Chef Babette’s Day Out

How about all of you come along with me
and hang out with Chef B today. I’m going to do a real great workout in the park.
Working out is about breathing. It’s about pushing. It’s about taking yourself
to your max. Life is not complete unless you move. Too many times, we are just too
sedentary. All we do is eat, sit, and sleep. So for me, at my age I have to move. I can’t
even imagine not moving. That is why I fuel myself with the nutrients that will
make me able to do what it is that I do. At 66, I can do this ’cause I don’t try
to nourish myself with death. I’m all about life. Most days, however, I am at Stuff I Eat, banging it away at least until opening. And then the rest of the
day is mine. I’m going to go to my favorite health food store, and we’re
going to pick up some items because I’ve got a group of friends that are going to
come around today. And we’re going to sit back, chat, enjoy ourselves, and eat some
of my delectable delights. Today, I decided I’m going to prepare a
raw spaghetti and a cooked spaghetti, and also for dessert we’re going to have
avocado parfait. Keep it on the healthy side. You know, don’t get too hungry
though. I think this is Babette’s kitchen today. What y’all think? I think so, yeah. Alright, so everybody. I got my team here. All my ladies, and we’re getting ready to prepare spaghetti sauce for y’all. So what we’re going to do is, we’re actually making one
sauce, but it’s so darn versatile you can actually eat it raw, or live, or we can
heat it as we have some eating over there. And so, you can either have pasta,
you can have spiralized zucchini, it’s just a super versatile sauce. Right now,
we’re going to get ready to dive in and make all of you viewing this
very, very jealous. Let’s eat, y’all. And the beauty to all of this is that at
my age, at 66 years old, outside of the restaurant I can still have such a
fantastic time, and I have the energy to enjoy myself. So today, I just sit
Saturday. I gathered with friends, and it was absolutely wonderful. Have a great
day. Bye.

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