Charcoal Starter Experiment

Charcoal Starter Experiment

Well guys the weather is starting to get a bit warmer outside and that means pretty soon you are going to be pulling the barbecues out of the side shed So for this project I thought it might be fun to try a little charcoal igniting life hack to help you with your summer grilling. now the only materials you are going to need for this simple life hack, is one of these paper egg cartons as well as some of these charcoal briquettes that you would normally use for barbequing anyway. now if you’ve ever tried working with charcoal before, you are going to know that its really messy stuff and If you get this stuff on your hands it leaves marks everywhere. It’s very dirty. it also takes quite a bit of work to get it to ignite. holding a simple barbeque flame against it will not light it off. it takes a lot more than that. so the purpose of today’s experiment is to make a clean and tidy little charcoal starting bundle that will light off in an instant and get our charcoal glowing and make summertime barbecuing that much easier. Alright so here’s the basic idea: We’re going to start off with some of these paper egg cartons, they come in different sizes. you can get a pack of six for a smaller barbeque bundle or you can just go with the 12 pack for something a little more substantial. now the idea here is almost as simple as taking your charcoal briquettes and setting them down in the slots designed for the eggs. once all the slots are filled up, go ahead and fold over the lid and now its almost ready to ignite with the exception of one small modification. when we go to light these things off we want them to catch fire and burn thoroughly. so we need a channel for the air to flow, because without the air, fire will not [ burn ] if you look on this end of the box where it was chopped in half, you can see there are two are holes naturally formed. So we’re gonna flip it around and replicate that same idea on the other end so using a pair of scissors I just cut a
small hole in the end here so now we’ve got a vent hole in both of the ends, and I made a few slits along the top as well so we could peel that open and form a hole in the top as well. we want the fire to be able to flow up and through the
container and not get smushed and pushed off to the side so there we go it almost
seems too easy but just like that we have a clean compact container it’s very
affordable and with a simple lick of a BBQ igniter we can get our charcoal
going now without paying at any further attention all right it’s time for the
burn test so let’s take this thing outside light it up and see how it does
all right guys I brought you outside so we can put this thing to the actual test
looking inside here you can see this is charcoal straight out of the bag it has
not been pre lit it hasn’t been tampered with in any way I just stuck it in this
container we’re going to light this off so you can see how it actually performs
so you can decide for yourself if it’s something you’d actually use so for
demonstrational purposes I’m going to use this little Weber grill we’re going
to set this thing right down on the bottom
light it off and watch it burn. one side is lit okay so lighting the top isn’t going to
work because all the heat is traveling upward and it’s not burning down so
we’re actually gonna have to light this thing from the bottom so he can travel
up to the cold let’s just light it right here in the middle and see how that goes the thing I love about these egg cartons
is there are natural air channels built in to allow the air to flow and feed the
flame so even when we turn it upside down the flame will keep going and here
you see why it’s really important that we have this little vent hole in the top
to allow the air to flow and heat to build. now we wait. guys it’s been 15 minutes since we first
lit it off so let’s go take a look so the charcoal has started off you can
see it’s turning white there, turning into ashes and that’s exactly what we
want you can see all the paper has burned down to a white ash but every single one
of these briquettes did start off they’re burning just the way that they
should they’re all grouped together and I think at this point it should be safe
to go ahead and throw on the grill and cook up some hotdogs alright so quick update guys our hotdogs
have been sitting on the grill for a little over half hour so let’s go take
our first peek and see how they’re doing. I think they’re done, still nice and warm. Let’s
take a look here let’s crack them open looks like they’re cooked all the way through, even a little juicy. yum. perfect! six coal, six hot dogs. let’s eat. grilling in May. [laughs] now, if you want your BBQ starter to ignite even faster you can grab a small piece of printer paper and simply wrap it around the box a thin sheet of
printer paper like this will go up in flames a lot faster than an egg carton
and I like to wrap mine around the box and tape it at the bottom just it looks
a little bit nicer the paper just acts as a tinder to make the cardboard go off
a little bit faster but it also gives it a little bit cleaner look as well and if
you just want to have a little bit more fun and take it to the next level you
could use some string or some twine to bundle it up into a package or in my
case firework fuse yay it works! that’s actually really
cool so there you have it guys a quick and
simple hack using some briquettes and some egg cartons to make a really cool
self-starting bundle of charcoal hey thanks for joining me for this
experiment I’ll be looking for you the next one talk to you then

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  1. USA: Well guys. While it's getting warmer outside. let's start some bbq
    Québec: Well guys. Wtf is going on. Monday -45 C Tuesday +82 C Wednesday: 0 C 🙁

  2. am I the only one who thinks cooking hot dogs for 30 minutes is weird or is that a white people thing

  3. Stick a small chunk of a candle, such as the end part, in each hole, UNDER the charcoal, and it'll light even better. Can also crumble a lighter cube into the box.

  4. To King Yoshi:

    💁⚠ It is extremely important to enable replies for the

  5. Soak a napkin in cooking oil light the napkin on fire and then pile all the charcoal on top of the lit napkin that's all make sure it gets enough air.

  6. How do you make your own BEYBLADES ☹️🤣😒😒😊🧐😄😛🤣😛😌🤨😍😚☺️😌☺️😍🤣😚😉🤪😌😛😉🤓😉😒😋

  7. If you add some old candle wax into the egg cartons, it slows down the burn and can make it even better. Unscented is ideal, but scented isn't too bad since it's the remnants of old candles usually.

  8. A teaspoon of melted wax in each egg well will get these going fast and it'll all be gone by the time the coals are ready to cook on.

  9. Poor guy…has never made a bbq before… and 30minutes later the sausages are ready …lol.. instead of 5 minutes later.. Atleast he tried.

  10. Sorry mate but the bottom grate is for the charcoal you put it under the grate. Also you need to clean out the grease from the bottom to prevent unwanted flares. I'll stick to my chimney starter and I never use briquets, lump hardwood is best along with flavoring woods such as hickory or mesquite. Cheers!

  11. I use a blow dryer and a torch! Literally the blow dryer gets I up to 1200 degrees nearly Melting the aluminum! And the charcoal gets white hot not orange

  12. He pronounced Weber as Weeber and said cooked hotdogs take 30 mins to cook.

    Lmao. I can tell this guy knows a lot about grilling.

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