Charcoal Chimney Safety | Easy Grilling Tips

Charcoal Chimney Safety | Easy Grilling Tips

Charcoal chimney safety requires welders type gloves that completely cover your forearm.
Highly recommended that you wear two gloves. Now, how do you empty your charcoal chimney?
Do you pournate? Yeah, I just made that up.
Or do you pronate? Only one of these is the safest method.
If you answered pournate, here’s the problem. Out of the back of the charcoal chimney, you
will get flames as you’re pouring and this is very dangerous.
And here’s why? This charcoal chimney has fired up full of
charcoal and you can see just a little bit of flame coming out the top.
Now here is what it looks like with the lights out and you can see that the flames are very
aggressive coming out of the top. Now here we are pournating…I love that word…look
at those flames. You can’t really see what’s coming out
of the back. And now with the lights out look at the flame
dejecting out of the back of that charcoal chimney.
That could catch you on fire. Always pronate.
It’s the safest method to using a charcoal chimney.
Convinced yet? Hey, that’s it.
Thanks for watching. This is Gary House with Cooking Everything
Outdoors show. We’ll have new tips, tricks or technique
for you every Tuesday.

12 thoughts on “Charcoal Chimney Safety | Easy Grilling Tips”

  1. Great tip Gary, and I'm going to add another one.  Never wear flip flops when picking up the lit chimney like I have, lol!  I've have come close to catching embers on my feet more than once, so I have learned how to straddle wide before picking it up, but it would be best to just where shoes or boots 😉

  2. Excellent tip Gary!  To top that off, I'd seriously recommend safety goggles because of the sparks that can fly when you pick one up to move it.

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