Cheesy Chipotle Hot Crab Dip Recipe || Glen & Friends Cooking

Cheesy Chipotle Hot Crab Dip Recipe || Glen & Friends Cooking

today’s episode is generously sponsored
by Squarespace welcome friends welcome back to the kitchen today we are going
to make a hot crab dip I’m gonna serve it with nacho chips but you could serve
it with anything that you want to dip in spread it on crackers whatever this is a
great thing to put out at a party it’s hot and it’s delicious and people might
think that you worked really hard to make it but it’s really simple and you
just use canned crab so it’s not that expensive in this bowl I’ve got some
cream cheese some chopped up onion and mayonnaise I’m gonna put in some
chipotle pepper with the adobo sauce so there’s one pepper there that I’ve
chopped up and I’ve put in some adobo sauce as well I’ve got a red pepper that
I’ve diced up you could use any color that you have or want color is totally
up to you next in is an egg now you could do this in a stand mixer if you
wanted to or a food processor or you could use a hand blender I’m just gonna
use a wooden spoon might take a little bit longer to do with a wooden spoon but
I I sometimes take a lot of flack because I use equipment that a lot of
people don’t have or some people don’t have and anything that I do with a fancy
piece of equipment you can do by hand it just takes a little bit longer so I’m
gonna mix this all together until it’s nice and uniform and creamy now it’s
time for the crab meat there’s always this little bag inside the crab meat
cans so see if we can get it out there we go
and the second one now you could if you wanted to put in some beer somewhere
between a half a cup maybe a quarter to a half a cup of beer in this would be
fantastic and nothing too hoppy because I find that after baking the hops come
forward and they’re very pronounced and it makes it taste bitter and you don’t
want that if you wanted to but the same amount of white wine would go really
well in this butter half a cup of white wine both of those would
sort of bring a little bit of a little bit of extra flavor and sort of take it
a little bit to the left tastes fantastic though now let me just
clean this up and we’ll get it into the oven now you need an oven proof dish and
we’re gonna bake it at 375 for 25 to 30 minutes until it’s fully cooked through
it’ll firm up a little bit and it’ll get nice and brown on the top see you when
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okay the Leafs might do well this season yay yes so it is a cheesy Chipotle crab
dip oh sorry this is a too hot hmm okay right mmm okay so this is in effect a
savory cheesecake right because it’s cream cheese and egg just a little
softer that’s the mayonnaise so the mayonnaise
keeps it from getting too stiff which allows you to use it as a dip I like it
it is very good I’m gonna have a bit of a problem with it it’s a little bit hard
I have a feeling like I’m not supposed to eat half of it no but yeah very
easily very easily could steamed through half of this in no time I mean so once
you’ve got that that basic yeah you’ve got the piece of cream cheese and the
one egg and that mayonnaise once you’ve got that
formula the flavorings you could layer in here or anything you put shrimp in if
you wanted to yes you could go onions and ground beef well there’s onions in
here yeah but you could put in ground beef I mean you can make it taco
flavored yes you could you could make it a loose meat taco flavor I mean so not
what I would want for dip myself personal oh I think that’d be really
good okay I think that would be really good but I think what I want to get
across to everybody is like most recipes you can play with it you can really play
with it once you get the turtle with the basic thing that makes it work which is
the cream cheese the egg and the mayonnaise as long as you sort of stay
within the general amounts of the other ingredients you can change them up and
make anything happen this is just the two of us I’m gonna double dip and then
I’m off to the couch bar see again soon you

40 thoughts on “Cheesy Chipotle Hot Crab Dip Recipe || Glen & Friends Cooking”

  1. "Steam right through" is right! Looks like something I could eat just for dinner (wouldn't be the first time I plowed through chips and dip for my evening meal). Thanks again both of you!

  2. Is there an issue with your real life business and possibly doing a Patreon? I'd rather support you there than have you shill. Oh well, at least it's not NordVPN.

  3. A friend of my is having a party for his birthday this Saturday this may be the perfect dip for it, I may give it a try. GJ!

  4. It's the cusp of "holiday-pot-luck-what-should -I-bring" season. perfect and quick. And it gets you off the " I'll pick up something along the way" track. Makes you look like you cared enough to actually prepare something to bring. And something to bing-on while you bing-watch Hallmark Channel Christmas movies.

  5. Glen, I know you are Canadian and are genetically disposed to being incapable of being mean, but please – as best as you are able – tell people who complain about things like the equipment you use to go suck eggs.

    While I'd enjoy your videos regardless, seeing you use equipment that I don't have or aren't familiar with is aspirational to me. I know that 90% of what that equipment does can be done differently with more or less effort, and so do the complainers.

    But the fact that you as a 'non-professional'-'professional' (sorry I don't really have the right words to describe it) chef have access to that equipment means to me that I also could get something like that and do things with it if I wanted to. There are a billion and one 'cooking out of my residential kitchen' video creators out there on youtube, it's your semi-professional(?) nature that helps make you stand out on top of them.

  6. I spat my coffee across the room when Glen said the Leaf's might do well this season. Oh Glen, we know you're being sarcastic 😉

  7. Thanks for watching Everyone! As always the recipe is at the end of the video, and in the description box.

  8. Oooh cheesey dip, yum.
    One critique on the baked in sponsor spot in the middle, it didn't feel to me that there was enough space left between you saying "See you when it's cooked." and "This episode of Glen & Friends…" I love you're getting the sponsorship. Just maybe add an extra beat between the cooking and the sponsor plug next video you have to edit with a sponsor spot?

    Also, good luck to the Leafs.

  9. Glen sir, glad to see that your channel is taking off. If you need to use Ads to break even, or even make a bit of money off the channel then I say go for it. As with most of Youtube, just ignore the whiners and whingers, as they usually don't have anything productive to say. If you had an ad on every video I don't think true fans of your content would complain. I'd rather you be able to make content and sprinkle a few ads in there rather than not make content at all. Just my 2 cents. Also yes haha, I hope your hockey team out hockeys the other hockey teams this year!

  10. Glen, have you tried this dip as a savory cheesecake, served warm or cool on a bed of lettuce with a remoulade sauce or some other type sauce or sprinkled with lemon juice/malt vinegar? As an appetizer or luncheon dish?

  11. It's not Chipotle unless every time you walk in there's a smaller spoon and a disgruntled employee gives you a smaller portion of meat! Chipotle patrons will know… dont even get me started on the crunchy rice…

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