100 thoughts on “Chefs Honestly Review Kitchen Gadgets Vol. 9”

  1. I have chronic pain + chronic fatigue and I cannot peel things without both of those flaring up. That peeler gadget would be amazing

  2. There's literally a product out there that has trademarked the name "Garlic Shaker". It'd be cool to see that reviewed.

  3. Main Problem with the Rotato Express in my eyes is, that you still need to peel the top and the bottom by hand.

  4. I had a hand crank version of the first one and I could do it much faster, I peeled 20 apples in 5 minutes but then the handle broke 🙁

  5. How sad is it that in a room of 5 chef's none know that those knife sharpeners destroy your knifes

  6. Peeler 😵
    Nut holder thingy 😵
    Knife sharpener 🤕 (have the same one and it’s crap)
    Brander 🤩

  7. -The electric peeler is great for those with arthritis or gripping problems I have the hand crank version which only seems to be able to peel apples .Id buy this peeler

  8. you guys need a norwegian potato peeler. google: "norsk potetskreller" . It's much faster and you peal AWAY from your fingers

  9. They finally got on to all those comments pointing out many of the gadgets they have tried out have been aimed at the elderly or people with disabilities then 🙂

  10. A traditional steel doesn't sharpen your knifes it only hones the edge you need sharpening stones or knife sharpener to actually sharpen your knifes

  11. I have that knife sharpener & its so useless cuz it keeps stopping every time i swiped and it just ruined my knife

  12. What really interests me about the first one is how you could easily make vegetable noodles. It might be a good way to play around with shapes and textures.

  13. A chef I worked for had three branders for the various types of steaks he did, it's how he reminded waiters which was medium, rare, or well done after a few mixup accidents happened. Guy was a genius.

  14. To me, the potato peeler would be perfect for someone that has severe arthritis. Yes it might be complicated and a bit slower, but for someone who honestly cannot put that much pressure on their fingers, it's a very good gadget

  15. I love how ben is so thorough when you ask him to test something. Also his reasoning for "mouth" was so clever!!

  16. Bought one of the knife sharpeners for $3 Australian in a charity shop which is way cheaper than a steel. Oh and the edit, I HATE peeling things. I would use the crap out of the automatic potato peeler.

  17. My sis gave me the brand a few years ago and I've never touched it besides to move it out of the way in the pantry.

  18. I had the potatoe peeler, fucking life saver with a family of 11 plus guest it’s a need when it takes 15 minute to peel what usually would take an hour of potatoes

  19. Haha I've had the Rotato for almost 2 years and it still works great. I use it to peel my toddler's apples because she'll eat 2 at a time a couple times a day. She loves watching it. The blade does get bits stuck inside sometimes, but it does come with spare blades as well. If she didn't eat so many apples, it wouldn't be worth having, but it's totally worth it in my case.

  20. People with issues like arthritis, would benefit from the Rotato. And parents with younger kids could have some fun with it too.

  21. google 1800's apple peeler….This ia battery operated version of something that's been around for well over 100 years.

  22. Letters that look the same both ways, that has nothing to do with it. The letter will always be the right way around, but the word might not be

  23. Guys… seriously, throw out the ribbed little metal stick you think sharpens knives… use a leather strop to straighten the edge and use an actual stone to re-finish your edge. Those metal rods are "for straightening" but they aren't for sharpening, they slowly warp the fractured edge of your blade until it becomes more a wood saw than a knife. Five minutes practice with a 1k/6k doing 3 strokes per side per grain and you'll never want the unicorn rod again.

    The leather strop draws the edge back into uniform shape and heats it from friction which gives the edge a soft temper. Throw out the steel.

  24. I’m an occupational therapist and I recommend the potato express for patients with pain in their hands for rheumatoid arthritis

  25. I don't even think that peeling things is the best function of the peeler. After you've peeled the apple run it again and you get one long thin string of apple. Make a little nest of these long apple-strings and put a scoop of icecream or two in the middle. Guests will think you're mental and stand around meticulously making apple-strings.

  26. Ugh… The sharpener is useful for those who are lazy, it's not as good as sharpening by hand using a whetstone.

  27. Those knife sharpeners are notorious for destroying your knives. If you have cheap knives, by all means use it, but if you have quality steel blades don't use them.

  28. "i get to brand you"
    Last video i watched he shoved a pineapple into jamies mouth and commanded him to bite it
    Im getting a certain image of james

  29. May grandfather was only able to use one hand. That potato peeler machining was extremely useful to him. I think it was a gadget built with those who have disabilities in mind.

  30. The rotato potato peeler also works on apples is just a new version of 1880's gadget that was turned by a hand crank. I don't know that it was 1880's or older but I think it was from around that time. There were 500 different patents made for potato and apple peelers patents registered in the 1800s.

  31. Ben going after the apple peel is the cutest thing I've seen!! I do that all the time with my apple peeler/spiraler

  32. I actually own a “Rotato” and I think it’s brilliant for peeling a lot of apples or potatoes. Not only can you do other things while it peels for you, but it saves your hands—and if you have carpel tunnel or arthritis, you really want that. In addition, you don’t have slippery potato’s or kiwi flying out of your hands as you try to peel them. AND it zests lemons and other citrus so that you don’t get any of the white pith. Great for making marmalade. So, I find it ENORMOUSLY useful.

  33. Would love to see a similar series of all those Food hack videos shown on Facebook and YouTube such as peeling an orange with a spoon or creating roses from strawberries, using a funnel to separate an egg…

  34. I have one of those sharpeners and it’s visibly damaged the edge of my knives, I ended up replacing it with a proper sharpening stone set to fix them. Probably ok for cheaper knives, or serrated, I’d keep it well away from any expensive knives though.

  35. Ok ok ok I bought item number 1! The peeler! I wanted to be able to load one and do other things. But you have to peel the top and bottom and the big eyes. I had to clean it and I just tossed it. No worth it.

  36. Durn it! I also bought number 2!!!!! For the wife and daughter. For CHRISTMAS!!! She eats nuts and reads her phone!! I though I nailed it. Well it was found in the recycle bin!

  37. I think you should do an ultimate battle where the curveball is the normals must use at least one of your featured kitchen gadgets to prepare their dish.

  38. I love how Ben always has us veg heads in mind. I was trying to think of a veggie that I could brand as he said it xD. Keep it up guys.

  39. I think the rotato Express is actually pretty useful but that's just because my family has a annual pie day where we peel about 50 lb the apples at least

  40. I have rheumatoid arthritis, which tends to affect my hands when I have a flare. The problem with peeling potatoes is actually the constant grip pressure required. So the peeler gadget would be really useful for people with arthritic hands, even with the fine motor skill requirements of setting it up.

  41. Omg I had an original Rotato! I got it for Xmas when I was like 12-14 😂 Didn't know there was an updated one! Btw, thanks for recognizing that disabled people exist and have a need for things ✊🏻

  42. My mom makes about 4 apple pies every thanksgiving and the electric peeler saves her hands for the next day! They get really sore, she’s not young so it’s much easier for her and it cleans super easy. And yes I try to help but she’s a GET OUT OF MY KITCHEN kinda woman 😂

  43. Queer is not a slur, Benjamin Ebbrell! I understand the sentiment but I no longer tolerate well-meaning people censoring the word I and many people use to identify their sexuality. Censoring a word my people have taken back from those who used it to hurt us is not okay.

  44. I want you to have children using some of these. Because some gadgets seem like they're so you can have kids help do the cooking or for kids to make something in the morning while parents sleep in.

  45. As kids my great-grandmother had one of the roto potato Express. we would go over to her house and make apple strings with the same thing put them in a little bit of lemon water so that it wouldn't Brown. yes I knew that even at age 6. And that was our snack as we watched your favorite cartoon

  46. 'AnySharp' sharpeners destroy your edge by ripping an indiscriminate amount of steel from the blade. Your knife will need regrinding.

  47. Snack tray – no, I have a bowl, Knife sharpener – no , I have a steel , peeler – umm , £4 peeler works v well , and does blemishes, , and is smaller, steak brander – fun once , but unlikly to use twice. – feel like a right misery now 🙂

  48. The tattie peeler is great for people like me with arthritus in their hands BUT , theyers always a but I bought the Von Haus one at $16 and it failed every time by getting clogged .No matte what I did it would get clogged in the cutter and I tried all 3 cutters .Sent it back got a refund and bought another for £6 . Had it for 4 months and it hasent let me down yet .Still on the same citter .I diddnt come with a transformer power unit but I had the right voltage one at home so just conected it up , if your not sure how to do that find someone who knows what they are doing

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