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  1. I personally really enjoyed this video, man has a unique personality which I find appealing to watch. That being said though all these dishes look amazing but god damn would I still be hungry lol

  2. Yeah the dude is definitely an introvert, but it's real, and he was trying his hardest to be entertaining. I like the occasional contrast from the other episodes that just show young chefs getting fucked up and being quasi narcissistic. Also, yeah the wife's definitely banging other dudes, as someone pointed out about 9:36 minutes.

  3. The first part of episode left me feeling like a third wheel on my best pal and his wife's wedding anniversary date night. Enjoy your dinner at your buddy Corey's place, but I don't wanna see you chat with your wife. I like what Daniel Patterson does with his restaurants in principle and his ethos, but I find his media work including his cookbook (which I've thought about buying a few times and pulled back after reading it) and his appearance on Mind of a Chef with David Chang to be dull. He strikes me as a thoughtful, reflective guy, qualities I respect, but engaging with some laughs, no and that's what I look for in a Munchies episode.

  4. I have to admit this is arguably the worst Munchies episode ever!!! Real people don't waste there time eating high end food without enjoying all of the creature comforts!!!

  5. Alta is a restaurant that is casual and fun? That's what he said, yet that place looked like something I would take my rabi dad to. Sorry to be a hater but this was the worst one for me personally.

  6. Probably the most boring chef's night out ever. I'm not saying you gotta be messed up to have a good time like the rest, but this was so boring despite that fact. Food stops look great, but this guy needs a colonoscopy or something to spice his life up.

  7. A show about food and you guys talking about sex and bullshit things about him. As line cook myself in NYC I can say that Daniel Patterson is highly regarded as one of the best chefs in the country, the guy is extremely creative. I you want fun go watch sports and if you want to see people drink go watch jersey shore this is about the food.

  8. one of the reasons daniel patterson is such an amazing and game changing american chef is because of his intellect and the way he thinks rather than just going out and getting fucked up like some half wit scum bag.

  9. these two argue all the time, especially at home, probably sleeps in different bedrooms. she definitely is having an affair (or affairs), i can see it in his eyes

  10. I'm all for Michelin star food and modern fine dinning but as a chef. the food I want and want to create is for people not the rich but people who come together as friends and family give me a ham bone stew with a ham hock slow cooked in dr pepper like mustard seeds and chilli's an honey. keep your awkward over complex food. if you want memories make it about the people eating not yourself.

  11. This is one the most awkward, boring and strange episodes/ His wife's voice tone is a typical "Marina" soiled brat with ending intonations of a Valley Girl. The guy looks and acts very uptight and is afraid to even say something. I can see who wears pants in his family.

  12. I used to find this episode boring, but now I really appreciate him talking about his philosophies on food. If you listen to him talk about food and his experiences with it, he's super insightful.

  13. I actually think this episode is really fucking funny, cause he's completely self aware of all the things people dislike about this video. also it's really nice to have a portrayal of different sides of the food industry. it's beautiful and intimate.

  14. This chef and his boojie attorney wife are two of the most disgusting pretentious assholes to wall the face of this earth! Are you kidding me? Fuck people like This! Effete assholes ALL!

  15. These financial elite aren't part of the general public. The production crew, editors, and producers should know better than to try and sell this lifestyle in this type of show. IMO, square peg, round hole. (And partially, it seems like the film crew and editors were quietly making fun of these people.) And I feel sorry for people of that financial class. They are so far removed from what is real. 'High society', in my opinion means you have your head in the clouds without rooting your feet in the ground. They also have the farthest to fall if The West's bubble ever pops.

  16. I admire his skill and to some extent, I agree with what he says, also, he is on the wrong end of the fun scale

  17. omg her voice …..and who could afford to eat at this "this is all about San Francisco and what we can bring to the area" :o/ if a plate costs $100 and people a dumb enough to pay it…really rip them off and add another zero

  18. I've seen at least 20 and this one is the first one I've exited (about to exit) sorry guys. Misses the mark with these weirdos

  19. I knew this episode was fucked up when the chef went out all suited followed by wifey. I can smell divorce in the air. O dear!

  20. "Here is a single spring pea, misted with a lime air, crushed maple leaves from the forest floor, on top of a pool of blessed Tibetan water. Your tab will be $672.89"

  21. '
    Wow! What a nice change. A bit of a palate cleanser amid all the chef's drinking too much, eating too much and generally behaving OTT. A whole different and intimate look at the restaurants they visited.

  22. best part of this episode….the comments below🤣🤣🤣🤣. I have a lot of respect for chef Patterson but somehow comments below from all viewers pinpoints every issues.

  23. Daniels been in the kitchen so long and takes it so serious you can tell his social life kinda struggles which goes with the territory. Sad but also impressive if you get what I’m saying.

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