Chef Wang teach you: “Red Braised Pork”, the traditional Chinese braised taste is really good!

Hello everyone, I am Wang Gang. In this video I am going to share Chinese red braised pork with you Let’s hit it! First off, let’s warm up the wok until the smoke comes out Prepare 400g of pork belly, put the pork into the wok with skin faced down Remove the pork out of the wok when the skin is golden The purpose of this step is to remove the unwanted skin smell of the pork Then add water and wash the pork skin until it’s clean Clean it properly and thoroughly, otherwise there will be bitterness Next we start to boil the pork Add some water in the wok Place the cleaned pork inside Add a few slices of ginger Add 40g Chinese cooking wine Add a few scallions Cook for 15 minutes with maximum heat During the boiling, remove the floating blood foam through After 15 minutes, remove the pork and cool it down using clean water The purpose of this step is to prevent oil being splattered during later stir-fry process Cut the pork into your favorable size after cooling down Next, let’s prepare the Braised Pork’s side ingredients Prepare 15 grams of ginger and cut into slices Prepare a few scallions into a knot and put them in a bowl Prepare 4 washed raw eggs You may replace egg with pigeon eggs or quail eggs Now let’s prepare the spices Add 2 star anises in the bowl Add 2 Chinese cinnamons Add 2 bay leaves Finally add a few green Sichuan green pepper Now let’s start cooking. First, let’s warm up the wok After warm it up, add some vegetable oil Pour the oil out after a few seconds (this step is professionally called “sliding the wok” in Chinese, the purpose of this is to prevent the food from sticking to the wok) Then put the diced pork into the wok Stir fry the pork with minimum fire for 6 minutes The purpose of this step is to make the pork golden and less greasy You should remove the excessive oil during the stir fry After 6 minutes pour out the oil one last time and drain off the pork from oil Now stir fry the spices and ginger slices Add the pork back and stir fry everything for 30 seconds The purpose of this step is to force the fragrant out of the spices After 30 seconds, add 10g sugar color (You can also use 5g dark soy sauce for coloring if you don’t have sugar color) Now add 3g light soy sauce from the side of the wok Stir fry for a few times When the pork has the darker color, add 500ml beer And add 400ml of water Boil everything with maximum heat When boiling, let’s start the seasoning Add 2g of salt Add 2g of sugar Add a pinch of white pepper powder Now add the scallion knot into the wok Turn down the heat a bit (the soup still need to be boiling) Add the eggs, cook for 60 minutes The purpose of 1 hour cooking is to make the pork reach the best seasoning taste After 50 minutes of cooking, remove the scallions and the gingers Remove the eggs and put them at the bottom of the plate Using low heat to thicken the gravy sauce, this step may take 10 minutes When gravy sauce is thicken, the pork is ready to be plated Red braised pork is now finished

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