Cheesy Sausage and Pepper Stromboli – The Cooking Show

Cheesy Sausage and Pepper Stromboli – The Cooking Show

-About that time of day.
[ Exhales deeply ] Ahh, that’s so good. It’s a good wine. Keep that handy. Back with “The Cooking Show,” and today, we’re gonna
make stromboli. Basically, you’re making
a really beautiful dough, fill it with cheese and a sausage, broccoli rabe,
pepper filling. Roll it up, bake it.
You’re gonna slice it. It’s beautiful. We’re gonna make
our dough first. So, in order to make it,
we’ve got our mixer right here. I’m gonna put in 2 1/4 teaspoons
of active dry yeast. We’re gonna add
a little bit of honey. You can use sugar. I like honey. Then we’re gonna do
1 1/2 cups of water. I say to heat it to 115 degrees. Boiling water in there
will kill the yeast, and if it’s any lower
it won’t activate the yeast. Basically, it needs to be,
like, lukewarm, okay? Right on in there. Give it a little swirl ’cause the honey is dissolving
in that warm water. The yeast is activating. When I say activate, you can see
it literally comes alive. It’ll start popping up
little, like, bubbles in here. Is it activating? Oh! See that just pop up like that? Look at it. It’s so crazy. It’s pretty cool.
It’s a living thing. Anyways, there’s a mountain —
or a volcano called Stromboli. I think it’s off the coast
or near Sicily. You know the game. The reason why you notice
I’m drinking when I say the word “Sicily”… …is because, once upon a time, I made arancini,
and that episode, I said “Sicily”… …so many times.
Every time I said it, we made it into a drinking game,
and I drank. This time,
I’m drinking a red wine. Last time, it was whiskey. I don’t care what
you’re drinking at home, but play along. I’m gonna add bread flour to it.
Now, “Bread flour?” you ask. “Why the fuck you gonna make me
go bye bread flour, Farideh? “You are the worst. Can’t I just use
all-purpose flour?” You can.
Use exactly the same amount. The difference is that
bread flour has higher protein content in it, which will then translate
into more gluten. Now, what that means is that
your dough is gonna a little bit chewier
and rise a little bit more. I’ve got some salt. I think it’s, like,
2 teaspoons or so of salt. Give that a swirl. This is gonna be added now into
our yeast water honey solution. Just like that.
And we’ve got lard. Okay.
[ Whirring ] Gonna let that mix and knead. I’m gonna turn it off and knead the rest of it
by hand. Just slightly. So it’s nice, it’s smooth. Feels really good.
It’s a very soft dough. This is gonna rise. I’m gonna put it in a bowl
and cover it with plastic wrap, and it’s gonna rise for about
1 1/2 hours or so. And while that’s rising,
we shall make our filling. Heat this up —
nice large skillet. Medium high-ish. And I’m going to cut up
my onion. We’re gonna sauté that first. I had this as a whole half.
Someone, like — this was a half yesterday, and,
like, someone used some of it. So just like this. I know who it was — Frank fucking Pinello. He was here last night cooking, and I bet you anything,
he stole some of my onion. Well, that motherfucker owes me
a slice of pizza now, okay? Got it, Frank? I’m coming and I
want some pizza. [ Laughs ] Just kidding, I love Frank,
but not anymore. 2 tablespoons of oil. We’re gonna add not enough onion
because…Frank. I’m gonna season it
with a little bit of salt. While that goes,
we’re going to cut up some of this broccoli rabe. Who can tell me something
about broccoli rabe? Virginia, cut to you. What do you know
about broccoli rabe? Not much. [ Laughs ] All right, I’m gonna cut my
broccoli rabe, stems and all — ’cause it’s mainly stem —
into about half-inch pieces. So, that’s it.
Also known as rapini. Good fact there, Ian.
Thank you. I forgot that
it’s called rapini. I forgot that rapini is
another word for broccoli rabe. I’ll teach you something
on this episode, okay? How to flick your shit. How to toss your onions, ‘kay? What you’re gonna do is your
kind of pushing it forward and then jerking it back. That’s it.
That’s all I was gonna tell you. I hope you learn something new
right there, ‘kay? I’ve got our sausage. It’s like four or five links —
spicy Italian. I’m gonna add that in there. Break this up into
smaller chunks and let it cook. [ Pounding rhythmically ] That was “Here Comes the Bride.” [ Pounding rhythmically ]
[ Laughter ] Everyone loves “Jingle Bells.” Hot cherry peppers,
sweet cherry peppers. The reason you’re taking
out the seeds is not because the seeds are so spicy
and hot and, like, whatever. It’s ’cause, lookit,
there’s so many fucking seeds. Like I said, spicy and sweet. We’re just gonna roughly
chop ’em up just like this. Okay, we’re gonna add
in all of our… rapini. Thanks for the tip, Ian. The heat from everything
is just gonna cook it… which is what cooking is.
[ Laughter ] The garlic. Okay, these are
big garlic cloves. Garlic.
I’m gonna season it. Give it a whirl.
You can turn off the heat. We’re gonna add in our peppers. Ahh, the garlic smells so good. I love garlic. Garlic, if you’re listening,
marry me. [ Laughs ] Okay, these are gonna go
right on in. They don’t need to be cooked
or anything. They’re just gonna get
folded through. Mm-hmm. Mmm, mmm. This is so good. It has nice bitter notes
to it from the rapini. Got you, Ian. The sweetness
of some of the peppers and also the heat
of some the peppers. What could you use this for? Oh, fuck, you could do
some shit with this. Okay, Chicken cordon green
with this, provolone, roll it up.
You could put this on toast. Oh, this is an idea.
Okay, time out. Put this into pasta,
just, like, whatever. Mix this with pasta, with this,
top it with the provolone, and bake that shit. Oh, yes. Nachos.
Stuff shells with this. Pizza nachos with this. Coconut Fren–
No, that wouldn’t work. Not coconut French toast. Anyways, my dough has risen. It looks perfect and beautiful. It’s nice.
It’s, like, doubled in size. I am gonna take 2 tablespoons
of the olive oil, and I’ve got a baking sheet. I’m just gonna drizzle
a lot of this over it. And the dough is gonna flop out
right onto this. So… you’re gonna use your fingers
to basically push this out. I just like playing. [ Imitating piano ] So, I’m using two cheeses
in this. I am using mozzarella
and provolone. We’re gonna spread
our mozzarella over the top. And as you press the provolone
into it, too, you can kind of, like,
smoosh it out even more. Ahh, so good. Now we’re gonna roll it. We’re gonna take this —
and this is tricky. It is tricky, so you’ve got to
be, like, light on your fingers. You know what I mean? So you’re gonna take,
you’re gonna roll it up and over itself. Okay? So take it with this
fucking crazy…’Kay. You might lose some filling.
Whatever. Just look at me —
light on your fingers, light on your fingers,
roll it over, roll it over. Rolling a big fat fucking joint,
right? Oh, my God. Like, we’re gonna tuck this
under here, ‘kay? See how it’s open here? I want to just tuck that over. Taking this — See, it’s open? Pull it and tuck it in. We’re gonna put untoasted
sesame seeds on top. Sprinkle them all over. We’re gonna cut a couple slits
in the top, too. The slits are there to kind
of let out some of the steam so it doesn’t completely
explode and be crazy. 400 degree oven, about an hour. See you later, little buddy.
Mmm. It’s like a little pig
in a blanket, but sausage and peppers
and stuff, not a pig. Sausage is pig. It is a pig in a blanket. [ Sighs ] That’s it. Take a look. Oh, shit. This is fucking nuts.
This is fucking nuts. Wowie. Wow! Damn! That’s nuts, yo. You can see some of the cheese
and stuff squirt out the top. Hey, yo! I’m gonna start slicing. I need to slice them into, like,
1-inch pieces. So, this first one, it’s not gonna have that
quite as well of that roll, but you can see
it kind of in there. Looks really beautiful. We’re gonna serve it with —
my favorite — mari-fucking-nara. Just one of the mother sauces,
in my opinion. And there you go.
Little of this, little of that. Sicily. ♪ Give me a slice,
give me a slice ♪ ♪ Slice me of a slice of that
strom-bo-li ♪ Right on in. Dip it in that red sauce. Oh, my God, it’s so good. It’s spicy, it’s cheesy,
little bit bitter and balanced with that sweetness. I love this. The thing about this, too,
is that, like I said, like, I feel like this reminds me
of my childhood. My mom, my sister, and I, like, getting stromboli and, like —
it’s just like — I don’t know. It’s such a fun, like,
fun thing to eat. Why don’t more restaurants
have stromboli on the menu? Doesn’t matter.
You can make this at home. Get the link
in the description below, click on it, make this. Enjoy your life. Do it. You won’t be disappointed.
I promise you. Love it. All right. He said it. ♪♪ Ooh. Stromboli. ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪

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