100 thoughts on “Chefs Review Christmas Gifts for Foodies”

  1. WHY? Does no one know how to break apart Toblerone? Push the segments TOWARD the rest of the bar, much easier (especially on a giant one)

  2. Ben reading shit jokes off of toilet paper
    James- "Why don't you go try out the other use of it?"

    I see James, I click. He's my absolute favourite! ^_^

  3. This is the best review video on youtube! Seriously! Ordered 5 of those wine glasses for the next time friends come over! 😂

  4. Ben: I'm excite…
    *Gobble til you Wobble*!

    Mike: "it's a pizza, but like a tree", James' excitement at the Egg of Thrones, the big ass wine glass & gargantuan Toblerone (both of which I want)… this channel brings me such happiness. :'D Those are all great Christmas gifts.

    i know i'm late but yolo (you obviously love oreos)

  5. Everytime I watch one of these, I wonder if you ever get calls from your accountant going "umm mate, you sure this is a work expense?"

  6. Guys, what's up with that massive dirty pot? LOL I know…not seen till editing. I feel your pain. Fun video as always… Weeeeeeiner, Weeeeeeiner….ween wen ween … sung to Thrones theme, as we sing it here.

  7. Having a bad day, watching James open wrapped presents just about restores my mood to near normal. The childish joy he displays is very heartwarming.

  8. I love programmes where you can see and FEEL that the cast are proper friends. I.e. "The Grand Tour"; "Star Trek The Next Generation" and SORTEDfood. The boys genuinely love each other and it makes the show so much better than it otherweise would be.
    James was chuffed to bits with his new chef's jacket and for a second it looked like he had a bit of a lump in his throat…

    The chemistry beetwen them is amazing and it makes this channel possibly one of THE geatest things in the internet.

    Lots of Love


  9. I'm so late seeing this but omg they are so cute with how happy they are with the stuff especially the chef coats my heart

  10. this video popped up in my playlist on the night of the GoT Series finale and I want to know if James has changed his views on that egg cup at all. XD

  11. Although I'll never get to tatste Jame's cooking I got diabetes because of him… he's too adorable. It's really precious when grown men are still able to revert to their inner child.^^

  12. "Pretty accurate on size."
    "It's also the same size as a b*llock, but is that important to you?"
    makes intense eye contact with the camera while eating said bollock-sized chocolate

  13. Wait ! 6.99 ? TO WHIPE YOUR ARS WITH AND FLUSH AWAY ! ✋🏻 NO THANKS ! 🤣🤣😂😂 i rather use normal toiletpaper , and by looks of it . That normal toiletpaper would feel WAY BETTER ! Then that thin stuf 😜😓

  14. 2:58 “It’S sO fAnCy!” “It can be personalized… with pen” “😲😃 Jaaaeeeeems’ Luunch 😊” SO PRECIOUS. SO PURE. I SIMPLY CANNOT FATHOM HOW MUCH MORE ADORABLE JAMES CAN BECOME. SERIOUSLY.

    Ben: pizza socks
    Ben: bin bags
    James: GIANT 4.5 KG TOBLERONE!
    Ben: small, same sized as a ** thing of chocolate gin brussel sprouts
    Ben: rough toilet paper… with dad jokes¿
    James: WHISKEY!
    Ben: a glass

    Hm. 🧐

  16. I dont know how many times I've watched this video. I just love watching James open presents. More presents for JAMES!!

  17. I want to buy that whisky set for my dad but they don't ship to the U.S.!!!!! D: I guess I can understand why, it just sucks. I would honestly pay the extra amount for shipping.

  18. Ben yelling gobble til you wobble and no other explanation just is a statment to those who have watched sorted enough to be like you know by now ben is like this

  19. and after Game of Thrones finished… the throne became a salt cellar because let's face it , we were all pretty salty about the ending,

  20. Just watching this video for the first time,and I had a little happy cry when I saw the new chefs jackets! What a thoughtful gift.

  21. i just flew threw switzerland airport where we had a long layover and you can add $ to personalize the toblerone with your name on lol

  22. The Toblerone impressed me. Other companies have "Two Foot Long" candies (Twix, Snickers, etc) but in reality they are numerous normal size bars inside the Foot Long box. This is actually a giant bar of chocolate! I love it.

  23. Thank you guys for giving me the inspiration to cook, and through that somewhat overcome my mental health issues. Much appreciated

  24. I would love to see you guys make a red pasta sauce using NO TOMATOES! I'm allergic and I have my ways around it but I would love to see the chefs try it, or better yet see how the normal's cope with the thought haha (FYI I'm posting this on every video on your channel because I really want it to be seen) (and i stopped once i got into 2018, ill just post from now on haha)

  25. "If you had a pet hamster…"

    You'd need a few hamsters so you can watch them shove each other off the throne. It would be just like the show.

  26. I saw one of those huge Toblerone's on a shelf in Iceland for £50. It sat there for about 5 months before they got rid of it.

  27. "Would you prefer this or a 35 pound bottle of whisky?"
    A 35 pound bottle would be huge considering a normal bottle only weighs something like 1 kilo

  28. Omg when Ben held up the wine glass and was like "cheers" and then it immediately cut to "1 hour later" I lost my shit. I was fully expecting to see an empty glass and a very drunk Ben

  29. I like how Ebbers carefully peels back the paper so it could be reused almost as much as I love how James just tears the paper to shreds!!!

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