100 thoughts on “Chefs Recommend Kitchen Equipment Vol.2 | £112 Pan vs £12 Pan”

  1. The thermal coffee thing would appeal tp the few people that lovd their coffee ridiculously hot. Which, I have a few family friends that do.

  2. Too quick with the french press. It should take a good 20-30 seconds to plunge, that way you don't get grounds in your coffee.

  3. After I refurbished an ages old cast iron pan I have not used my modern (mid range) non stick pan once. That cast iron pan is damn excellent! The company that made it has not been in business for like 30 years and the pan works like new, possibly even better.

  4. No regret getting a Silpat, even used it to roll dough before using it for oven. 8 years now and still going strong.

  5. As someone who bakes cookies at least once a week, cookies veggies and protein in the oven multiple times a week and makes candy like brittle and barks several times a year the silicone matt is amazing and I use it almost every day. I actually have one drying and one that needs to be washed.
    I also use it when making doughs for kneading so it's easier clean up.

    I would go through 2-3 rolls of baking paper a month. Now one roll will stay in my pantry for 2-3 months (use it for lining cake pans/loaf pans/brownies

  6. No nonstick pan is going to last a lifetime. I agree that a mid-range nonstick pan with a thick base is a good choice, expecting to have to replace it in a few years.

    Also I've burned my hand like that many times… It's very painful

  7. What are you 3 on about?! I use an insulated French Press all the time for myself, not to serve other people! I prefer the insulated ones as you can enjoy your coffee for much longer… the exact same reason people use flasks, tea cosies etc. Glass releases heat too fast.

  8. I have 6 Le Creuset pans (stainless steel) and a few of their cast iron pots and pans. I HATE their frying pan. On its own it would have been almost £100 and the £25 John Lewis own brand pan out lasted and out performed it for over a year. More money isn't always more quality.

  9. Ok just seen this. And i work in home bargains (a shop the brits will know) and we sell a few of these items for cheaper. Just saying

  10. I have been using my grandmother’s kitchen knife since she died, so that makes it over a 100 yrs old. I only use Le Creusot, they are perfect. I have a traditional peeler which has lasted 10 yrs. My box grater is perfect for cheese and citrus. My chopping board is plastic, the perfect size. I can chop several things and easily scrape them into the pan.

  11. Been lucky enough to inherit my set of Anolon pans. Worked for Cutco for a painful 2 months to afford a decent knife set until I can get better ones.

  12. #4 is perfect for people that don't anticipate how fast they will drink their coffee. The thermos addition lessens the blow of making awesome coffee and then tossing it in the microwave. 😕

  13. That therometer was sexy af, holy fuck. I'm so getting that. Might be almost £90, but if you can get absolutely perfect cooked meat every single day? Fuck yeah, its worth it! 😀

  14. If you are a heavy caffeine addict who likes their coffee hot at all times and don’t like to share the gator is a good choice or in a scenario where you are slaving away on your computer and like hot coffee its still available long after you make it.

  15. I don’t think heavy pans are more efficient from an energy point of view. They will store more energy getting up to temperature which is then dissipated (wasted) after you stop cooking. They are better for temperature stability while cooking though.
    Also metal french press ‘3x hotter’, did you mean stays hot 3x longer? As others have said you don’t want the water in contact with the coffee after your brew time is up as it will overextract and taste bitter.

  16. If the glass French press is one-third the price and if (like me) you break your glass French press at least once a year, the metal one will save you money in four years.

  17. I have 2 silicone mats from school. I prefer using parchment paper more still, but parchment paper does burn over time and it’s easier clean up. It also rolls up so you have to secure it down. Silicone mat is reusable so it is better for the environment (possibly?)

  18. For pans, frying pans particularly, my dad jokingly explained it (conceptually obviously, don't try it in the shop) if you hit someone on the head with it, would the pan dent, or the head. If it's the pan, don't buy it 😂

  19. the trick with a french press is not making the filter do all the work. if you leave an air gap and swirl the pot, the grounds mostly settle out and the filter is mostly passing easily through clear coffee. fuck that puddling away at the surface that people do … inefficient, time-wasting, and there's more to it than just guaranteeing all the grounds are wet. the thing with mat vs paper is that you rely on the thermal properties (evenness, etc) of the mat, while the paper is so thin you're mostly experiencing the thermal properties of the underlying tray. apples and oranges

  20. What's kind of funny is that just about every line cook and even the high end chefs cooking in their professional kitchens use some thin high carbon steel pans for their work because they heat up so damn fast and they're damn near indestructible.

  21. Larger is NOT more energy efficient. That is not how it works. Its the same ammount of energy going into the food to cool it down. However what WOULD affect is whichever of them have the least thermal radiation since that would keep more heat in and less radiating into the air. And that is where a larger surface area is worse because a larger area is radiating.

  22. Loved it! Gosh I dream of the day I can afford to buy Le Creuset pots and pans haha I have a video suggestion: what about doing different "starter kits" recommendation. Like for example: the best pots, pans and utensils for students starting to cook: which are essentials, cheap and trustworthy? Then, the same for young workers moving into their first real appartment or house wanting to get more serious about cooking? Basically a list of what to invest in, in which order, would be so helpful.

  23. Look, you bunch of millennials need to get on the whole x-gen schedule. These new kids will use a metal straw like it's no one's business. See, I'm afraid I'll trip while using one and I'll end up dead or mentally handicapped in some way, but this new gen just wants to save the environment, others, and lastly themselves.Honestly, I can get behind a silicone mat because I like cookies, baked potatoes, and so on, and at most would just opt for an off brand. Wilton makes one for 8 usd and a complete off brand costs 3 usd, so cheaper than the roll. Silicone mats are a dream to clean up too because you can dish wash them at an angle.

  24. Silicon baking mat is probably my most used kitchen item, next to my knife and board.

    It’s useful for so many things:
    – protecting glass induction hob when cooking
    – stopping light chopping boards from moving
    – Mis on plas
    – Resting in-use utensils
    – Baking on
    – Under the grill rack

    The most useful kitchen item ever, and it rolls up nicely and sits in the side of the drawer.

  25. I own four silpat mats. They are essential in my life and I can't reject the last time I used baking parchment not in a cake tin.

  26. Unfortunately, I'm pretty much stuck with cheap pans for life. A broken wrist that never quite healed properly means that I can barely handle even those lightweight pans when they're full – a cast iron monstrosity is basically out of the question. 🙁

  27. Pro tip for burns like that
    Cover the burn in mustard immediately, the burn wont bubble which reduces pain and you will heal much faster

  28. I’m here eating peanut butter off a knife whilst wishing I could have some of that steak!! Yum!! / thanks for the vid 💕💕

  29. They regularly forget about how people may low-no waste options and tools best for people with special needs. And please don't tell me that only old people (ie not their audience) can't use their hands really well.

  30. Can you do a chef's recommend for rice cookers? I've been needing to get a new one but not sure if I should get a rice cooker or an pressure cooker?

  31. Silicone mat is to baking paper as a coffee pot is to a Keurig. It's an environmental decision. For whatever reason, you picked the most expensive mat I've ever heard of. I got 2 for around $10. Compare generic to brand name mats maybe, but this comparison wasn't fair because it didn't even address the reason the mats are used by most of us "normals."

  32. A suggestion about the pans is that you buy a cheap set of pans and replace them one by one with a more expensive pan. Start off by buying the pan you use the most and go from there.

  33. 13:10 I feel you Barry. That's the worst feeling because you can never tell that the handle is hot. I think we should have colour changing handles that tell you when a handle gets too hot to touch.

  34. I'm student working part time. I have only a few pots and pans but they are super high quality because I love cooking and I'd rather spend a bit more and keep them for longer. But of course everyone should decide for themselves but I would never buy a cheap pot because they won't last a year.

  35. Could you review the Thermomix? My mom had one for 20 years and I'm curious what you think of it. Don't buy the newest one though. It will set you back £1000. Get a used tm21/tm31 or tm5. 😊

  36. Le creuset addict…. it’s the best. Not my favorite non stick, but the cast iron pieces are worth the investment no doubt.

  37. There is no such thing as "military grade stainless steel". There are just a whole bunch of different variations of steel and you pick the one you need for a specific purpose.

  38. That meat thermometer is used by another YouTuber in America he basically cooks steaks wagu experiments great channel for steak… He cooks on an awesome bbq so In that regard I could see its worth it

  39. The silicon mat was rubbish. I bought mine from eBay for £4.50, exactly the same minus the brand logo. Which is less than 2 rolls of baking paper. I even use it to grill chicken for easy cleaning.

  40. Baking paper: I often reuse. Not when dealing with sticky stuff but when baking bread and stuff like that. One paper can be reused at least 2-3 times before it's too brittle, and then it goes in the recycling.

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