100 thoughts on “Chef Out Of Water Pre-Premiere Marathon • Tasty”

  1. I want to see the rice cooker episode one of these day…😂🙏

    Students living on a Dormitory
    Raise your hands👍👋✋👊

  2. Wait, is this just all the episodes of making a 3 course meal with a appliance in 1 episode? If it is I dont understand he point of this video no offense tasty.

  3. Uh so where exactly is the series? It said it's gonna upload on the 23rd. It's almost 25 here and I don't really see any videos. Or am I looking at the wrong platform?

  4. What your favorite season?
    1: Make it fancy
    2: Make it big
    3: Trendy V.S traditional
    4: I draw you cook
    5: Chef out of water

  5. The highlight of the flat iron episode: making two batches of whipped cream because Alexis accidentally used salt the first time.

  6. I wish this series was created when I was in boarding school. Our "kitchen" would close at around 7:30, so I literally became the master of making ramen and Mac n Cheese in my room's coffee maker. I could have been eating high quality food, damn it

  7. I wouldn’t trust a hotel room coffee maker to even make coffee. You never know what the previous people have done with the coffee maker. Haha

  8. It would be cool if she cooked a 3-course meal with a challenging appliance then the same meal with regular appliances and do a blind taste-test for the others

  9. Under every single Tasty post, 70%+ of the comments are tears about them recycling videos…
    Here's something you've definitely never seen before:

  10. Right when I was watching this, I saw an ad.
    Not just ANY ad, a TASTY ad. Guess what it was about?

    If you haven’t figured it out, it was an ad about tasty

  11. Air fryer, waffle iron, cup cake maker, cake ball maker, fondue pot, salamander, grill, pressure cooker, pancake griddle, toaster? All of these are great ideas, please reply your faves

  12. GIven one has to stir/whisk the living bejeezus out of polenta even if one makes it on a stove top, I sort of predicted that result. Maybe if one went in 20 second increments at 2/3rds power and stirred each time? -I hate wasting food, so I'm not going to try it, but… it might work?

    Episode idea: solid fuel stove + 5 mile hike with ingredients and utensils.

  13. I love that she taste everything and they show it. It’s what your supposed to do. Also it’s so fun about how excited she gets. You can tell she loves cooking.

  14. Use a Dishwasher! There was a chef in the 90's/early 2000's who was famous for making salmon in the dishwasher, that or I'm high.

  15. I wanted to know if she has social media but im not really happy with my results on my google search ,, tasty Alexis" 😂😂🤘🏻

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