Chef Buck and CG in Mexico

Chef Buck and CG in Mexico

all righty we’re in a new kitchen but
not gonna be making any cooking videos in here because it’s too hot
we’re an air B&B and it got it with a full kitchen thinking I’d do a little
cooking no I’ve been eating that because it’s the food here is too good not to
eat out where we at we are in boom sunny Puerto Vallarta Mexico and we’re gonna
be here for a few more days and I’m not sure where we’re going from here I hear
all that noise it’s gonna be noisy it’s impossible oh this is lighting one on
one I got to turn this around boom it’s gonna be noisy wherever we’re at in
Mexico roosters explosions just everything here
the fan noise no way you’re not having fan noise here because if I turn off
that pan and that fan you know I just won’t survive but we got plenty of
videos coming in the pipeline I’m going to have food related videos over here
I’m gonna have travel related videos over at a if you’re
not subscribed to our Travel Channel you know and you’re in the least bit
interested you know we’ll have semi interesting stuff over there I’ll have a
link down below more stuff coming over here in the future we just had a lot of
transition going on with packing our bags and figuring out how to get to
Mexico but now that we’re here I think we’re gonna be here for a bit and we’ll
see what happens so if you’re interested I will have a full kitchen somewhere
else with you know cooking videos to come hopefully we on’t O.D. on nugs nugs
what sounds better than a nug everybody wants a nug that’s it if you’re in
Estados Unidos then i hope you have a happy upcoming Thanksgiving I don’t
think they celebrate Thanksgiving in here in Mexico wouldn’t make sense so
I’m I had trouble finding a turkey for Turkey Day but I’m not gonna have any
trouble finding a rooster or a guy with a hammer
videos coming and lots of noise thanks for watching we’ll see in the future
bye bye adios

26 thoughts on “Chef Buck and CG in Mexico”

  1. I love you Chef and all your recipes. ♥️
    Can’t wait to see you back in the kitchen fireing it up!!!
    Happy Thanksgiving!!! Enjoy!
    Your 2nd cousin Peggy Cantrell from indpls

  2. so awesome ,you two is such a match and live life the best way , hope you bring us some new takes on Tacos ;)…i work outdoors and im fine with that , but the rain now days think we have beaten the Bible record this year but a hug from Norway , have a great stay 🙂

  3. Here's a link to our travel channel and as always thanks for watching!

  4. I spend three months of the year living in Cancun. Enjoy your stay. Enjoy that new and different world. If you get a chance to do some traveling,. I highly recommend Merida, Yucatan peninsula. It is a beautiful Spanish colonial city. There is lots of culture. It's a very safe and beautiful place. Actually it's the safest city in the country.

  5. ooh… Looking forward to some Chef-o Buck-o Mexico-food vids from you!
    (Yes, I know that's now how you spell Chef Buck in Spanish!)
    Have a good time! grab yourself a bottle of Mezcal if you'd like! 😉

  6. Love your food channel…just now heard about your travel channel, so I subscribed to that as well…Thanks for your videos, recipes and sense of humor…

  7. Awesome Chef Buck! Can't wait for the new content on both of your channels. How is your Mom doing in her new place? Did her house sell yet? I know it's sad, just curious. 🙁

  8. Chef buck I commented on your last video and you didn’t respond I was wondering if you could to this comment because me and my friend are big fans.

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