100 thoughts on “Chefs Review Favorite Late Night Meals”

  1. i really want to see the blond girls food and taste it to see if its that good and judge her hard on presentation taste. consistency and literally everything

  2. I was waiting for Waterburger to show up then realized it's only in Texas……. honey butter chicken biscuit anyone?🤷‍♀️

  3. Buzz Feed is REALLY scraping the bottom of the barrel when it comes to hiring talent for their video productions.

    With the exception of Andrew and Stephen from worth it, nearly ALL their other players appear to have been snagged randomly off the street, sans qualifications of charm, charisma, and attractiveness .

    Ya need to up your game, BuzzFeed. Seriously.

  4. Why was stanley so cute? This is my first time ever seeing him in a buzzfeed video and now i want him in every buzzfeed video.

  5. I don’t why the blond girl is so negative here, she was much nicer in the other video, maybe she’s shy and doesn’t know to express herself

  6. Why is everyone getting mad at them rating fast food low? Not all late fast food is gonna be great in general…😅 Especially if it's been sitting out for so long..I'd be a lot more harsh.

  7. Yes, Panera is an expensive rip-off. A Taco Bell $5 Grande Nachos Box has saved me from a hang-over, designed for a drunk to late-night eat.

  8. God I couldn’t even finish this video bc of the blonde chick. Good god, it’s a fun video for LATE NIGHT FOOD. Not fancy 5 star restaurant food. Just throwing shade at everyone and everything the whole video.

  9. Where are the late night tacos from taco trucks that close ar 3. Had some saturday night (sunday morning lol) at 2AM. so good after a night out

  10. the blonde was annoying ash bruh she was cappin hard asf like I would love to see her put it on her life she don't like chick fil a

  11. Stalin chef blonder over here criticizing like she’s judging for a Michelin star. Ppl who work in kitchens usually eat all kinds of cheap foods tbh. We cook good food all the time, last thing we wanna do when we get home at 12am is spend 2 hrs food prepping to make some extravagant meal.

  12. But what about those late night munchie meals at jack n the box 😂 now that's a GOOD late night meal after a night out!!!

  13. my sisters a private chef for celebrities in rehab and she literally will eat normal ass food like panera or mcdonald’s and not make a big deal. idk why y’all act like they’re a different breed lol but it’s understandable when the sous chef is so stuck up 🤮

  14. My husband puts a chicken sandwich inside of a burger. It’s called a McGangbang. He found it on the internet somewhere years ago.

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