Chef Mikhal cooks and feeds a special dish just for William![The Return of Superman / 2017.10.08]

Chef Mikhal cooks and feeds a special dish just for William![The Return of Superman / 2017.10.08]

– Hi. / – Hi. – High-five. / – High-five. Hello. – Gosh, you’re so pretty. / – Hello. I am William. I am… (I’m William.) Gosh, he’s so cute. Hello. Say hello. Thank you. (Thank you for the love.) Let’s go. (My goodness) I’m a big fan. Really? Thank you. I follow you every single day. – Really? Thank you. / – He’s so cute. William, say hello. – Hi. How are you? / – Hi. My gosh, he’s so cute. – Thank you. / – You’re more cute. My gosh. William, shake her hand. Shake. (He’s shaking his fan’s hand.) High-five. Yes. Can we take a picture? Sure. (They’re taking a picture.) I’m shaking. My legs are shaking. Don’t be like that. Don’t be like that. I’m so happy I got to see him. – Say bye. / – Bye. – William. Bye. / – Bye. William, they have a lot of big sizes in Itaewon. Six X-large is common. Sam’s a regular at this big size store. (Dad, that place feels familiar.) It’s big, right? (Screaming) Where am I? (William loves it.) What should I wear, William? (This store specializes in big sizes.) This one is cool. (William is picking out Sam’s outfit too.) William. William, how is this? It’s my style. (Hey, that looks familiar.) (He wore it on the day that was most special.) He wears this shirt on special occasions. How is it? It looks so similar. (Ignoring) No? Yes? No? What should I wear? Hey. William, how is this? Look. There are birds. It’s a bird. William. (No, not that one either.) William. Where are you going? Hold on. (He’s running away.) William, look. (Not that one!) We always buy your clothes. Let’s buy mine today. William, here I come. I look different. It’s a different style. How do I look? (It’s somewhat different.) (Not that one!) This. (Try this instead.) (It’s a Hawaiian shirt with a darker tone.) (That one is nice.) How is this one? William. (I don’t care about the shirts.) (I like it if you do.) Is this it? (I like it if you do.) Are you saying this is the best? Let’s go eat, William. Yum. Here? This is a place I go to often. I came here with Mom too. There are a lot of foreign food in Itaewon. (It’s a Bulgarian restaurant.) It’s an exotic Bulgarian restaurant. The owner is from Bulgaria too? Who could it be? (Who is the Bulgarian owner?) Hello. – Hey. / – How are you? – Good, good. / – Hello. Nice to meet you. It’s him? (Owner chef and television personality) He’s a public figure. Handsome chef, Mikhal. (Handsome chef, Mikhal) You’re busy these days, right? I’m always busy. It’s been 11 years already. – 11 years? / – 11 years. How’s your business? – We closed down. / – Really? – Because of the baby. / – Congratulations. – I see. / – Thank you. That means William is the breadwinner. William is famous. He’s an A star, and I’m a B star. There’s not much to life. I don’t feel bad about my son being more popular. That’s good. High-five. High five. High-five. William, give me one. (Will he give Mikhal a high-five?) See? I’m a nobody to him. (I’m just kidding, Dad!) I’m on a diet. No problem. The usual? Yes, the usual. Something for the baby. – Something for the baby? / – Yes. Okay. Thank you. William. Thank you. (He’s saying thank you before the meal.) Thank you. Thank you. (The bread is too plain.) Should we dip it? Try it. Dip it. Good. Gosh. You ruined your clothes. (Electrifying) I told you to dip just a little bit. (It’s so strong, but I can’t stop myself.) Excuse me. Here. This is made by Uncle Mikhal. It’s traditional Bulgarian food babies can eat. Okay? Here. That’s huge. It’s a special salad for Sam who’s on a diet. It’s so perfect. It looks delicious. It’s hot! It’s hot! It’s hot! It’s not too hot. I made it lukewarm. Okay. (Mikhal is cutting a small piece for him.) You take this and put on some yogurt. You can eat after you mix it. – I’ll… / – That looks good. When Koreans go travel and come back to Korea, they want kimchi soup. This is the kimchi soup for Bulgarians. – Really? / – Yes. (Mikhal not only cooks, but he’ll feed you.) – Good boy. / – Yum. Yummy. (Give me more, please.) (He’s using his spoon.) You’re dropping everything before it reaches you. (He’s going to eat the plate.) It’s delicious. Good boy. (He’s complimenting William.) Good job. (I’m excited.) (Throwing) Hold on. (He lost his fork while showing his excitement.) You shouldn’t throw things. That’s wrong. (Acting cute) It’s not funny. (It’s not funny.) You can’t throw things. Okay? Here, water. Drink some water. (You need to calm down.) (It’s refreshing.) (After having some water…) Try an olive. Hey! Put it down. Now. (You must eat with a proper posture.) This is a restaurant. You have to keep your manners here. (Peeking) Try it. (But this is comfortable.) No. Take your foot down. (Stern) (He’s pulling his foot down.) (Did he succeed in teaching table manners?) (Failure) (You little…) Take your foot down. (He’s firm with William in teaching manners.) No. No. Mom. You’ll bother other people. (He’s being rebellious.) (I’m watching you.) (William brought down his foot on his own.) (Sulking) William, do you know what I hate the most? I hate people that bother others. Let’s not do that, okay? (He’s not paying attention.) (He taught William well,) (but William is mad.) Give it to me. Can I move this? Delicious. My goodness. – Our… / – Wow, William. – Look at that, Dad. / – William. (He’s suddenly talking well.) (He’s giving William some yogurt to make up.) (He won’t let Sam take out the spoon.) My goodness. He really likes it. – William. / – Fantastic. (I want more.) Here. (He’s being fed like a baby bird.) Yum. (I’m happy now.) Yummy.

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  1. love the son and the dad too
    hee he 😬❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  2. It's really good to see that Sam disciplines William well and properly. It's important to teach kids what's right and what's wrong from an early age and help them understand exactly why that is so. Good work!

  3. Oh wow finally get to see what part of Mikhal chefs restaurant look like. I’ve seen him on chef and my refrigerator 🙂

  4. What William is eating is stuffed bell peppers. I LOOOVE them. It’s our traditional food too thought I’m not from Bulgaria 😀

  5. Good job Sam!! 👏👏👏 being firm but not harsh with the baby to show manners. And he's diet is going so well. I am so proud!! Keep working hard Sam!

  6. I get some people are upset that Sam used pain to discipline his kid, but the thing is, when kids are really young they don't really understand right/wrong or good/bad. They're very animalistic in that sense; they just do whatever the hell they like and if they're rewarded they'll keep doing the same thing, and if they're punished they'll stop. Obviously whacking a kid might be too harsh even if you're from a family that uses spanking to punish, so flicking is a good middle ground.

  7. As a Bulgarian seeing Mikhal in this video makes me really happy! The fact that he's giving them some of our traditional dishes it's amazing! And i didn't know that in Korea there was a Bulgarian restaurant! WOW…this means that even if he lives far from his country, he tries to save his traditions! How cuteee!

  8. gemes banget sama william,,aku jadi ngefans sm william.aku telat nonton william 😭😭😭
    i love you william baby 😍😚😚

  9. See this. Kids do learn manners well when u teach them. Being fun and free is great but manners matter a lot.

  10. Omg, Chef Mikhal is as cute as William. It's definitely looks like there is a chemistry between them. Both are awesome!

  11. The way Sam parenting William is a really good example to tell other young parents that when you are disciplining your own child or children, you should not get sway or go soft hearted because little toddler like William needs to understand they are doing something wrong and if you keep doing it over, there will be a consequence afterward. We had no say to how parents should discipline their own children.

  12. It’s so cute watching two Non-Koreans talk in Korean. And it’s a bonus both are handsome men. Hihihi.

    If that’s Bentley eating, he would have cried already before the second spoon. Hahaha. I can also see him being a neat freak when he eats.

    Sam appa is really raising William well, especially how he disciplined him at that age. It’s already evident in the recent episodes. Kudos!

  13. Glad Sam was teaching table manners, some people let their kids do anything at the table or run around, this is how I taught my son

  14. Sam is a really good father.. he teaches william so good and he listens aswell which is amazing.. good job sam 💜💜😄😄

  15. Americans r speaking korean or r they just korean but looks like an american or they r american but they learned how to speak korean or idk this is very confusing

  16. William so cute i'm falling in love you….
    You baby cute i'm always smiled to see behavior you…saranghae william❤️❤️❤️

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