Charcoal Smoking Snake | Easy Grilling Tips

Charcoal Smoking Snake | Easy Grilling Tips

What’s a charcoal smoking snake? It’s how you can get an extended cooking smoke
time with your charcoal grill. Simply dump out some charcoal and start making
a single line, then a doublewide line around the perimeter.
And then double it up. We’re going too wide and too high.
I’m only going halfway around the grill. I’m going to use some hickory smoking chunks.
Get some briquettes lit and put them on the end of your charcoal smoking snake.
Apply some wood chunks at intervals on top of your snake.
Yes, these chunks are way too big, but it’s all I had.
Try to find something at least half the size. Put your grate on, covered up and start cooking.
Here we’re at 1 hour. Holding at a steady 250 degrees, of course,
this is adjustable by opening and closing your dampers.
Once this gets going, it’s slow and steady through the whole cooking process.
And here we’re at 2 hours, 3 hours, 4 hours, 5 hours, and 6 hours, not once did we add
charcoal. So the next time you have an extended cook
or smoke, give the charcoal smoking snake a try.
Hey, that’s it. Thanks for watching.
This is Gary House with Cooking Everything Outdoor show.
We’ll have new tips, tricks or technique for you every Tuesday.

18 thoughts on “Charcoal Smoking Snake | Easy Grilling Tips”

  1. Yes. When ever low and slow is called for I whip out the snake. Hold a perfect 250 with cook times upto 9 hours on my Weber Performer.

  2. one of the best how to videos on how to do this. 5 stars!  It gives me the confidence to try smoking on my weber kettle. thanks!

  3. That is great. Never seen that done before. And it's not like you have to use much more charcoal than in a normal cook. Thanks I will give it a try.

  4. Somewhere I have a video calling this a snake burner… But that could also be mistaken for a weed burner or blowtorch. Great info once again Gary!

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