100 thoughts on “Chefs Review 50 SHADES OF CHICKEN Cook Book!!”

  1. Thank you for making cooking fun! Omg those stockings 😂🤣 it was the most I've laughed in a while ❤

  2. can we have another innuendo bingo/ compilation/ just ben really?? because honestly this video is a gold mine

  3. If you want croquettes that are less pasty, try using less flower and instead put some stock with gelatin in. You might have to do dipping in egg and breadcrumbs twice though to make sure you have a 100% seal, because the centre can get really runny when the gelatin melts. And it needs more tome to cool down and let the gelatin set before you can form the croquettes.

  4. I love you guys and these videos! Could you guys please represent us nerds by cooking from the World of Warcraft cookbook?

  5. When they were eating the croquettes and James made Ben have to fight to take a bite cause they both used the handcuff hand

  6. I love how Ben is just like "yay, I got a sexy chicken book. Whoopy ~ And oh, costumes? Yes please * – *" While James is like "nope, nope, nope, nope. Ok, maaaybe the cooking part, but everything else is a nope for me."

  7. Okay but please make "handcuffed chefs" a recurring segment on this channel because that was fantastic and hilarious!!

  8. This video was simply a "YES." Loved it!

    And I can tell you first hand that just because you're a sadist in the bedroom it won't keep you from melting into a puddle and crawling away from an embarrassing moment in public, especially if you don't know how your audience will react to that side of yourself. All of you made that video, performances or just some private self leaking out, great job boys!

    PS: More telling people what to do. I'd love to hear those voices come back out again. 😉

  9. Simply for the desire to see James and Ben dress up in old time dresses. The Little House on the Prairie cookbook. xD

  10. 1) As an accountant i've seen muuuch worse and 2) this episode totally fueled the fan girl in me! ha ha

  11. 6:32 what is smoking???

    Edit: also I wanna know did they have to explain those costumes? Especially mike’s.

  12. that bacon needed to be taken off after baking and given a grill to make it crispy.
    I've just roasted a chicken and only used salt and pepper #regret

  13. Recommendations for more cookbooks (Placed in my preferred order):
    Cookin’ with Coolio
    Roald Dahl’s Revolting Recipes
    The Pyromaniac’s Cookbook (The set things on fire cookbook)
    Mosh Potatoes
    Forme of Cury (Middle English Cookbook)
    The Forgotten Art of Flower Cookery
    Cooking Apicius (Roman Cookbook)
    By Hook or By Cook – The Official Nevada Brothel Cookbook
    The Post-Petroleum Survival Guide and Cookbook (Homegrown post-apocalypse cookbook)
    Odd Bits (All the pieces of animals people don't cook so often)

    Extra books:
    The “Why I’m Such a Fat Bastard” Recipe Book
    Official Star Trek Cooking Manual
    Ted & Shemane Nugent’s Kill It & Grill It
    Vancouver Aquarium Seafood Recipes

  14. I can't decide if I'm more aroused or hungry. Guess I'll settle for having some chicken, with no one else around. While nude.

  15. I want an episode where Ebbers just reads the actual 50 Shades, but the rest of them have to actually concentrate on cooking something.

  16. omg, you guys killed me! lmao!! Got this for a friend as a joke a few years back. Now that I know there are some decent recipes in there, I may have to get it for myself

  17. Thug Kitchen's books would be fun to do…but might require bleeping. Alternately there's 'Firefly – The Big Damn Cookbook' by Chelsea Monroe-Cassel

  18. James runs away as the domineering cook, Ben, eyebrow raise* dictates.
    Kind of dissapointed I didn't get to see Ben and James in costumes. I likely went as red as James watching this. This side of ben does not surprise me one bit.

    sidenote:'"my giblet bag slides way out"..how beautifully disgusting.

  19. i love how in the beginning every time the camera turns away and turns back to Ben and James, James is farther and farther away till he eventually runs away. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  20. When will people realize that NYT best seller means very little? If you look at how they calculate their best-sellers, and what ridiculous books qualify, it becomes very apparent how meaningless it is relative to what it once meant.

  21. Please try Vincent Price’s cookbooks, the Tim Burton cookbook, Salavador Dali’s cookbook, The Necronomnomnom& finally the Hannibal cookbook!!

  22. I just laughed like an idiot whilst at work. I cannot explain to my colleagues that "Oh, it's just Mike wearing a gimp costume" at 1:53. Sweet Mother Mary that was funny.

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