying, “The evil might melt your fingertips!” Check out one of our newest videos right here! Plus, even more Mashed videos about your favorite
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89 thoughts on “Celebrity Chefs Who Don’t Eat Their Own Cooking”

  1. Title is a bit misleading. It’s not that they don’t eat their own cooking but that they don’t eat certain recipes that they serve to customers at their restaurant. Title makes you think they will only eat from another cook.

  2. She's right about truffle oil. It smells like gasoline and is probably made from something similar. It's an artificial flavor.

  3. Well! I just like Guy! I don’t like eating eggs either! But, Truffles and Chicken Breast are some of my favorites healthy foods!

  4. That picture of pioneer woman you guys picked for this is awful did you guys actually go through and try to pick the worst pic what’s that across her face I don’t understand. I love her show and her cooking she is awesome so that picture on the cover does no justice you guys need to fix that

  5. Title is a bit misleading, how does gordon ramsay not eating airplane food have to do with eating his own food??

  6. I have a egg phobia, ever since I crack one open and a developing bird was in( beak, forming feathers) it. Messes me up till this day.
    Bananas use to be a go, until I worked at Dairt Queen. The bananas would go from slight green to black within a day. The smell of decaying will bring you to your knees.

  7. I wont eat eggs except in mayo but i do fix them for my family on request. I wont sit at th table wh them while they are eating them 😨😨🐣🐣

  8. Lol @ Guy Fieri 's "we definitely celebrate different gods" comment. I don't blame Martha Stewart for not being into truffles. Never really understood the buzz about them.

  9. I can't put a Banana in my mouth but only CAVENDISH Bananas I won't eat. Other Bananas taste good If you know what I mean

  10. This is stupid…all chefs really don’t eat their food. Why would u eat ur daily job? We sell food to people who will buy it. It’s a business. When I don’t work…I eat food I can’t make.

  11. Most of the recipes are trash. Especially food Network. I like the cooks on the create channel but some of what they make I would eat either. Who the hell is going to eat rare damn meat.

  12. Yeah, no. Gordon is exempt from this. He just consulted, he never actually cooked the food like the first two people.

  13. These people are so fucking stupid and dumb!! If they dont like some of those ingredients, then don’t cook them and telling others their recipe!! Fucking pisses me off!!!!! Hypocrite at its highest level!!!!

  14. This isn't much of a surprise that they may not eat certain recipies they create. Just because they don't like a certain food doesn't mean they won't cook with it so OTHER people can enjoy it. Being a chef and cooking with ingredients that only YOU like (or refusing to use ingridients you don't,) seems like a sure way to kill your restaraunt.

  15. She probably got teased about sucking dick when her mother packed a banana in her lunch box. All boys tease girls about bananas and hotdogs. When they’re eating them. I call ptsd lol

  16. I love bananas i don't eat eggs when the yolk is not cooked all the way. I also love coconut. I don't know anything about truffle cause I've never had it.

  17. If you wont eat what you serve you are Not a chef. I would never serve something I wouldnt eat and true culinarians would agree

  18. Besides the Frozen nature, airplane (or any food) food is destined to be bad since the characteristics of an airplane interior on flight Is extra dry and cold, neutering Smell and a big part of taste.

  19. first glance = what!? later … I do understand that everyone has their own dislike but i would not act like I enjoy it on TV but as a recipe I do understand that you need to added it in there.

  20. So what are they? Are they lying?

    They happily cook their recipe, but why they could not eat it? Or why they bother cook it, when they themselves do not want to eat it?

    Are they foolish?

  21. Everyone is allowed to dislike certain things, it doesn’t mean they all don’t eat their cooking. They just cook with some of those things for the fans

  22. That's unacceptable for me…The viewers must be able to see you actually eat the dish or dessert …only then I will make it …my preference or spin on things for me ..

  23. I would not eat airplane food either. When I took home economics in school our teacher taught that a good cook always taste your food as your cooking. You may not like a item your cooking but it was good to always taste for consistency and flavor when if you were serving others.

  24. Pioneer woman and other chefs cook very rich calorie laden recipes and knows what too much of that food will do to their bodies

  25. These Chefs cook up anything not fit for consumption. That is why they throw it all. In South India everyone loves Coconut and use it in almost all the cooking

  26. a proper Chef is never seen eating with Guests. They stand and converse about epicure. They can take a drink of good cheer.

  27. This is why I enjoy old videos of Graham Kerr and Julia Child, they sampled their creations and described tastes and textures.
    I think it takes more than creating food dishes to make one a true Chef. How can one honestly tell the viewer how delicious / tender/salty/sweet etc a recipe is without trying it?

  28. How could they?? Do you see the amount of fat and salt in most of that stuff?? Sure, they probably eat it from time to time, but if someone ate it everyday their heart would clog up in about three years.

  29. Who for fuck sake puts truffles with popcorn ?? , that is sacralige complete madness . A tragic waste and an insult to any self respecting professional chef . In my thirty years as a professional working in across the board kitchens and positions in 3 different countries . I have never seen nor heard of such an abomination

  30. Man, it’s alright to have your own opinions(at least Martha has her likes and dislikes, and stay true to herself of not trying the food she doesn’t bother, but still provides recipes for her fans due to demand, you gotta be adaptive, make something delicious/edible out of something unfamiliar, that’s a Pro – Gordon Ramsay or any other chef would quote that). I liked both Martha and Giada….. heck, she was my crush on food network (for the boobs window too LMAO) to hear that she SPIT OUT her food…… almost sounds like not even she likes her own food, just doing it as a job, for the money, and WHAT ABOUT HER HUSBAND? Kitchen is women’s best weapon to secure their husband…. or else the boys will eventually seek for novelty in other women outdoors, and you’ll start wondering why is my husband coming back late every night? Is he cheating on me etc? I thought she had all the perfect WAIFU MATERIALS LOL, guess you don’t judge a book by its cover…..

  31. Some people are calling them fake chefs….this video was really just a video of chefs cooking with 1 or 2 ingredients they don’t like lol chefs do cook food for other people not just themselves!

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