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  1. Listen to the latest episode of Feast Your Ears based on 'How far is too far with fusion food' here: https://sorted.club/s5e4/

  2. My Sorted experience at the momen: watch videos, reach the curve ball, give up on the video and watch something else 😔

  3. Considering the space, he could have hurt himself in more than one way and more than just a simple "prank damage".

    Seriously, you are going to kill eachother one day with a simple prank 😛

  4. I love their accents the most….I wish I could have them all in NY w me 😳😳…Great for James

  5. Hey guys got an ultimate chief battle idea with a curve ball.
    A good fluffy celiac friendly Gluten free bread.
    Curve ball. tell the chefs they are making a sweet or savoury type of pull apart bread still has to be gluten free!
    (let the judges choose if they want sweet or savoury)

  6. honestly, James’ looked great, but Ben’s seemed much more enticing to me. I loved all the little components to Ben’s dish, and it seemed like he made it with so much care and thought put into it, and was almost delicate with making it, that it was (this sounds weird lol) beautiful to watch, and just looked fantastic.

  7. Gosh! I like that idea of using pasta making machine. It takes ages to roll out thin Chappati to make pani puri balls . Well done you 🤗

  8. Curveball – Another person has to chop/julienne/dice etc. the ingredients of another person. Or just make Barry do the julienning for everyone.

  9. Hey guys. An idea for the next curveball could be having the normals each pick one component of the normals dishes, and the two chefs get to swap those ingredients with a large table of ingredients. I.e. barry could remove a certain spice from Jamie’s dish, but then ben or James can add any ingredient or food to that dish. The fact the chefs adds the ingredients keeps it fair, but the normals still have to cook without an ingredient. It also may stop the normals screwing each other over so much.

  10. I think the curveball is a stupid idea, can potentially ruin an amazing dish and a lot of effort that went into this. Glad they didn't really go with it!

  11. Ben's looks soooooo good, would love to try it, he's sure the winner for me! 
    and sorry but James's paratha looks nowhere near the paratha my mom makes 😂

  12. Well, I'm not exactly sure how one defines a curry, but back home in India, neither the channa masala nor the baigan ka bharta (burnt aubergine) are considered curries. But technicalities apart, those were some of the most interesting versions I've seen! Feeling proud. Also, why was James so serious?

  13. Indian dishes ki band bajate hai ye log ….he messed up the basic ingredient not chickpeas but peas had to be used.

  14. I made ben's curry/potato recipe with a couple twists of my own. Still so so so good. Might have to test out James' curry too

  15. Loool it was a curry battle but only one curry was cooked. Regardless a round of applause to the Pani puri! It looked perfect.

  16. Bengalis know the only way to have aubergines is to slice them and fry them in a spicy batter. There is honestly nothing better. Come @ me


  18. You guys should put a shocker on Barry in every video he cook is and shock him every time he leaves one on

  19. Chana masala is my favorite Indian dish. And the second one he made with the puff things was an impressive trick. I've found the deep fried puffs of many varieties in Indian cuisine to be out of balance most of the time, so I prefer the reliability of rice and nan bread. I wish I could say I think Ebbers should have won, but Chana masala just isn't a fancy enough dish for a contest, and making two dishes side by side isn't something I can get behind.

  20. Curve ball idea: have someone switch half of the chef's ingredients (including half of their spices, herbs, and seasonings) before they start cooking!

  21. Great episode and almost felt it could have been a draw. My idea for an episode, since I am from Texas, is a chicken fried steak battle complete with cream gravy, mashed potatoes and fresh made dinner rolls. When I was stationed in England and away from home, this was the meal I missed the most. Anyway, great episode.

  22. Curry by Currie

    I really don't like how curveballs were set up in the curry episodes. This is supposed to be a cooking competition between people. How is having different people work on the same recipe, or not having someone cook for some time in this case, a competition between people?

  23. No Barry, you do not have that with rice ! That's not how it works 😂😂
    A sweet chutney is also usually put into the Puris…
    But the execution of the Puris, top notch ! Well done Benny Boy !
    James wanting to nail the parathas is so precious… Even Us Indians fail at those… Well done lads…

  24. Ben always gets the butt of all the pranks, but he's always so fair and optimistic! This is why I love him so much 🙂
    He really is just the dad with the patience of a Saint.

  25. What they made isn't really curry. James' dish is actually a mash we eat with rice typically and what Ben made is 2 types of snacks.

  26. Bitter eggplant, bitter is the one taste I really don’t like, I don’t even like the brown or dark coloured lettuces because they are bitter, green lettuce only for me.

  27. I’ve not used it before but apparently asafoetida REALLY stinks, like don’t store in your pantry, throw in bin to get rid of it stinks. It is also known as Devils Dung so that’s probably a good indication of its smell.

  28. I’m usually a meat in every meal kind of guy but if you are going to eat purely vegetarian, Indians do make it some of the most flavour packed. I liked both meals, I think I would have them as side dishes to meat and rice curries.

  29. Would it be too much to ask for an episode where you compare different cooking appliances and why they are the best or the worst? Like electric kitchens, gas kitchens, electric ovens, smoking, and those fancy molecular gastronomy appliances? I would love to know which type of kitchen you guys like the most.

  30. my mom would kiiiiilll for a son in law that cook like these two…..sadly she's stuck with me ehehehe love you mom!

  31. Strange that the boys have never had paratha before. It's also interesting to see people use exact measurements with subcontinental food.

  32. This episode really drove home the difference between the "normals" and the chefs. Bc the normals are still really quite skilled as is! The plating and combination of flavor profiles… Very impressive!

  33. can ben win because my second name is CHANA 👌👌👌👌👌👌🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪😂

  34. Why does the F'ing coriander end up in every dish. That stuff is about as pleasant as a bee sting in the perineum.

  35. I feel my food horizons are expanding with Ben's recipes, over and over again it is something I didn't know exists or one can cook. Even I chicken about trying most of them I became more adventures in my day to day cooking. Thanks)

  36. As an Indian, I was looking forward to seeing your take on our food (yeah we just call it food) but the brief was to make curries and Ben (Mr "I have been to India") made Pani Puri (aka Gol Gapaa) which is more a snack rather than an actual meal and not really a curry. Slightly disappointed there with some chanaa as a side dish, so much more you could have done there.

    James, the Baingan di partha with lachhaa paratha looked great and I would love to have tried it, odd to see sugar bit probably due to the bitterness of the burning. Usually, we wash some of the burned bits off so its smoke but not bitter.

    Please do this battle again but like a typical Indian household make 2-4 things each (like a thaali) which the curry being the main thing. Maybe one meat dish and vegetarian dish each with roti or rice?

  37. James if its any consolation my mum makes burnt aubergines (Bharata, which means burnt or toasted) very similar to your recipe!

  38. @sortedfood I am from india and love cooking… it is amazing how ben could master the art of making puris for pani puri…. PLEASE TRY SOUTH INDIAN DISHES… specially something called idly SAMBHAR or masala dosa

  39. 8:08
    Ben: How wide can you go? Open your mouth wider.
    Me: Yes daddy

    (I'm drunk and watching sorted videos don't hate me)

  40. Pani Puri is amazing, but to be fair the Chana masala is not a curry, but more of a chickpea stew while James' dish was a curry. So just curry theme wise, James wins – but I just can't resist the urge to snack on Pani Puri either🤔🤔

  41. Hey there Ben … that is not a "Kadhai" …. it is a "Pateela" … a Kadhai is something similar to a wok , with a hemispherical shape … your friend had you on that one … 😛

  42. I've never particularly liked chickpea curry (I'll eat it because I am obsessed with Indian food but I would never order it for myself) but I've had some really good (albeit really spicy) eggplant curry. Strangely enough the best eggplant curry I've had was in Florida though.

  43. I think you should do an Ultimate Chef’s battle where the Normals try and cook tailors dishes for Ben and James like their favourite food or dishes or flavours

  44. I would love to see you guys make a red pasta sauce using NO TOMATOES! I'm allergic and I have my ways around it but I would love to see the chefs try it, or better yet see how the normal's cope with the thought haha (FYI I'm posting this on every video on your channel because I really want it to be seen)

  45. Potato skins made me piss my pants. Omg. "If i learned anything from these chef battles, we're really good at making potato skins…"

  46. Love and respect from India. You can never go 'wrong' with an Indian dish because there is no unanimous nationwide consensus on how something is made. I would never have made any of these dishes in exactly the same way as either Ben or James but a million other people could have. The traditions of the same dish vary from place to place. For example: for Pani Puri traditionally in my home state the water is super spicy and you would put in chaat masala and no tamarind. Tamarind is occasionally served as a side sauce of tamarind and jaggery. But Ben's riff is perfectly legitimate as well. Keep it up. Great stuff.

  47. Can see why can foreigners hate Indian food because of local cock.both of kind of chick peas have different flavour,these are cock differently.

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