100 thoughts on “Chefs Review Kitchen Gadgets Vol.11”

  1. Great video as always. Why don’t you try the asparagus peeler: https://www.culinaris.eu/LURCH-Asparagus-Peeler-Set

  2. A cheaper, easier version of that ice cream ball is 'kick-the-can ice cream.' I learned how to make it in chemistry class….fill a clean baby food jar with your cream and ingredients, seal it up nice and tight, then place it in a coffee can layering salt and ice around the jar til the can is full, and duct tape it all closed. We spent about 20 minutes of class kicking and throwing our cans around, then opened them up to eat the ice cream straight from the jar. Cheap and more fun, and I've done it several times with my son and he loves it.

  3. Since you guys seems to like peelers so much maybe try this?


  4. Hey SORTED! Could you review the OXO Good Grips Corn Peeler and/or their Corn Prep Peeler please? I think one is for cooked corn and one is for fresh corn, but I'm not sure. Love you guys ☺️

  5. rate the waffle bowl or double waffle bowl

  6. "Open the flap, get your fingers in"
    "Why would you scoop a sausage!? You wanna tong a sausage!"
    Still to this day Ben is the pro of saying hilarious innuendos that he is completely unaware of saying 🤣 Loved them back when they started and still just as funny now!

  7. i really want to give James a hug when he said "maybe I'm not fun" , poor lad looked sorta heartbroken there for a second

  8. Hi Guys, recently found your channel and really enjoy it…but! With all the experience and insights you’ve gained since doing the videos, how about you design your own gadgets? Make them weird, wacky or wonderful. You decide 🙂 Then, put them on the channel and see if people like them! Good luck for the future and thanks for all the laughs.

  9. Hi guys! Would you please do more of these over the coming months? It won't be long until we're buying Christmas gifts (yes, sorry, I did say the C word) so please save us from stupid mistakes. PLEASE???

  10. When I was a kid my siblings and I made a thing similar to that ice cream ball with different sized freezers bags. We mixed ingredients and put them in a quart-size bag, sealed it with tape, then put it in a gallon-sized bag with ice and salt and sealed that one with tape, and then we played catch with it for half and hour. Easy, cheap, and super fun.

  11. Idk that ive ever seen ben really get mad like that. He always tries to give everything a thorough test and sees the value in things even if its not for him. That being said, if ben thinks its trash we should burn it out in the street with extreme prejudice! If ben hates it, so do i!! Lol

  12. It * IS * fun to get Ben all riled up. Now I know why the boys love bullying him XD James is just plain scary when he’s angry though. Don’t do that.

  13. I want that ice cream ball. It would be fun for my kid to exercise a little bit before eating ice cream that she make herself

  14. I appreciate the understanding that not everyone has 2 hands and all their fingers. God thank him I do. But I help some people out that well you know.

  15. Ok see some times I hear pounds and then other times quid. I didn’t have a clue that they meant the same. I just am not around it to know. I am glad I learned something today! Thank you! You didn’t even mean to teach someone that but you did!

  16. We did the same basic idea of the ice cream ball in science class as kids and made ice cream in baggies. It could be a cool science experiment for kids to explain what is happening.

  17. Can you please review the jacket potato maker, toastie and poached egg maker please by Morphy Richards? They're microwave machines but my jacket potato maker cost me £30 and it's the best invention ever! It has metal inside go oven roast the potato and silicone on the outside to put in the microwave. 17 mind for an oven roast potato!

  18. "How to keep an idiot entertained for 20 minutes.." How to keep Jamie entertained for a lifetime..

    "Tong a sausage" also needs to be on a shirt..

  19. Check you this gadget! https://www.amazon.com/👨‍🍳NEW-FUNCTION-combined-beater-⭐silicone-blending/dp/B07FKLWHYJ/ref=sr_1_6?keywords=whisk+tongs&qid=1569463309&s=gateway&sr=8-6

  20. We made ice cream in middle school science, with a big coffee tin and a small coffee tin, the ice and salt went between them. Of course, my partner threw our tin at me, and it landed at my feet and splashed salty ice water all up my jeans, so I looked like I had very poorly acid washed those jeans for as long as I had them.

  21. I mean, maybe James is a good actor and all, but he looked just…so forlorn when he said "but maybe I'm not fun…"
    Or maybe I'm in a weird mood RN. Who knows.
    BUT if you can't kick, smack or toss the ice cream ball AND it doesn't make great ice cream then it really isn't that fun. Let's all be honest here.

  22. @SORTEDfood +SORTEDfood – https://www.amazon.co.uk/VALINK-Household-Anti-skidding-Vegetable-Accessories/dp/B01MYZAFNR/ref=sr_1_2?keywords=potato+pealin+gloves&qid=1572137779&sr=8-2-spell

  23. That ice cream ball – my summer camp did the same thing with a small coffee can inside a large coffee can. Sometimes a bit of salt water would leak into the ice cream, which I rather liked. Good fun on hot afternoons.

  24. I just realized, why dont you have both of them react at the same time? It would save you lots of editing time and make the tests a lot easier too.

  25. With the ice cream ball I remember as a kid making ice cream in a very similar way with two different sized metal coffee cans.

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