Cheesy Salsa Verde Chicken | Cooking with ABC13

Cheesy Salsa Verde Chicken | Cooking with ABC13

we’re cooking in the kitchen with Goya at ABC 13 and my mother Charlotte in making this cheesy salsa verde chicken which is keto friendly and low carb so it is so good and so easy to make so the first thing we’re gonna do is start with putting some Goya olive oil right there in the pan our oil is heating up and we’ll just add the chicken tenders one at a time right into the oil and mom as I’m doing this would you mind sprinkling the Goya adobo just right on top of those chicken tenders you can do this just as they are cooking I love the flavor a perfect almost acid so we’ll just let them simmer our way here and it will flip and they’ll sit on the other side and we do want them cooked all the way through they’ll heat up in the sauce just a little bit more when we’re finished but you want them to have no pink on the inside so less than 10 minutes the chicken tenders are done cooked all the way through so we just remove them from the pan put them on this clean plate and we’ll cover them with foil just because we’re setting them aside and we’ll use the pan to make the sauce so that’s the other great thing about this recipe is you’re just not dirtying a lot of dish so using this same pan it’s still warm still have a little bit of the juices in there from the chicken and the olive oil we’re gonna add this 8 ounce block of cream cheese that’s been softened it’s best at room temperature but it’s just fine how it is now because we want this to just melt gently and soften as well and then we’ll add that entire jar of the Goya salsa where they oh I’m already liking this just because it’s so easy it’s a block of cream cheese in a jar salsa verde and you’ve got this delicious sauce I love that flavor from the green sauce – it’s like tangy got a little bit of spice but not too spicy really all we’re doing is just letting this combine and mix together and it’s making such a pretty sauce so everything is incorporated together we’ve got that cream cheese mixed in with the salsa verde it’s made that’s really delicious cheesy sauce so all we need now is just add the chicken back in let it warm up just for a minute or two because we’re being keto and carb friendly today we’re gonna use cauliflower rice which you can buy in the freezer section and if you just microwaved it then they get a couple of chicken tenders put it on top of the cauliflower rice okay time to give it a try let’s go in yeah get plenty of that sauce mm-hmm oh my gosh it’s so good cheesy and creamy keto friendly no one tan either cleanup right win-win [Music]

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  1. I think yall need a new Goya marketing producer/chef, something…these meals have not been visually appetizing. Remember, we also eat with our eyes. These goya commercials have really lacked umpff…nothing about them makes me want to use goya products.

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