Chef Gave an Interview to HP (Behind the Scene)

Chef Gave an Interview to HP (Behind the Scene)

So cute! Hello. I’m Chef of Cooking with Dog, introducing how to make Japanese home cooking. Glad to see you. At that time, I deep-fry many times… or deep-fry… Uh… Excuse me. I shouldn’t touch this, should I? Thank you very much!

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  1. There's no need to be mean about it, whether he/she is trolling or not. Not everyone knows everything in the world. Sometimes even the most well-known things aren't known to some people, so instead of making a comment such as yours I will answer for this person.

  2. HP is Hewlett-Packard. They're well known for their PCs, and making other computer related products, such as software, storage for computer data, hardware, other computer parts and other things related to computers and electronics. But they're mostly known for making PCs or computers.

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