100 thoughts on “Chef Sends Raw Chicken In Final Challenge In Gordon Ramsay’s Restaurant | Ramsay’s Best Restaurant”

  1. I mean you can’t overlook that huge fuck up. 1st time in the competition that it happened. That’s an immediate loss.

  2. People do not know their food very well. If the satay chicken were undercook, the flesh wouldn't easily separate like fibre strips. The pink colour was caused by the marinating process and the ingredients. That skewer was cooked properly.

  3. She's playing on a fine line calling her restaurant Nam Jem…Depending on how you pronounce it ; it'll either be translated to "Dipping Sauce" or "Vagina Water/Juice".

  4. i actually felt really bad for the chef when his chicken was under cooked for the second time, bet he drank a 2L bottle of Vodka when he got home and watched how too cook chicken tutorials on Youtube

  5. Threatening to call the police for a bottle of wine? Dick move of the customer or not, that server should be fired on the spot.

  6. That reviewer is a dick…if they dont serve that wine by the glass then don’t order it. It’s like if Someone walked in and ordered a just a single of glass of cristal bc I’ve never tried it and then complain about them not being able to give me a sample. Fuck that guy

  7. Rich pom who went there and stared a business with about 10K and making over 10K per week in cash, lol:) also sending his friends over to do the same and marry a ti restaurant and also having bongs when they can, lol 🙂

  8. chicken almost raw and not a temperature sensor in sight, stick it in the places where it would be hardest for the heat to penetrate like the thickest part of the chook and if its not over 75 degrees, then its still raw its as simple as that ever restaurant has the tools of the trade like a stainless steel temp sensor, so easy to stick it in each chook and make sure its way over 75 degrees ? I know the issue, working in a different kuchen with different ovens can make or break a cook as well ?

  9. I personally find it offensive if the whole table doesn’t get the same part/portion (app, main, desert) at the same time. Otherwise, it’s like mom cookin then everyone making their plates and eating in different rooms. I really don’t like food not being served at the same time especially if you have a child with u. I can’t tell u how many times when my son was young that all the adults would get served and the “kid menu” plate is very last or forgotten completely. His “logic” makes no sense bc regardless at some point someone at the table will be eating while someone isn’t. Customers
    Should have the same experience while dinning out. Most ppl like to eat at restaurants so they can spend time together and enjoy the company of the ppl they are with while treating themselves to good food. It’s not about shoveling ur food down as quick as possible and GTFO. Lol

  10. Everybody be living there daily life going to restaurants enjoying there time or not but Gordon Ramsay just spots out the drama that happens in hundreds of places. Gordon Ramsay = legend

  11. The problem is Gordan's entourage of 30 people and expecting to be served right away. The minute an entree sits longer than 1 minute under a heating lamp freaks out.

  12. "I hope we haven't blown our chances of winning the competition…" nope you haven't because your competitors were serving raw chicken lmao

  13. It's funny seeing foreigners working in restaurants in Britain defaulting to the service standards of their own countries where customers don't get to waste food and drink on a whim like they can in the west.

  14. Why is it always the table with people of darker complexion always missed. This is like 4 or 5 episodes I've seen that it happens

  15. i dont even know which show these are from, i always hearin him say 'the semi finals' so im just like ah shiit welp, next one, been like 5-6 semi finals with diff cuisines

  16. why is it always the only black people who JUST HAPPEN to be forgotten to be given starters lol. ti've seen this a couple of times on this show. intresting!

  17. Screaming 😂😂😂👏🏼👏🏼
    Did GR just reference Paris Hilton’s knickers? 💀💀💀💀 what year is this

  18. How are you a chef and you serve YOUR CHICKEN RARE.

    & OVER N OVER? How many ppl have they almost KILLED at The Mango 🥭 Tree? Holy Hell🔥🐓🐓🐓

  19. Most of the thai restaurants I've been to in Thailand just deliver food as it's made. They've no real understanding of the starter main desert chronology.

  20. Only thing that chef did wrong is to not allow his chicken to become room temp before cooking. It kept its chill in the oven. So sad such a technical problem caused his failure. With salmonella and potentially death at stake, the chef should stick a thermometer into it on the underside and even though the outside looks fantastic, the bone must have gotten hot enough to cook the meat.

  21. The guy was told he had to buy the whole bottle or none at all. If they guy didn't want it, he shouldn't of ordered it. They lose money on a whole bottle bc the guy wanted to splurge. That's not right

  22. "I think we'd like to talk to the manager and find out why there is no vegetarian option"

    Well because we serve real food here.

    Just joking but seriously… why expect everyone to offer vegetarian food? I do not expect everyone to serve meat, or pork, or Bratwurst, or Sauerkraut, or whatever. If I go to a place, I eat what they are offering. Nothing they offer suits me? Tough luck for me, not their mistake. But mine for having too harsh eating restrictions.

  23. Bro, Gordon really said : that life is busier than Paris Hilton’s knickers !!!

    Buahahahaa , fucking savage Gordon! Ily 🤟 🤣❤️❤️

  24. I didn't look at the time on the video and expected it to be like 5-10 minutes long. I thought it was going on a bit long until I looked at the length and shit it's 44 minutes.

  25. I think the biggest part of that interaction with the wine is the language barrier. The waiter's first language isn't english, people who aren't english say things and react in ways that make us born english people go "Excuse me what the fuck?" When they don't even realize they just slapped you verbally and being extremely aggressive. Pretty sure he was trying to shut down the conversation immediately assuming he wouldn't even think of trying the wine if he has to buy the whole bottle and not having the english capability to thoroughly explain the wine etc.

  26. The wine thing was pretty clear. The secret diner is a dumbass this time. Not paying for your dinner is theft. He gave him the policy upfront more than once. The server could've handled it better though.

  27. So disappointed to find that Nahm-Jim has closed. I live close enough to St Andrews and its stunning beach I'd have taken a trip there for both.

  28. Sorry, I wouldn’t be able to get passed the wine/police thing. I’m easy going and usually not fussy. I probably would have said never mind, I won’t try it. But if I were at the next table and saw the looks of the waiter and heard they would call police, I would never go back. The other dish looked more inviting and tasty, even if I had to send it back to be fully cooked.

  29. Customer: "it was probably still clucking."

    Gordon: stares

    Gordon (in his head): "that's my line you piece of shit wanker, who do you think you're talking to…"

  30. The lady from the mango tree in pink just shakes her head yes even when no one is taking she looks like a dumb ass doesn't even know what's going on… She should get fired…

  31. "Over the last ten years, Thai food has taken Britain by storm." Where have you been? Texas, U.S.A., of all places, has had good Thai food for at least 20 years and, "Thank you!," for it. How is it that U.S.A. (twice as far from Thailand) has had good Thai food at least 10 years longer than Britain? I'm not specifically dorking Gordon for this, but holy crap, at times I'm positive that the media blows things out of proportions, simply because it sounds good at the moment. I have a hard time believing that Texas has a leg up on Britain for any kind of food that's a whole gosh darn ocean further away. Except for Vietnamese food. I learned that there's something about the Gulf of Mexico that has attracted many Vietnamese people over the last 50 years. Also, "Thank you!," for spreading your joy of cooking to us.

    Pink Chicken: My friend found pink chicken twice at the same place. Once on the inside due to rawness. The other on the outside due to pink candy sprinkles. Really? OK. They were both made by students (not cooking students), but REALLY!?!

  32. The 'secret diner' man is extremely pretensious. He was told that he wouldn't be able to try it unless he purchased the full bottle, which he kept on arguing that we really wanted to try the wine, although yes the restaurant should have small taster bottles of such. But he was told. The server clearly reacted to a what he would've seen as a typical arse of a customer, although police were overstretched but shouldve said he would get the manager or ask them to leave.

    These secret diners are exactly the definetion of smug, rich and snobby people.

  33. In every single episode, that secret dinner lady is an absolute C word. I know, it’s her job to be tough, but she sounds like her horse is so high even she can’t climb on it. Must be great having a successful career being paid to be condescending and puffed up all day, then go home to your 6 cats.

  34. That secret diner was making an unreasonable request. The waiter overreacted but was put on the spot where he had to choose between potentially losing the business money or refusing and making a bad impression on the customer. If he'd tried that at all the other restaurants in this program, they would have had a problem with it too. Arrogant, pompous wanker.

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