Chef José Andrés Teaches Jimmy to Make Tortilla Española

Chef José Andrés Teaches Jimmy to Make Tortilla Española

-Please welcome Jose Andres! [ Cheers and applause ] I love you! I love you so much.
They all love you. Jose, first of all, before we
start, I just want to thank you for coming to Puerto Rico,
and doing — when we did our show
from Puerto Rico. You’re a rock star
for doing that. Thank you. -Oh, it was great.
[ Cheers and applause ] That was great having you
in Puerto Rico. The people of Puerto Rico love
you, and we need to show people around the world that when they
are in need of love and hope, we need to show up for them. And you did show up for
the people of Puerto Rico. We love you for that.
[ Cheers and applause ] Okay, we’re cooking.
-Yeah, we’re cooking. Just me and you hanging out. -Do you recognize him?
Do you recognize him? -That’s us, baby.
-I’m the one with the accent. [ Laughter ] -What are we cooking? -This is the most important dish
in Spanish cooking. -The most — Really? Okay.
-The most important — -The most important —
No, I understood you. Yeah. -We’ll say that again.
-No, okay. Most important dish in
the Spanish cooking. -Okay, and what is this? Tortilla espanola.
-Tortilla espanola. -Yeah.
-All right. -Tort–
-Yes. -Tortilla espanola.
-Yeah, yeah, yeah. We’re repeating. Okay. -So, potatoes.
-Potatoes, okay, good. -Onions.
-Yeah, onions, yes. -An egg.
Break the egg right here. I have the mix for you. -Okay, good.
So put an egg in there. -Yeah. Okay, great. Olive oil. Wow. [ Laughter ] Wow. Let’s go.
[ Cheers and applause ] Come back to me. Now you have to
whisk it. Mix it. -Yes, mix it, here we go.
[ Laughter ] -Yes.
-All right, look, here we go. -You have to fry the potatoes.
-Yes, I know! -Fry the onions!
-Yes! -Mas!
-Fry the potatoes. -If you don’t have time,
potato chips. -What the hell are you
talking about? -And then you go
and you put the meat — -Yes, put it in there!
Put it in the pan! What are you talking — Of
course, you put it in the pan. -And now you wait. -You just wait. -And you look at it.
And you’re thirsty. -Yes.
-And you have red wine. -Wait, what?
-And you put in a porron. -What is a porron?
-A porron is this. I don’t know how to describe it
in English. -Did you just say —
-I am an immigrant, man. This a porron.
[ Laughter ] -Hey, happy 4/20, everybody.
[ Cheers and applause ] Is this a bong?
-And this is beer. -Is this a bong?
-And this is beer. -Oh, that is beer
and this is wine. -And you have no glasses. Because you don’t make
enough money to buy glasses for your home. -Yes, so what do we do? -You drink it like the people of
Barcelona do. You raise your hand
up in the air. -Uh-huh. -First, you bring it
to your mouth. -Yeah, of course. -And then you start tilting it
45 degrees. [ Laughter ] And then — No, no.
But out of your mouth. Put it away one centimeter. And then you start lifting up
your hand. [ Laughter ] [ Cheers and applause ] The omelet.
-Can you help? The omelet. I forgot about the —
-Are you ready? -Yes.
-One, two, three. Oh!
[ Laughter and applause ] That was good.
-Thank you very much. -And the omelet is ready.
And what do you do now? -Drink more.
-You drink more. -I need help. I need help.
-Okay. You know what happened? You’re making the holes
a little bit too big. And this is like, “Oh, my God.” -Right.
-These keep coming. Keep coming, and your mouth
needs to be open. [ Laughter ]
And then — look at, look at. -There we go. [ Cheers and applause ] -Okay.
-All right, how do I do it? -Let’s see who drinks
the whole thing. -No!
Wait, this is a bottle of wine! -What? -No, no, this is
a bottle of wine. -What? -I’m not drinking
the whole thing. What are you talking about, man?
-What? -No, I’m not drinking
the whole thing at all. -Okay, I give you
a sparkling wine. Cava from Catalonia. Come on. -I’m not gonna drink
the whole thing. -Okay.
-I got kids — -Do you have more shows
to do today? Maybe never again.
[ Cheers and applause ] Come on. One, two, and three. [ Cheers and applause ] -Yes!
[ Cheers and applause ] I want to tell you about
Mercado Little Spain. Is it open? Can we eat there? -Yes, you can. -It’s in Hudson Yards here
in New York City. And it is a giant food hall
kind of — -No!
-No. -It’s not a food hall, man! -No, you said that.
I didn’t say that. -It’s a way of life.
[ Laughter ] -That’s what I was gonna say,
yeah. -It’s not a food hall.
It’s a way of life. -No, I didn’t say that.
-We’re having fun. -No, we’re having —
look at this. -And then you have
your beautiful tortilla. The potatoes,
the onion, the eggs. One is speaking to each other
with rhythm, with love, wishing that you were here
with us and saying, “Eat me,
eat me, eat me.” [ Laughter ] “I need you, to be part of you.” -Here we go. -Tortilla espanola.
-Tortilla espanola. -People of America.
-I love you. [ Cheers and applause ] -Jose Andres, everybody. [ Cheers and applause ] Please visit his new Spanish
food hall, Mercado Little Spain, next time
you’re in New York City. My thanks to Andy Cohen,
Pete Davidson, Mario, Michael,
and Marco Andretti, Jose Andres, and the Roots.

100 thoughts on “Chef José Andrés Teaches Jimmy to Make Tortilla Española”

  1. There are two types of spaniards: the "sincebollistas" (without onion) and the "concebollistas" (with onion). I am Sincebollista!!

  2. The porrón isn't only of Barcelona, is common in whole Spain; I don't understand the custom of many Spaniards of giving fame to Barcelona, ​​out of reality, and in discredit of the rest of Spain…
    From Barcelona has never been neither the porrón, nor the tapas, nor the paella, etc. nor many other things that are attributed to it: they are from whole Spain.
    For those who don't know: the onion and the potato are fried together and added hot, after having drained the oil as much as possible, on the beaten egg; José has fried the onion separately before…I guess everything is part of the show.
    The tortilla that I make at home looks better than José's. LOL

  3. Real Spanish One is without onion 🤦🏻‍♀️!!! Only potatoes, eggs and olive oil!!!And “ porrón” is something so cute!!❤️…. it reminds me my childhood….. those days at the weekends with family in the countryside, sorrounded by millions ( literally) of olive trees and my dad doing paella while he drank cold beer from it!!! Viva my country, viva Spain, the best place to live in the world ❤️❤️❤️

  4. Que pesado. Está sobreactuado hasta para un americano. Esa forma tan teatrera de hablar. Por favor… No tiene ni pizca de gracia.

  5. … iba yo caminando con mi esposo, turisteando en las Vegas, sin saber a dónde ir y de pronto ahí, en un anuncio gigante en la principal avenida, estaba ahí, José Andrés con un sello gigante de que su restaurante había ganado el título al mejor en EU, le dije a mi esposo, el me hacía el día hace muchos años, cuando lo veía en el canal del 😌🙂.

  6. Vergonzoso jose andres. Vaya energúmeno. Que imagen da de los españoles y de sobre todo de como cocinar una tortilla española. IMPRESENTABLE

  7. Es español pero hace gestos y habla alto como si fuera un cocinero italiano…supongo que es ls imagen que entienden en usa…teatro

  8. Joder el Andrés… se le han ido de las manos los años y los kilos. Bueno, pa kilos los que se lleva de los Americanos. España ni los iba a ver! Venga inmigrante de lujo!

  9. José, por favor cuídate, vas a tope, te dará algo desde España, un abrazo,eres muy bueno, y no piensas en ti,estás extresado

  10. Who puts a broken egg on top of fresh eggs? Idiota. Also, suckling a wine bottle? Good, grief! I bet Jimmy puts his mouth on water fountains, too.

  11. Jose is a natural star, please have him on the show more. A lot! But he needs Chef whites and a Toque.

  12. This guy seems like the real life chef geusteu from ratitouli (I don't know how to spell it so don't roast me) except he's Spanish

  13. 2 Red Wine Recommendations – both ends of the price scale – 91+ Bordeaux/Lot 161 $12-$15 per bottle & 2013 Opus One – aprox $500/bottle (But basically a Chateau Mouton Rothschild made in CA)

  14. todos estos que lossuben alcielo luego se extrellas pasa como el de zara muchos regalos pero no pagan hacienda lo que tiene que pagar —

  15. #realheroe#joseandres
    Its amazing how this guy had help so much people and also he provide food after huracan maria hit puerto rico to 158 thousand people and now he is in bahamas helping again I LOVE YOU JOSE I DO

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