100 thoughts on “Chef Excellence Showcase”


  2. Little did Stuart know that in the future, Chef Excellence would take over the body of his friend, Dan, and star alongside him in a movie.

  3. I just found Chef Excellence on Pornhub. Below the "aunt fucks cousin" he said something about the empty fridge in the video. I laughed my ass off, entered his profile and found this link. Now I'm here and it's excellent

  4. the best thing sold at the dollar store and probaly poundland is those toaster grilled cheese bags they are FUCKING AMAZING

  5. What about body bags? 'An excellent homicide' Dogshit bags? 'An excellent al fresco bowel movement'. Sick bags? 'An excellent Roman shower'. What fun.

  6. They tried to destroy him, but it was too late. Chef Excellence smirked, safely sealed away inside of his new Chef Excellence Stay Fresh Chef Excellence Bags, allowing him to remain fresh for millennia with the nation's military powerless to stop him. He would watch the fall of their civilization from within, knowing that when the time was right, he would emerge, Excellent as ever, and begin 'An Excellent Reign Over Humanity'.

  7. I wonder if the guy who took his picture in that chef getup has any idea of famous he is on the internet. It would be fantastic if he were to show up in an Ashens video.

  8. We need to find Chef Excellence. That guy is a real actor (and one of the best at that!), we need to find him. How else is he to receive his Oscar for Excellent acting?

  9. Ashens, I just saw a meme in a group about the HBO series Chernobyl, and someone made a Chef Excellence one with the caption with "An Excellent Reactor" and it threw me back to 2010 and this/Poundland Special 2 that I have whiplash

  10. Place cuts in blag bla bla bla bla store in refrigerator!!!!!! Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!

  11. Imagine how much money Chef Excellence could rake in with Stay Fresh Trash Bags – it's trash bags with a seal, to keep the smell in. An excellent idea!

  12. What about Chef Excellence Milk Bags, simply remove the milk from it's original bottle & seal in the Ziploc bag.

  13. I love how even on the box Chef Excellence is giving you the side eye as if to say "You know damn well I am not a real chef" lol

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