Chef John’s White Bread – Food Wishes

Chef John’s White Bread – Food Wishes

hello this is chef john from food wishes
comma with white bread that’s right i’m very excited to show you what i think is
a pretty close approximation to the white bread most of us grew up eating at
least if you’re my age that is okay for lots of our younger viewers they may
have only seen white bread in reruns of old television shows but anyway well I
usually do eat the nice healthy whole grain stuff like 95 percent of the time
a few times a year I do like to make a loaf of this just to remind myself what
I’m missing so with that let’s go ahead and get started and we’ll begin by
pouring some warm milk into a mixing bowl and then on top of that we will
sprinkle one package of dry active yeast and then we’ll just let that sit for
like ten or fifteen minutes to get a little bit of a head start and you’re
really not going to notice that much happening although you might see a few
small bubbles forming and then what we’ll do after about ten or fifteen it’s
continued on by adding one large beaten egg as well as a little touch of white
sugar a little bit of white vinegar and a little bit of baking soda now baking
powder baking soda we will also need a little bit of salt as well as a couple
shakes of cayenne which we don’t need but we want and then we will finish up
with some all-purpose flour and a few tablespoons are very soft
room-temperature butter that we’ve cut into a few smaller pieces and that’s it
we’ll go ahead and grab a dough hook and head to the mixer where we’re gonna
start kneading this dough on low speed and I say knead the dough this is really
gonna be more of a batters you’ll see all right one of the secrets to this
loaf of white bread is a very very wet dough so we’ll go ahead and start this
on the lowest speed and as soon as everything kind of comes together and
looks like this we’ll turn it up one notch at which point we’re going to give
it about three or four minutes or until we have a very smooth very elastic and
as you can see extremely wet and soft dough and then because this dough is so
wet and sticky we’re not going to be able to knead this on the table like we
usually do so all that we’re gonna do is sort of clean up the sides with a
spatula at which point we’re gonna cover it and
let it rise for about an hour and a half to two hours or until it doubles in size
now sometimes that only takes like an hour but when you don’t includes things
like butter and eggs sometimes the rising takes a little longer but anyway
this is what mine look like about two hours later and fair warning it’s gonna
be really sticky so don’t do this okay usually we deflate it with our hand but
not this time here we’re actually gonna use a buttered
spatula to scrape this right into our loaf pan which by the ways you might be
able to see has also been generously buttered and we will go ahead and
transfer all that dough in and no this is not slow motion this dough is in no
hurry to go anywhere but eventually after what seems like a really really
long time we’ll get all that transferred into our pan at which point we’ll use
our spatula to sort of spread that out and distribute it as evenly as possible
and then what we’ll do once that’s been accomplished is go ahead and sprinkle
some flour over the top which is done simply by holding a couple tablespoons
in your hand which you then shake which lets the flour gently escape between
your fingers so we’ll go ahead and dust the top at which point we’ll give that a
little gentle pressing just to sort of flatten and smooth that top surface the
best we can okay usually when we need in shape a loaf we sort of roll it over so
it has a nice smooth even skin on top but we can’t really do that here so
we’ll have to settle with a little pressing which as you’ll see works out
just fine and then once that set what we’re gonna do for the next thirty
minutes is absolutely nothing we are just gonna
let that rise in the loaf pan and as you can see roughly thirty minutes later my
need risen all the way to the top and then what we’re gonna want to do besides
making sure our oven is preheated let’s go ahead and take a sharp knife or razor
an attempt to slice the middle of this loaf which is not going to be easy since
this is so soft and sticky so I’m actually going to slice this a few times
in both directions just to sort of somehow open up the center of this loaf
and even though that is certainly not a clean cut we’ve still created a weak
point so as our bread Rises in the oven it’s going to stretch and pull apart
from the center out whereas if we didn’t do those cuts they might stretch and
rupture in a place that’s not as aesthetically pleasing and then speaking
of appearances before this goes in the oven we’re gonna
brush the entire surface with melted butter and a good amount of it whoops I
just popped a little bubble that’s okay don’t worry like almost everything
involving dough once it bakes it always looks amazing
and by the way some bakers like to use an egg wash here or some even use milk
so if you prefer those instead go ahead I mean you are after all the vanilla ice
I’m making sure the top looks nice but as far as taste and appearance goes I do
like the butter and that’s it once the tops been brushed that is ready to
transfer into the center of a 350 degree oven for about 30 minutes or so or until
it’s baked to a beautiful golden-brown and hopefully looking something like
this and then very important as soon as this comes out while it’s still piping
hot we want to brush it once more with melted butter which is not only of
course going to taste good but it’s also gonna give that top crust the soft
supple texture we expect with a classic white bread and then what we’ll do once
that’s been brushed is let it cool in this pan for exactly 10 minutes before
carefully removing it to Iraq where we will let it cool completely not almost
cool all the way down to room temp okay if you want warm bread just toast it but
if you slice this open piping hot a lot of moisture is gonna escape and your
bread can dry out so I went ahead and let mine cool for at least an hour
before I went ahead and sliced in and as usual I was extremely happy with what I
saw all right while these bubbles might be slightly larger then we might
remember from that white bread of our childhood the taste and more importantly
texture are gonna be remarkably similar all right we’re talking very light airy
and tender and again the secret was that very very wet almost horrible dough oh
and if you’re wondering which specific childhood bread I’m referring to well I
can’t give brand names so you’ll just have to wonder but anyway I went ahead
and cut a couple more nicer looking pieces and I spread on some butter so I
could go in for the official taste and all of a sudden just like that I was
seven years old again and it’s not like I have anything against whole-wheat
bread but sometimes I just don’t want the vitamins and nutrients and fiber to
get in the way for a change
enjoy a piece of bread that’s barely there and as good as that plain buttered
piece was this next piece that I toasted and then buttered before spooning on
some jam was even more incredible all right there’s butter toast and jam
and then there’s homemade white bread butter toast and jam which is like an
entirely different thing altogether and because the flavor is so neutral and the
texture borderline non-existent that’s what makes it so great for things like
sandwiches in particular for example this California club which is why even
though I live in the land of the whole-grain artisan loaf I do like to
take the occasional flight back to white and I’m thinking you might just want to
take a trip as well which is why I really do hope you give this a try soon
so head over to food wishes calm for all the ingredient amounts of Morpho as
usual and as always enjoy you

100 thoughts on “Chef John’s White Bread – Food Wishes”

  1. Wonder, as in what's in it. I think that I'll whip up a batch, half for grilled cheese sandwiches, half for French toast.

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  3. So, on your Nashville hot chicken recipe when you say white bread the cheaper the better this is what your talking about?

  4. Well it's off to Home Depot to see if an attachment is available for my Dremel tool which could make short work of that gash down the center of the loaf prior to baking.

  5. If you wonder how a video on white bread can have over 7k likes and under 70 dislikes, you underestimate the power of a cayenne slinging Chef John.

  6. I am definitely going to make this. I have some sourdough starter that I have to feed, and I think the discard would be perfect to make this. Big experiment coming up!

  7. Made this today and it was a WONDERful reminder of my childhood. I have never made bread until today and I’m 53 years old.

    Who knew I could make bread this good? Chef John knew.

  8. My problem is I never want to leave the land of white—unless it’s regular forays into the land of sourdough!!

  9. Well, I'm not vegan, but I am Jewish which means it is a problem for me…
    Can you make a vegan version of that? And a good one please hahaha

  10. Noooooow I know where I recognize the intro tune from. RedLetterMedia uses it for their Half in the Bag show.

  11. Aw, man Chef John – now you have to show us how to make and layer that amazing looking California Club… never could get it exactly right… 🙁

  12. Yum. Made it exactly like the recipe and it was perfect. Next time looking forward to a bit of experimentation, maybe an extra yolk or 1/2 wheat flour and some wheat germ. Maybe some barley malt instead of sugar. Great easy recipe Chef John, thanks!

  13. First I love your recipes and videos. Everything I have made has come out exactly except this bread. Everything went right, followed the directions, it looked good. But the consistency of the bread was similar to corn bread in that it just crumbled and would not hold it's shape after slicing, but it was delicious. Any idea what went wrong?

  14. Hi Y’all…. would you guys agree, The moment is real!!!! 😆 When I watch the same video over and over again and waiting until he does another recipe/video with his Humor?!? 😊

  15. Can you mention what brand and model of bread knife you use in this video? I'm looking to replace an old cheap knife and that one looks amazing.

  16. Great recipe, Chef John! 👍🏼
    Would it turn out the same if I use bread flour instead of all-purpose flour?

  17. Why the hell do we have to wait so long for allrecipes to make your recipes available to print????? They are just ridiculous not to mention a total inconvenience. Plus for the last 2 weeks they have a "congratulations you won" spam ad, then you have to close out the window and start the search all over again. Get rid of them, they’re a nuisance.

  18. Thanks for posting this video/recipe. I doubt I will be buying much white bread form the store from now on. I've made two loaves of this so far and my family LOVES it. It makes for some fantastic French Toast as well. I ended up using 2% milk instead of whole, and 1/2 of the salt due to using salted butter. The result was/is amazing.

  19. I was sure this was not going to be so "Wonderful" but it was a really good bread and even works well if you just use a spoon and bowl not a mixer (I would use one if I had one)

  20. isnt this milk bread? or atleast I accidentally made this when attempting to make milk bread and added more flour until it became a dough ball, ruining it
    edit: also how do I do this without a dough hook?

  21. Couldn’t you use a wet knife to cut the dough after rising in the bread pan? Like wetting your hands before kneading dough

  22. So I followed the recipe to a T. The baking process is different for me. 350 for 30 minutes and it was Still raw inside so I’m baking it for another 5 or 10 minutes at 305…OK still needed an additional 15 bake time on lower setting after the other additional baking time. Annoyed because I thought it was done but had to keep sticking a knife in and lower down was a raw part. Hope the holes I made don’t mess up the loaf.

  23. My mom made 14 loaves of bread every week for my family when we were growing up and there's no better smell than to walk in the kitchen and smell it coming outta the oven! Personally, I love it hot, fresh out of the oven with butter…yum! Learned a trick on how to cut it while it's warm without collapsing the bread—just run your bread knife under warm water for a sec, then lightly shake the excess and you're good to cut into it. Looking forward to trying this one!

  24. Big John, vinegar and baking soda? I get the cayenne, that is your thing. But the vinegar and baking soda seem to add nothing at all. For a softer bread I understand the butter as added fat to soften the loaf. I will try the vinegar and baking soda, but what should I expect it to do?

  25. Chef John is my favorite! Someone has probably already said this… Why not score of the bread down the middle after the pre-baking butter has been applied to the top? It would cut with less drag/sticky.

  26. I had Wonder Bread all the time when I was growing up as a kid. I hated the stuff! So it's a mystery to me how anybody else can look back at eating that stuff as a kid and having any kind of fond memories of it. Having said that, I don't have a problem with a super soft white bread, especially when the homemade version will very likely taste the whole lot better. I might give this a try just to see how it comes out. But I am thinking it might be even better if I make it into hamburger buns or something. Maybe my kids will really like it, but they are so used to my standard white bread, which has a whole lot more substance to it, but I don't know for sure if they would eat this or not. I guess we will find out.

  27. Nasty …actually…. 1800s bread… flour,salt, yeast, baking soda, and baking powder,water..lard.pig or cow lard.blend and let rest…when swollen…punch it down…rest it 40 minutes and bake at 350 for 57 minutes…ovens does cooking temp and time..

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