Chef Hiroyuki Terada Attempts To Set A Guinness World Record | Season 1 Ep. 6 | THE F WORD

Chef Hiroyuki Terada Attempts To Set A Guinness World Record | Season 1 Ep. 6 | THE F WORD

Just two weeks ago a guinness world record title for chopping a watermelon was set live in this very restaurant now It’s time to try and set another famous records This is the amazing chef hiro a world-Renowned sushi chef now his youtube videos have hit over 130 million views that’s big and tonight He’s going to try and set a new world record for the most carrot slices done in 30 seconds Blindfolded that’s right now the number to Beat is 50 Amazing are you excited yes? Yes? Yeah, are you confident? Yes? Yes. We are live in Kyoto. Yeah Vishal do decatur you must be so happy being here. We can’t wait Give me a word now very excited and I’m excited to see if you can break this back Oh, there’s some of your life Michael right the blindfold is on right you can borrow my wife’s Get that on Ready can you see anything walking in ten fingers panting you okay? Give me some love everybody Steady sure let’s go 20 seconds ago, I Mean seriously good job. Thank you. Don’t hang feel great the big question of the night did chef Hiro set a new guinness world record Michael Hiro the Mark to Beat was 50 slices. You just have a few deductions Oh come on. You ended up with 88. It’s a noodle Just beat the record you smash the records 88. Good night, Ma it’s Brilliant Give me a kiss

100 thoughts on “Chef Hiroyuki Terada Attempts To Set A Guinness World Record | Season 1 Ep. 6 | THE F WORD”

  1. Goin off the reaction of the guy with the gray shirt in the back apparently there’s a following for carrot cuttin

  2. Gordon: "You didn't just beat the world record, you SMASHED it young man. Are you happy?!"
    Hiro: "Good Afternoon."
    Gordon: "Give me a kiss! *leans in*"
    Hiro: "That's Good Evening."

  3. For all of you wondering how foriegn Hiroyuki is… He lives in California and speaks/understands english well.

    Stage fright monster reared it's head.

  4. please let me explain a basic understanding of the Japanese language. were this event held in the morning and Ramsay asked are you excited?…Chef Hiro's thinking would be Ohio Gozaymas… "good morning"

    Ramsay: "Hiro, are you excited?" (this afternoon)
    Chef Hiro: konichiwa gozaymas (respectfuly "good (this) afternoon")

    i have yet to see Chef Hiro get excited in any of his videos. the Japanese culture is very respectful, peaceful and calm…very serious about todays works. Arigato Gozaymas!

  5. Look at that Scottish pig trying to get his mug in all of the photos. Acting as though he is the one who broke the world record. You should never have lowered yourself to appear with him Hiro. For shame.

  6. 2:17 Gordon Ramsey(52yo) to Hiroyuki Terada(51yo): "It's brilliant, Young Man!" <– Gordon says to a man 1 year younger than him. xD

  7. Gordon: Hiro, what are you the most nervous about tonight's show?
    Hiro: I'm wondering if it will be okay for me to say "good afternoon" tonight…

  8. Live in Kyoto and there is literally only ONE Japanese person in the entire room. Did they explicitly tell all the other Japanese to leave? lmao

  9. 👱🏼‍♂️ : Hey i set a world record with 50 slices of carrots while blindfolded i am so proud :D.

    Hiro : Good afternoon.

  10. Fish and crustaceans: ay this water is nice to be in

    *boss music plays

    Fish and crustaceans: why do I hear boss music?

    In the background: good afternoon

  11. I dont claim to be a great chef but I try. I've chopped enough veggies to know that I've sliced more then 50 pieces in less then 30 seconds, no blindfold but still.

  12. Hiroyuki Terada is one of the top Japanese chefs in the world and Ramsay treats him with disrespect as if he's an amateur MasterChef. contestant.

  13. Is it just me or was that really not that impressive. I feel Gordon could have beaten the 88 there. Marco definitely can smoke that based on his onion chopping prowess

  14. I love how Gordon says ‘aww come on’. The man is always about recognising and supporting talent.

  15. I love that he's getting so much recognition. He just seems like such a relaxed guy that's very passionate about his profession. Congrats on the world record, buddy!

  16. Well I don't mean to sound like so many trolls on internet but honestly I've been working in the kitchen for only 7 years and this is something we do everyday. Hiro is an amazing chef with creativity, skills and knowledge I could never wish to reach but this carrot slicing was really not that impressive. No professional chef/cook need his eyes to cut to start with, that's a well known fact.

    I just came back now, I actually left my computer to go try it, It was harder than I thought it would be, a whole carrot is not the easiest vegetable to slice but still, I did 66 clean slices (I had to disqualifie a few) with 8 beers in me, at 10 after midnight with my heavy home chef knife that needs sharpening. I didn't even rush into it whatsoever. I'll be trying that tomorrow in optimal conditions. And that said I don't even think I'm nowhere close to a extra fast cutter, I mean I cut very fat but nowadays there are people that perform crazily in any random thing you can think of. Pretty sure there'S someone who can do 140-150 slices in 30 seconds.

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