100 thoughts on “Chefs Reveal Secrets About Restaurants”

  1. Sorry what about shellfish allergy? Cause I will swell up if there's even a trace amount of shellfish in anything.

  2. Once the chef where I work dropped food on the floor and was picking it all up to use it.

    I asked him what he was doing and he simply replied 'marinating'. It was so funny that we cried of laughter and then we served the food to the customers and even ate ourselves.

    Now, when I think about it, we must have been high.

  3. Excuse you Joe I have a gluten allergy but I don’t have celiac disease so some people aren’t making it up. That was One of the most ignorant comment I’ve ever heard. That Offense me personally. Please think about what you say before you say it.

  4. l wanted to know the rules of gloves. l see a cook in some videos wears gloves in all processes and never replace them touching everything around.

  5. reminder that if you do not have a gluten allergy but are abstaining from it for other reasons, you can ask if it is gluten friendly (meaning the recipe does not contain gluten but it can still be made using the same equipment as things with gluten) source: my nephew had a non-celiac gluten allergy where trace amounts would not trigger a reaction.

  6. At the restaurant I worked fried chicken from one day became smothered chicken the next, they just put gravy on it

  7. Chef Joe Sasto, I need you to cook for me so I can experience the nostalgia you speak of. I'd be honored to eat something you've prepared.

  8. Ur…I did see a chef picked up a piece of burger bun from the floor to make my sandwich in Burger king at Shanghai!!!

  9. had a customer that asked for vegan meal, we are not a vegan restaurant nor do we have vegan options. went out of the way to whip something up. customer complains that the meal sin't complete (lacked a vegan protein). customer orders a brulee for dessert. we went to confirm with the customer because brulee has egg AND cream. they said its fine.

  10. Never go to that taco bell i work at. They dropped a spoon on the ground wiped it on a towel then dipped it in the cheese

  11. so….. your saying dont order a hamburger from a Mexican restaurant mmk got it! Also his moustache is on point.

  12. I worked at a juice bar, and the amount of people who lie about allergies just bc they don’t like that specific veggie/fruit/etc., is ridiculous. whenever someone would claim to have an allergy to something, I would have to let them know it’s going to take longer cuz we have to wash and sanitize everything, and just like that their allergy was gone or they were “just kidding” like just lemme know from the start you don’t like it why do you have to lieee 😭😂😂😂

  13. I know we can always put good review on social media, but it is still a thing to personally compliment the chef?

  14. I had a group of "vegans" at my restaurant so being a vegan chefs myself I made special appetizers and a special dessert for them because they clearly booked in as "vegans" and I am nice. So when the order came in the waiter came in already shaking his head. They wanted the seabass but VEGAN. So I thought maybe they just want the sides as a main portion. He said that they WANTED the fish but without animal products. I was soooo close to going out to them and ask what their idea of vegan is. I still get angry thinking about it..

  15. Being a chef , we have more secrets than that . I have to say that not all chefs cook , stop asking me that am I cooking everyday as a cook , duhhh

  16. I work in a restaurant and i get super along with the chefs. And these people are holding so much lol, there is much more secrets that it makes sense for them to hide cause lol most people who dont work in restaurants would be amazed 😂 but this was so fake

  17. Oh yeah that I am allergic to gluten it makes me fat…. no you OVEREAT that's why you are fat. All the people I know who are allergic to gluten are sceliac and are thin because they can't eat too much or else they get sick and believe me if they could tolerate gluten it would make their day.

  18. OMG!!! I have to agree, one of my biggest pet peeves is when people lie about having allergies or have no idea what they are talking about. One customer came in and said they have an MSG allergy, and I was like "Ma'am, you physically cannot be allergic to MSG." Or another one, where someone said "You have Lactaid milk? Do you have real milk that comes from cows?" and I was shocked and responded calmly: "Lactaid milk…is real milk and it comes from cows, the milk just doesn't have lactose, so people with lactose intolerance can enjoy it, too"

  19. Please just take "allergies" at face value. I had a very severe gluten intolerance for over a year, but not an allergy OR celiac. I had to call it an allergy to get the situation handled correctly. Lots of people have to do this, and most people aren't doing it to be annoying.

  20. They did Joe dirty by not telling him half his mustache wasn't curled right, we Top Chef fans know it's almost always on point.

  21. As someone who does have a wheat/gluten allergy I agree I dislike people who say they're allergic to gluten and then not knowing any other else about it or constantly asking what includes gluten.

  22. It sounds like to me that the girl is really really new to cooking or just food in general, like a slight tinge of grey in a burger she wont eat but that is literally oxidation. She seems quite misinformed.

  23. Why is that guy so bothered that people say they don’t eat gluten? That was so annoying. It isn’t any of his business. And the woman who judges people with how they like their steak? Geez, judgmental much?! 💀

  24. I’m still confused on why cooks get upset when you order well done steak maybe I like my meat cooked all the way 🤷🏽‍♀️

  25. And as a server….customers, for the love of jeebus, can you just tell your server if you have an allergy OR if you can eat something for religious reasons etc. Even if you don't think its in the dish, even if you are ordering a drink….just tell your server!

    Its so frustrating having to have to throw food out and remake a dish, yes at most places we do "romance" the dish and check to make sure you are okay with whats in the dish but we aren't going to list off everything because that is just annoying for both customers and servers. So don't just assume, please just mention it right off the bat in the beginning….its sooo much easier.

  26. I work at a fruit place and I’ve seen so many moldy pieces of fruit that It makes me not want to eat fruit anymore🥴

  27. Girl I don’t give DAMN if you judge me on wanting my steak well done.. I gag when I eat pink or red meat.. that would be more insulting than me just ordering a well done steak..

  28. But what if they really have allergies? Like my mom, she is deathly allergic to soy, and if she eats gluten she will have bad stomach problems

  29. I work at a restaurant and I’d recommend you plastic every thing! The cups and silverware get touched all over every single day by customers and employees (some w dirty hands) the silverware as well, gets definitely touched because we have to roll it which is disgusting.

  30. How are you going to judge me because I want my steak well done? I’m paying for it, am I not? Besides people have reasons why they have it well done.

  31. It’s embarrassing that I’m technically the person who is celiac or technically allergic but if I eat gluten I am extremely tired the day after. It’s important I don’t eat any gluten especially if I have work the next day

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