Chef Explained Souvenirs for YouTube FanFest Singapore

Chef Explained Souvenirs for YouTube FanFest Singapore

Hello everyone. This is the first video puclished on Chef’s channel. We are going to Singapore tomorrow. We have souvenirs for YouTube FanFest visitors. Soy sauce, mayonnaise, and dashi stock powder. I will be happy if you make Chef’s recipes using these ingredients. We will leave Japan tomorrow morning and publish more videos in Singapore. Bye-bye.

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  1. ビデオをさっき見た、すぐイベントページをクリックをしたけど、切符は高い!先生に会いたい〜残念。I hope you enjoy yourself in Singapore 🙂

  2. Good luck in Singapore! 私は実はシンガポール人です。でも今ロンドンにいますから、会わられない!!本当に残念です!TT では、旅行を楽しみください!きっとたくさん美味しい料理を食べてください!

  3. I hope you meet lots and fans and try out all the local dishes! You and Francis have a great time you earned it! 🙂

  4. You can turn on subtitles, look for the little icon next to the video quality icon at the bottom right of the video

  5. I don't think Francis is going with, so I assume the stuffed Francis is going to be the stand-in hehe 😀

  6. Singapore has pretty strict policies on pet travels from what I hear with lots of documents and vaccination requirements, and pets may be quarantined upon arrival, so I figure it'd be pretty stressful and troublesome for both Francis and Chef to make it there for only few day trip. I hear it's also pretty hot at the moment which shouldn't be too good for a pet's health. He'll at least be there with her in spirit as the Francis doll.

  7. シンガポールで楽しんでくださいね! いけませんけど、プレゼントをありがとうございます。

  8. Maybe you should learn how to turn on the closed captions? It's the little CC button on the bottom right side of the video frame.

  9. That doesn't mean all the FanFest guests will be from Singapore or have access to Japanese style shoyu and mayonnaise. Japanese style shoyu tastes different from the Chinese style, and Japanese mayonnaise has more in common with Swedish mayonnaise than the type you'll often find in England or America.

  10. And why would most people think of buying Japanese style mayo in Singapore in the first place? I think you're missing my point. Or just trying to cause trouble to Chef.

  11. Some comments here are just embarrassing why can't you all appreciate the fact that she bothered to even bring souvenirs for us? Rude.

  12. i agree with you, even we have it all in our supermarket but we must appreciate what she do. she's really kind to bring all that stuff from Japan to SG and give it for free.

  13. Your kitchen looks like mine Chef! I have steel racks for my many tools and cool kitchen toys too; they won't all fit in the cupboards! ;D

  14. このチャンネルで娘がショパンの小犬のワルツが好きになりました。奇遇ですが最近ショパンのsouvenirの曲も弾きました。YAY!!!


    They help me a lot (because I'm learning Japanese now)

    I'll try my best so one day I can watch your video without English script XD

    Love you

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