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  1. I find it really funny that they’re afraid of the coconut shredder. Cause like those things are everywhere in the philippines especially during New Years and most of the people handling them dont even wear gloves

  2. Disagree with the comment that everyone can poach an egg because they make a few critical mistakes.
    1) Mentioned in the video is fresh eggs, ALWAYS use fresh eggs
    2) Not mentioned in the video and everyone makes this mistake they dont strain the thin whites off the egg.
    3) Temperature, Get it to a rolling boil first then reduce to a very light simmer, Turn OFF heat, Add the thinned egg (or up to 4 adjusting times) and cover for around 4 minutes.
    4) Water level, You only need about an inch for a single and a few more for more eggs, If they are not cooking fully then its likely its not enough water.
    I never need vinegar or that daft swirling that is used because its the boiling people shove the eggs in and it breaks apart or it loses its heat before they are cooked.

  3. In Malaysia, we have a similar gadget like that to shave coconuts and unfortunately it is as unsafe as the gadget reviewed

  4. James' anxiety with the coconut shredder is like me reflecting on my life.
    Also what kind of an exhibition is that at 12:35 to 12:38, Ebbers?

  5. I thought it would be just another (awesome) gadget video, but then I saw the coconut grater and got really excited! I didn't realise I could get one here! I still thought I'd have to smuggle a traditional kudkuran blade into the UK just to grate my own fresh coconut. Thanks SORTEDfood for helping me with my future Filipino dishes!💕 Also, there's no purchase on the coconut because you're not supposed to use gloves.😂😂😂

  6. Nigella uses fridge cold eggs for poached eggs. And she also adds lemons juice . I have tried it and it turned out actually good.

  7. Warns people with “DO NOT BUY THIS”, puts link in anyway 😂; on another note, I really liked the preview of the video before the introduction came on

  8. 12:35 me trying to balance my uni workload with my paid job, adult responsibilities, social life and physical and mental health

  9. I backed Nanopresso in 2014. Costed around 42 pounds then. Received it in february 2015. When it arrived, it made exactly two espressos, before something inside gave away and couldn´t be fixed.
    There was no way to give any feedback to the company at the time. I´m amazed that they are still out there. There´s not even any mention anywhere that they used to be crowdfunded.

  10. That coconut thing surely wouldn't pass health and safety tests for a commercial setting!!! It's bloody lethal!! 😳

  11. Sorry, gotta say, that espresso maker was pure wank. I mean, £68? Campers would most likely use instant coffee, same as building sites. I mean, even a cafetiere's more useful because you can make more than one cup. I just think it solves a problem that never existed in the first place. But I guess time will tell on how popular it is, and I eat my own hat.

  12. Honestly, if I had the cupboard space for single use gadgets I'd happily buy the kebab thing. My current tiny kitchenette barely has space for the basics, though, so I'm not liable to get it anytime soon 😛

  13. We have sth similar to the Meomitts at home, but better shape from what I can tell, and I think they're really useful, less conductive than gloves or towels, takes up less space, and easier to apply 🙂

  14. I think it might work better with coconuts that haven't been split in half, that way you have more of a grip on it. Like maybe just take the top off of one? Keep 3/4 as the bit that you hold.

  15. I don’t understand why they were so terrified of the coconut shaver 😂 reminds me of when I was younger in Singapore & the uncles at the wet market would shave hundreds of coconuts a day

  16. I was quite surprised to see you guys hadn't seen a coconut grater, at least a hand cranked one. I always thought it was a common utensil across the world, I suppose a spoon would suffice if you don't consume as much coconut as south asians would

  17. That coconut scrapper tho, it's too spiky compared to what we used to have in our household. Yeap, i'm from south east asia. 😄

  18. That coconut greater is very common in the South of India. Most homes in Kerala would have the manual version of this to make grated coconut

  19. The coconut machine boils down to how you hold the coconut steadily. The fact that asian grandmoms are so so adept with it (even with the bigger versions) meant that proper technique is the key. That machine is essential to the tasty coconut cream based food we so much love in asia. It is good to see you try it in your own kitchen.

  20. Sorted, specifically Ben, reminded me how much cooking involves chemistry. Like with Mike and his failure to poach eggs. Ben's explanation was very easy to understand.
    Has Ben ever considered teaching? Like a professor. I feel he'd be just naturally good at that.

  21. I want to see a Sorted Food and Binging with Babish colab.

    Also it was weird to see 4 grown men freak out about a coconut grater.

  22. Oh lord..all the sri Lankans and indians are rolling their eyes right now..4 grown men scared out of their minds with protective gloves…🤦‍♀️…we learn how to grate coconuts when we are children..there is an art to it boys..that machine can be used at home for sure. U just need to know how to use it…sigh…

  23. Would love to see you guys do more recipes with that kebab machine 😋 I've been eyeing one up for months but wasn't so sure but I really want one now that lamb looked amazing 😁😁

  24. Im malaysian and we use a coconut grater sort of like that but much bigger where you have to sit on a stool to grate it.. seeing u guys panicking over that machine was nothing short of adorable😆🤣🤣🤣

  25. “You could make some amazing things on that” ok, im waiting for the video where you cook different things on the kebab grill like when you used the pizza oven for cooking lots of stuff

  26. Pass it on challenge: Jamie is the only one that’s allowed to cook and he has to pick notes written by the other guys every 10 min

  27. Just yesterday I saw contestants on an old series of Masterchef Australia using the coconut grinder with no bother at all, it's just a standard kitchen item to them, lol. Regarding Mike's poached eggs, chef Gary Usher demonstrated the trick to a perfect poach was to have a deep pan and deep water so when the egg goes in, because it drops down a good distance it immediately forms that teardrop shape you want. You could try that, or be a lazy moo like me and do them in a small bowl of water in the microwave 🙂

  28. The coconut gadget is a basic staple in almost every kitchen in South India. We had a much bigger power version attached to a stone grinder in my culinary college here in India. However it does have a learning curve to it.

  29. I never thought james would be shitting his pants and ben would be the brave one hahaha! I love how Barry "said how much?" Like a less sexier James Bond going shopping lol

  30. I’d love to see what else could be made on the rotisserie aside from kebab. I imagine other sliced meat products but I’d love to see something else. Hope you boys do some testing on it in the future.

  31. that coffee maker is a bit useless. If it needs an external device to heat water might as well use a small french press and save the rest to buy more ground coffee

  32. Them being scared of the coconut gadget

    While me with my Malaysian genes: * judging them seriously*. While uncles and aunties do this with BARE HANDS 😂😂😂

  33. I bought something very similar from the pound shop. £1 each and they cover the fingers properly but aren't magnetic

  34. Absolutely LOVED this video!! What knife set would you guys recommend someone buy for the foodies in their life??

  35. As a Filipino, we have was is called a kudkuran for grated coconut. It's essentially a wooden step stool with a very serrated round scraper at the end. In slang, it's nicknamed "caballoa" (horse) since it looks like one. The only way I know how to get grated coconut

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