100 thoughts on “Chef’s Night Out: Robertas”

  1. This Munchies channel is basically a show case for neighborhoods going through gentrification. The Food aspect is a facade.

  2. I'm probably labeling myself as an asshole for saying this. These guys bust their asses all day long to produce some seriously good food. I've eaten the pizza at Roberta's while visiting NYC and even though it is REALLY expensive pizza, it's so fucking good. But as people in general, all the people in this video come off as total fucking hipsters. "Look at how cool what we're doing is/We were doing it before it was cool-skinny jean wearing-vintage typewriter using-handle bar mustache-apple product using-brooklynite-douchebag-hipster" assholes. [drops mic]

  3. is it just me or does robertas seem like a totally different place than what we see on the pizza show?

  4. i hate these pretentious, small serving, look at my artistic food… restaurants. What happened to a good ole satisfying meal without having put up this act…

  5. "Never mix drinks" isn
    t that a good rule? And here in every single chef's night out, they are all mixing drinks. Drinking this much is not normal, and if people think it is, they have themselves forgotten what normal is. I think all these people have become alcoholics. They'd feel empty if they don't drink. Other than the drinking promotion, everything else about munchies and Chef's Night Out show rocks.

  6. It grosses me out, all the drinking and how they all look like showering is an old movement. This is not a vibration I want making my food. No thanks.

  7. It always interest me when these hipsters come into an existing neighborhood and act like people in that neighborhood did not exist prior to them coming in there. Was watching the pizza show and they basically stated that the neighborhood grew around this place. Please, stop with the nonsense.

  8. These videos kind of tell you than NY's high prices aren't really justified. If you have money to go out to 5 different bars and eat caviar on any given night that means you're rich. And I, such a naive, though that food was so expensive so people could pay the rent and stuff. I would charge half these ridiculous prices ($7 for a slice of pizza…) And show people that you can live really well and comfortable without ripping off everyone you see.

  9. If your forehead is the size of a drive-in movie theater screen and you have a pony-knot…….CUT THAT SHIT!

    Pony-knots are bad as it is, but when you throw a sevenhead into the mix it's even worse. Why do his friends not tell him this!?!

  10. I don't get it. They start a pizzeria and all of a sudden the barrio is hip and they turn out fancy miniature dishes and get Michelin stars… WUT?!

  11. "natural wine"

    fuck off, as opposed to what, artificial wine? it's all made using yeast and grapes which are found, naturally, in nature

  12. "It kinda just, got started, you know…" What does that even mean? You opened a restaurant dude, it didn't just grow organically out of the street like a plant or something.

  13. Take off? All gentrafacation is not bad, but a lot of people lived in Bushwick before all you transplants (hipsters) moved in. Just saying.

  14. These guys need there own show. Lolololololololololololololol. Is that a manacan or a real person?????. Lolololololololololololololol

  15. I get the passion for the food and even the party lifestyle, but the posturing is cheese. I guess that’s what I kinda looked like when I was that age…or maybe just what I thought I looked like.

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