Chef Official Trailer |  Saif Ali Khan | Raja Krishna Menon

Chef Official Trailer | Saif Ali Khan | Raja Krishna Menon

Hi, papa.
– Hi, Ary. Papa, there’s a function in my school… …before the holidays. I’m going to perform on stage
for the first time. Hey, that’s great. Can you come? I mean, I’d like to, but… It’s okay. If you don’t have a good relationship
with your son… …even three Michelin stars
are of no use. Just sending money
doesn’t make one a good father. It’s great that you showed up
for his performance. He adores you. I am adorable. Just because you still look so hot.. …don’t underestimate me Radha Menon Do you know where you get the best
‘Chole-Bhature’ in the world? What is ‘Chole-Bhature’? You can’t be saying such things, when… …you’re the only son
of Roshan Kalra from Chandni Chowk. “Wherever my feet wandered…” “…I formed my own road..” Wow… Thank God.
I no longer need a DNA test. You’re definitely my son. “…and the caravan’s became bigger!” So mean… Go back! Go! Can’t you spend some
more time with Ary? He needs his dad. I need to go back in a day or two. Work… Loving my work… Working with love… But somewhere in between…
love got left behind. I’ve got to make up for that. In my life… With my son! This isn’t just a bus, it’s a restaurant! You’re talking about a restaurant, I’ve even driven a tank. But we’re not planning to attack anybody. We need customers…And that to alive. I guess Akbar felt the same way… …when he built the Taj Mahal. No…Why not? Akbar didn’t build the Taj Mahal,
Shahjahan did. Forget your worries and break free Make your life colorful and break free Don’t worry and break free Break free and keep singing Whether a girl liked you or not There was something about that suspense The wait… That extra effort
to find out everything about her. Those were the good old days. Nowadays no one has that kind of time. swipe right … swipe left… Or go to hell! All of this won’t work on me, Ary. What does work on you papa! What? Nothing. What did you say? Ary!

100 thoughts on “Chef Official Trailer | Saif Ali Khan | Raja Krishna Menon”

  1. Has Jon Favreau seen this trailer yet? I'm assuming he didn't since we haven't heard any new of him commiting suicide

  2. Koch to Naya KaroThat's why I love Marathi movies at least they have some thing called new concept In Marathi you can see concept and in bollywoodYou can see only copy

  3. Copycats!!bollywood's standards are dropinf first tubelight now chef chalo kamse kam unho ne naam to alag rakha tha assholes

  4. This movie is literally the SAME movie as the Hollywood version but made by Bollywood.

    I hope this Bollywood version ends up being somehow different.

  5. Based on Chef by Jon Favreau
    Story same
    Dialogue same
    Bas, bolywood songs and cliche bolywood humour dala hai.
    Bolywood is a sux

  6. Wow cool! Big hands to our directors! Saifu you're biggest fan!!! Ure awsm and great like always!

  7. It was a great story … Originally a French movie, as far as I know and watched, Americans and the Chinese made it too in their own countries and traditions … Guess it's fair to give Bollywood some credit for adapting the movie in its on way.

  8. I apologise Saif Sir ki mene ye MOVIE hall pe nahi dekhi. I am really feeling ashamed! Its a fantastic MOVIE! So Inspirational! So emotional! TV par pahli baar dekhi ab taras raha badey pardey par dekhney k liye. Superb MOVIE! mindblwoing acting by everyone. Everything was good. Saif sahab you're my hero!

  9. Being a Chef is not a job its a responsibility of public health and quality food with great taste , get inspiration not bad
    Get depressed is bad because people thought it all is worse but sab log khayega toh pakayega kaun ?
    I am an executive chef in a 5 star property at Vegas usa
    I am just young so never planned about family 🙄

  10. I am chef in Italy 6 saal se India nhii gya is saal jaoga apne mom dad and apne bete se miluga or ye movie bhi dekh ke aaunga I miss u family

  11. Yes , the English version is very good but common it's saif ali khan , superb actor with an amazing sense of humor and feelings.

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